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General information, 2017-18

University disability information: if you have or think that you may have a disability and therefore need some support, you are encouraged to contact the KOKUA Program for students with all disabilities including learning, mental health, and physical disabilities. Contact KOKUA at 808-956-7511,  (V/T), email KOKUA at, visit KOKUA in room 013 Queen Lili'uokalani Center for Student Services, or visit the KOKUA website at for further information. KOKUA services are confidential and there is no charge to students.

The university's statement regarding sexual harassment and sexual violence:

Sexual harassment is one type of sex discrimination under Title IX, United States Education Amendments of 1972. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) states that sexual harassment is any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature. Sexual violence is a severe form of sexual harassment. Some examples of sexual violence include threatening someone into unwanted sexual activity; sexual contact with someone who is drunk, drugged, unconscious, or otherwise unable to give a clear, informed “yes” or “no”; and rape or attempted rape. For more examples, visit the Office of Gender Equity website.

Under Title IX, responsible employees cannot ensure confidentiality. Responsible employees must report any instance or disclosure of alleged sexual harassment. If you would like to speak to someone confidentially about your options regarding something you have experienced or witnessed, please contact the UH Office of Gender Equity at the number or address below.

Related campus resources:

University Health Services


Counseling and Student Development Center


Office of Gender Equity


LGBT Student Services


Women's Center


PAU Violence Program


In case of emergency:

Honolulu Police Department, 911

Manoa Department of Public Safety, 956-6911. The Department of Public Safety provides escort services on campus.


English 361

English 460

(Small correction of something misleading in the linked text above: How the Other Half Lives made its original powerful impression in the form of a lecture series illustrated with lantern slides. The 1890 book that accompanied the series actually included just a few of those pictures, though there are many more in the modern Dover Publications reprint.)

Four chapters from Vladimir Nabokov's autobiography Speak, Memory

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tales of the Jazz Age. We'll read the novella "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz."