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The fall of Harvey Dent is also obvious in The Dark Knight because it was once in the graphic novel. However I think Christopher Nolan virtually perfected the fall of Gotham's Golden Boy. In The Dark Knight, Nolan truly presentations how a lot religion the citizens of Gotham have for Harvey Dent, and Dent returns the desire by way of striking a majority of the mob in jail.Dent is concerned about the law enforcement officials he knows to be corrupt (Ramirez, Wuertz, and many others) but by no means attempts to root out corruption in his own office. All of this issues in one strong course: Harvey Dent used to be corrupt from the start, and had agreements made with Maroni or others. It's unclear precisely who."This city needs more Harvey Dents." "We do," Bruce is of the same opinion honestly. "I thought it was the cheesiest campaign slogan ever, but I have to admit, I really did believe in Harvey Dent." "So did I." Gordon gets up from his seat and smiles at Bruce. "We can handiest hope that there are extra Harvey Dents around. More other people to believe in.I Believe in Harvey Dent. sixty four likes. What else can I say? Life is excellent, I'm the DA, I'm Gotham's white knight, I'm a charming man, my girlfriend is dead, half my face is burned off, and I like to...A promotional campaign started up a couple of days ago as a psydo-ad for Harvey Dent in the film: I Believe in Harvey Dent However there may be any other web page in which the ad marketing campaign is defaced by means of The Joker. You input your e mail deal with and you get to remove a pixel. The published symbol presentations what Heath Ledger looks like as The Joker.

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I BELIEVE IN HARVEY DENT A 1.25 pinback button with copy artwork of a political button used for Harvey Dents election marketing campaign in the 2008 batman film The Dark Knight, directed via Christopher Nolan. Batman raises the stakes in his conflict on crime. With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon andBatman: The Dark Knight (2008) clip with quote I believe in Harvey Dent. Yarn is the most productive search for video clips by way of quote. Find the precise second in a TV show, movie, or track video you wish to have to share. Easily transfer forward or backward to get to the easiest clip.An excellent memorable quote from the The Dark Knight movie on Quotes.web - I believe in Harvey Dent.Take the Quiz: I Believe in Harvey Dent. Hi, Harvey Dent here. Its past due right here in Gotham and I am quite bored. I figured Id make a quiz and notice how a lot you take into accout of my appearances in The Dark Knight.

Do You Believe in Harvey Dent? - What Would Bale Do

I Believe in Harvey Dent, a batman begins/dark knight

Chapter 1 - I Believe in Harvey Dent. You either die a hero or you are living long enough to see your self develop into the villain. It had been 3 weeks since his fall, since his global were modified perpetually. He and Rachel had been abducted and then Gotham's so known as darkish knight had grew to become as much as save him; HIM. Rachel, if simply the Batman had savedA quote from the graphic novel, "I believe in Harvey Dent", is used as Dent's campaign slogan in the film. An immediate-to-video movie adaptation of the comic is in building, part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line. It will probably be a two-part movie very similar to Batman:A marketing campaign video to take again Gotham from the corrupt.Three 1.25" pinback buttons: one with reproduction artwork of a political button used for Harvey Dent's election campaign in the 2008 batman film 'The Dark Knight,' directed by Christopher Nolan. The button read "I Believe in Harvey Dent" with an American flag emblem; this button used to be prominently featured in teaser posters.I Believe in Harvey Dent by way of Chris Dee. Chapter 3 The Second Chapter 2. By its nature, crimefighting is active, regularly proactive. It is a vocation for the vigorous, hands-on, and dynamic. Passive, sit-at-home personalities need not apply. So Bruce Wayne was frustrated to be again in the cave while Selina went into the city alone.

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"Chapter One: Crime": At the wedding birthday party of Johnny Vitti, Carmine Falcone talks to Bruce Wayne about making trade in one of Bruce's banks. Bruce refuses and leaves Falcone's place of job however remains outside to l

"Chapter One: Crime"

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Batman: The Long Halloween #1 is an issue of the series Batman: The Long Halloween (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1996.

Synopsis for "Chapter One: Crime"

At the wedding party of Johnny Vitti, Carmine Falcone talks to Bruce Wayne about making industry in one among Bruce's banks. Bruce refuses and leaves Falcone's place of work but remains outside to listen to whatever the guy would possibly speak about afterwards. Alberto Falcone notices Bruce's presence and asks Bruce for a explanation why to be inside of the home. Bruce plays dumb and fools Alberto, telling him that he were given lost looking for the toilet. Bruce goes outdoor to the place the celebration is and is planning on leaving prior to he notices that Selina Kyle is among the guests. They get together and stay in the party for slightly longer.

In his workplace, Carmine is pondering about the future of his group and how it all will depend on Alberto to stay working his trade. Milos, the bodyguard, spots unusual task in one of the most safety cameras. There is a person in the development's storage and Carmine recognizes him as District Attorney Harvey Dent. Falcone sends a few of his private guards to deal with the intruder and three men beat Dent to a pulp till he passes out. Moments later, Dent is located unconscious by means of Bruce and Selina, who're simply leaving the party. Dent thank you them but he manages to make his means out by way of himself. Selina asks Bruce what is going to they do subsequent but Bruce excuses himself and tells her that it is already too overdue for him.

Harvey arrives on the GCPD Headquarters and tells Captain James Gordon what happened at Falcone's. Gordon isn't pleased with Dent's pointless risks. Gordon also tells him that a "friend" of his might be able to help them to catch Falcone.

The party at Falcone's place is going easily till Carmine notices a dismal determine coming into his penthouse. Batman breaks in with the goal of searching Falcone's secure and unearths that somebody is already inside. Catwoman is stealing from Falcone's secure and Batman's presence startles her. They combat each other and Batman tells her that he has no industry together with her. Falcone's bodyguards input the room and shoot at them. Batman makes use of a smoke bomb to escape in conjunction with Catwoman. Carmine is not happy along with his bodygards and for the intrusion, he places a bounty of 1,000,000 dollars for the heads of Batman or Catwoman.

On their get away, Batman and Catwoman fall down from the penthouse however they land secure. Catwoman turns clear of Batman and escapes. As Batman loses monitor of Catwoman, the Bat-Signal appears in the sky.

Gordon and Dent are on the rooftop of the GCPD HQ, looking forward to Batman to turn up. When he arrives, they come to a decision to start out a campaign towards Carmine Falcone with out breaking the regulation. The three of them agree and Batman leaves a ledger he managed to take from Falcone's penthouse. The ledger incorporates knowledge on Falcone's illegal activities.

The subsequent day, Bruce talks to the Bank board and refuses to let Falcone's cash be allowed in the financial institution. However, Richard Daniel, the controlling shareholder, makes a decision to make trade with Falcone. Later that night time, Daniel is visited via Batman and compelled to renounce his place in the financial institution, permitting Bruce to take keep watch over of all the bank's business and thus, cancelling Falcone's deal with the bank.

Johnny Vitti is advised by way of his uncle Carmine to kill Richard Daniel as payback for resigning from the financial institution. Vitti murders Daniel in the center of the road via capturing him.

Meanwhile, someplace in town, a person is preparing a gun by taping the take care of, submitting off the serial quantity and placing a baby bottle nipple as a silencer.

At his house, James Gordon receives a call to inform him that Daniel has been murdered. Gordon calls the Dent's house and Gilda Dent takes the message. She seems to be for Harvey and unearths him in the basement, working together with his gear. She tells him what came about and worries about Harvey's personal safety. Harvey embraces and comforts her, however his eyes glance away in a suspicious way.

Johnny Vitti is taking a bathtub when any person enters his position, issues a gun at him and shoots him two times, killing him. The killer leaves the gun and a halloween carved pumpkin on the crime scene.

Later in James Gordon's place of business; Batman, Dent and Gordon analyze the evidence and can't find anything else helpful that will tell them the identity of the killer. The .22 caliber gun has been modified so that it was untraceable and the pumpkin might just be due to the fact that it used to be halloween already. Batman notices something outside and leaves Dent and Gordon by myself. Batman unearths Catwoman spying on them in a close-by rooftop. She tells Batman that she might be able to assist them if in go back he would help her when she wanted. Batman is of the same opinion without a promises and Catwoman offers him precious data on Carmine Falcone.

The Dent area explodes

Batman and Dent apply Catwoman's information they usually finally end up in a warehouse close to the harbor. Inside the warehouse, there are huge quantities of cash stockpiled. It all belongs to Carmine Falcone and as he hasn't been ready to deposit it in any bank, he has been pressured to stock it. Dent reflects about how easy it will be for them to take a few of that money and not be hooked up with it, but Batman does not permit him to suppose in that method. They pour gas on the piles of cash and then they set it on fireplace so that you could hurt Falcone.

It is Halloween evening and Harvey arrives at his position after being a hit in his struggle against Falcone. Gilda welcomes him house and Harvey notices a abnormal package deal delivered to their home. Harvey asks Gilda what is it but she doesn't know. When Harvey opens it, his home is blown to pieces via an automated bomb inside the package deal.

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As the primary chapter of The Long Halloween, this issue has Forty eight pages. The subsequent problems are same old problems with 23 pages every except for the last one, which additionally has Forty eight pages.


On page 32, the first panel depicts a jumping Batman. The form of Batman's bounce resembles the only in the front duvet of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. The quote I believe in Harvey Dent used in the film The Dark Knight is taken from this factor.

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