Lady Katherine Grey

Lady Katherine Grey, Countess of Hertford January 24, 2020 Susan Abernethy 8 Comments The Grey sisters were grand-nieces of King Henry VIII. It is inconceivable to speak about these three younger ladies with out discussing their place within the succession of the throne of England.Until she did, although, Lady Katherine Grey was once her inheritor apparent (because Elizabeth was still technically illegitimate). Katherine was young and spirited and had 0 passion in one day changing into the Queen, and so at the side of everybody else, waited confidently for Queen Mary I to have some kids.Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England for nine Days by Sarah. Another sensitively written site that is rich in details. Mary Queen of Scots a biography from Lara E. Eakins web page Lady Catherine Grey, the more youthful sister of Lady Jane Grey and other Tudor Relatives.Lady Catherine Percy was born on 28 May 1423 at Leconfield, Yorkshire, England.2 She used to be the daughter of Henry de Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland and Lady Eleanor de Neville.1,2 She married Edmund Grey, 1st Earl of Kent, son of Sir John Grey and Lady Constance de Holand, before January 1458/59.2In the novel The Mystery of the Blue Train, Katherine Grey is an ex-companion to Mrs Harfield, to whom the other's wealth is left in her will. She travelled on Le Train Bleu to the French Riviera. Katherine is a cousin of Rosalie Tamplin, which lives in Villa Marguerite. She is among the Worcestershire Greys.

Lady Mary Grey: Dwarf, Youngest Sister, Star-Crossed Lover

Biography Lady Jane Grey, the unfortunate queen of England for simply 9 days, wrote the above letter to her younger sister Catherine earlier than her execution. It was once the last conversation between the seventeen-year-old Jane and fourteen-year-old Catherine.Lady Katherine Grey, Countess of Hertford (1540 - 1568) along with her son, Viscount Beauchamp (1561 - 1612) by means of Levina Teerlinc Elizabeth, much more livid than before, had Hertford hauled ahead of the Star Chamber to reply to for his sins and he was once fined £15,000 on 3 fees, including ' deflowering a virgin of the royal blood '.Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England for 9 Days by means of Sarah. Another sensitively written website that is wealthy in main points. Mary Queen of Scots a biography from Lara E. Eakins website ; Lady Catherine Grey, the more youthful sister of Lady Jane Grey and other Tudor Relatives.Katherine Seymour, Countess of Hertford (25 August 1540 - 26 January 1568), born Lady Katherine Grey, used to be a more youthful sister of Lady Jane Grey.. A granddaughter of Henry VIII's sister Mary, she emerged as a potential successor to her cousin, Elizabeth I of England, earlier than incurring Queen Elizabeth's wrath by secretly marrying Edward Seymour, 1st Earl of Hertford.

Lady Mary Grey: Dwarf, Youngest Sister, Star-Crossed Lover

Lady Catherine Grey, Countess of Hertford (1540 - 1568

Mary Grey, born about 1545, used to be the third and youngest daughter of Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk, and Lady Frances Brandon, daughter of Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, and Mary Tudor, the younger of the 2 daughters of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Mary had two sisters, Lady Jane Grey and Lady Katherine Grey.It was once Levina who painted the miniature of Lady Katherine Grey and her son (above). It must be spotted that she is wearing a ribbon round her neck from which a glimpse of some other miniature can be noticed - of her husband Edward Seymour.Lady Catherine's sister, Lady Jane Grey, used to be proclaimed Queen of England for 9 days ahead of being performed in 1554, aged 17.' (4) Katherine and Edward. Detail of the tomb. Salisbury Cathedral is also the burial place of Elizabeth I's lady in ready, Helena Snachenberg and her husband,When Elizabeth was Queen in 1558, Mary Grey followed her sister Katherine, the second of the 3 Grey girls, in line to the throne. This is not, of course, how history recalls it. Mary,...Katherine was born on 25 August 1540 while Mary was born in 1545 because the daughters of Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk, via his marriage to Lady Frances Brandon. Their mother Francis was once the daughter of Mary Tudor, sister of Henry VIII, and Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk.

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The Epic Love Story Of A Forgotten Tudor Heiress – Ann Foster

Miniature portrait of Lady Katherine Grey (source) The Three Grey Sisters

Lady Katherine Grey used to be born on August 25, 1540 at Bradgate Park, the circle of relatives assets of the Grey circle of relatives. Just to place this in a spot and time, in 1540 the King was once still Henry VIII, who used to be then in the middle of his temporary fifth marriage, to Catherine Howard. Katherine used to be the second surviving kid born to Lady Frances Brandon and her husband, Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk. She had an older sister, Lady Jane Grey and five years later, a third Grey sister was once born, Lady Mary Grey. The three Grey girls have been royalty as a result of their mom’s mother was once Henry VIII’s younger sister, Mary. The girls didn’t have the identify of princesses, however had been treated with the glory appropriate to royalty. Henry VIII died in 1547, succeeded by way of his nine-year-old son, Edward VI.

At this point, Katherine used to be fourth in line to the throne (in the back of Henry VIII’s daughters Mary and Elizabeth, and Katherine’s older sister, Jane). While it used to be not going that Katherine would ever change into Queen, she and her sisters have been all noticed as precious marriage potentialities. Like any well-known set of sisters, every Grey lady had their very own factor: Jane was once highbrow and studious, Katherine used to be pretty and vivacious, and Mary used to be candy and type. The women were all supplied with a thorough schooling (together with finding out Latin, Greek, French, music, and the arts), and were raised within the new Protestant religion.

When fifteen-year-old Edward VI fell in poor health, his advisors began scheming to marry their sons to the Grey women in order that these grownup men might be nearer to the more and more tough Grey family. Because unlike Edward VI’s presumptive inheritor, his older half-sister Mary I, the Greys have been Protestant. It was extremely necessary to each Edward VI and his advisors that the world stay Protestant, the faith his father Henry VIII had principally invented. So, with the help of his advisors, the dying teen King rewrote his own will to take away Mary from being his heir. It wasn’t possible for him to just take away one of his half-sisters, so even supposing he’d had been nice with Elizabeth taking up, he needed to disinherit both Mary and Elizabeth. Which supposed that the brand new Queen can be his cousin, Lady Jane Grey. And till Jane had a kid, Katherine can be her heir.

A couple of months sooner than Edward died, fifteen-year-old Jane and twelve-year-old Katherine Grey have been married off in a double rite. Jane’s husband was Guildford Dudley, the son of the King’s robust Chief Minister, John Dudley. Katherine’s husband was once Henry, Lord Herbert. Mary Grey, just eight years old, was betrothed to their cousin Arthur, Lord Grey of Wilton. The double marriage ceremony was an enormous event, with numerous feasting and partying. Edward VI attended the development, one of the crucial remaining he attended before death, elderly fifteen. Upon his loss of life, Lady Jane Grey was declared the brand new Queen.

Click right here for the whole tale of the way Jane wound up the Nine Days Queen, accomplished at age sixteen. Basically: being a pawn didn't work smartly for Jane, or someone who had worked to get her named Queen. Mary I took over, throwing Jane, Guildford, and her father into reformatory. Seven months later, all three have been carried out. All in their lands and money have been confiscated, leaving the Grey sisters and their now-widowed mother necessarily penniless. The Greys newly poisonous recognition spoiled the suits for each sisters, because the Herberts temporarily annulled Katherine’s marriage, and the Wiltons ended Mary Grey’s betrothal. Katherine, now fourteen years old, orphaned and with only one sister left, was now the eldest Grey sister. And, regardless of their unhealthy popularity and present poverty, till Mary I had a child of her own, Katherine was again a possible heir to the throne.

The Two Grey Princesses

At this low point, the Greys discovered give a boost to from a stunning particular person: their cousin, Mary I. Taking pity on her young cousins and their mom, the Queen invited them all to royal courtroom. Frances, particularly, used to be nonetheless eyed with some suspicion for her most certainly role within the Jane Grey Situation, but obviously Mary I felt some fondness for her family. The Greys got precedence at state occasions — forward of Elizabeth, Mary I’s actual heir. Katherine took on a special role on the coronation of Mary I, and was once a few of the visitors at the Queen’s marriage the next yr to Philip II. Katherine and Mary Grey were handled as princesses, together with having their trains carried by means of their own females in ready throughout essential court events. The Queen appointed both to the prestigious role of women of the bedchamber, the most important role any woman may dangle at court docket. There had been even rumours that Mary I supposed to adopt one or each Grey sisters, in all probability to make their standing as her conceivable heirs even more iron-clad.

One year after Mary I turned into Queen, Katherine’s mother Frances Brandon all at once remarried (take into accout, her husband had been executed after the Nine Days Queen situation). In order to keep away from inflicting any further controversy, Frances chose to marry Adrian Stokes, her Master of the Horse (aka a man far underneath Frances’s royal social status). If she and Adrian had any kids, they might be low-born and subsequently outdoor of rivalry to develop into the new King or Queen. Because of this new marriage, Frances used to be got rid of from royal courtroom. As such, Katherine was sent into the care of Anne Seymour, Duchess of Somerset (the widow of Edward VI’s former, now carried out, Lord Protector). Although Anne was once technically now her mother or father, Katherine remained at courtroom where she become easiest friends along with her fellow lady-in-waiting, Anne’s daughter Lady Jane Seymour* (*not the person who used to be married to Henry VIII, this Jane Seymour is the niece of that different one).

Sidenote: This Lady Jane Seymour was additionally one in every of three sisters. The Seymour sisters (Jane, Anne, and Margaret) have been writers whose revealed work contains the poem Hecatodistichon. Written in 1550, this was once the primary female-authored English-language encomium, the only work via Englishwomen revealed in Latin in the 16th century, and the one work via any Englishwomen revealed in any language before the 1560s. It was written as a tribute upon the death of Queen Marguerite de Navarre, herself also a writer.

Katherine Grey and Jane Seymour have been shut in age (Katherine two years older), had each long gone thru having their fathers done, and had identified each other most in their lives. Jane was once also tangentially associated with the royal family, as the former boy king Edward VI have been her cousin. Jane Seymour was once, for awhile, a possible wife for him (Katherine’s sister Jane Grey had also been considered for this position) but after all the boy-King had died single. Katherine and Jane, like different ladies at the moment, would percentage the same bed for heat and most likely also some fun gossiping. Katherine confided in Jane that she hoped with the intention to reconcile with Lord Herbert, her brief adolescence husband.

An influenza epidemic tore thru England (and the royal court) in the summer of 1558. Lady Jane Seymour was once amongst those affected, and he or she was once despatched to recover at her circle of relatives domestic of Hamworth with her BFF Katherine sent alongside to keep her corporate. While they were there, Jane’s brother Edward aka Ned took place to be at domestic visiting. What did they appear to be? Well Katherine, by means of now seventeen years previous, was gorgeous with golden crimson hair, blue eyes, and a placing profile. Ned, nineteen years outdated, was slim with dark eyes and dark hair, a nose that folks writing about him gave the impression to have discovered very appealing, and an smug, asshole kind of air. Ned was once also distantly descended from the medieval English King Edward III, meaning that he wasn’t directly in the line of succession, however was nearer than many different aristocrats. And if he and Katherine took place to get married and feature a kid, the mixed declare that child would have — between Ned’s ancestors and Katherine’s Tudor pedigree — a robust claim to the throne. And if that kid was once a son? All of the Protestants could be so relieved, as a result of then they wouldn’t have to worry about having a gross lady Queen at all! So remember that Katherine and Ned falling in love was once, principally, a threat to the Queen and to all the succession.

Edward “Ned” Seymour, Earl of Hertford painted c. 1565 by Hans Eworth (source)

But did these teenagers care? No, they did not!! Jane Seymour, on the mend from influenza, helped out by means of sending messages between her BFF and her brother all summer season while they hung out at Hamworth. Ned even introduced up the idea of marriage, secretly, in letters! His motives are unknown, but if he was simply after Katherine for her money and connections, he most likely wouldn’t have accomplished all this sneaking around. After all, as a way to use Katherine in that way, their marriage would should be officially sanctioned. And the object is, as an in depth relative to the Queen, Katherine couldn’t get married with out the Queen’s permission.

But oh noes! Ned’s mom, Anne Somerset, discovered about this borderline treasonous teenage summer romance. Anne had seen a lot of her family members achieved within the final decade, so she used to be understandably excited by her son’s doubtlessly lethal love fit. She ordered Ned to fail to remember about Katherine, however he was once like, “Is is so fallacious for 2 young individuals who enjoy each and every other’s corporate to spend time together???*” (*now not an exact quote) and refused to stop hanging out with his girlfriend. But anyway, summer season ended and so did the influenza epidemic, and Katherine and Jane were despatched back to royal court docket. It was once identical to in Grease, the younger enthusiasts’ summer season desires ripped on the seams! But I’m certain you believe you studied that wasn’t the tip of this ill-advised and dangerous love tale.

But the object is, back at royal courtroom everything was a new kind of chaos. Queen Mary I had also fallen unwell right through the influenza epidemic and, on most sensible of her other clinical problems (and her dependancy of ravenous herself for spiritual reasons) she gave the impression to be loss of life. There wasn’t an opportunity for Katherine and Ned to get royal permission to get married, if they had been even excited about doing so at this level. Queen Mary I died that November. As one of the crucial past due Queen’s women in waiting, Katherine helped to lay out Mary’s body for embalming. Katherine also took turns, together with the opposite ladies, to face watch in the chapel the place Mary’s corpse was set out for a month ahead of the funeral, which Katherine additionally attended.

As the Queen had died with out children, her successor was her younger half-sister, who was once named Queen Elizabeth I. Lady Katherine Grey was now next in line to the throne.

New Queen, New Enemies

Where Mary had sympathized with the Greys and elevated Katherine, her sister, and mom, Elizabeth was once wary. For starters, the Grey family nonetheless had a toxic popularity for the whole Lady Jane Grey coup, in addition to Katherine’s father’s other acts of revolt (and his later execution). Elizabeth additionally knew that a number of the many competing factions of courtiers had been some individuals who felt Katherine must be the Queen instead of her. Lady Jane Grey herself used to be already seen through some as a martyr, in part as a result of her ultimate letter have been revealed shortly after her dying as propaganda. In one of these letters, Jane recognized her sister Katherine as her spiritual and political heir.

Twenty-five-year-old Elizabeth had no longer yet cemented her reputation because the Virgin Queen, and everybody assumed that she would get married and have her personal kids beautiful soon. She also didn’t but know about Katherine’s ongoing secret courting with Ned. As some distance as any person knew, Elizabeth and Katherine had been both young, unmarried women and therefore very precious possibilities to marry. As soon as either of them had a kid, specifically a son, that may tip the scales to make even more other people beef up her above the other.

But additionally, actual talk. Elizabeth was once insecure, useless and jealous in the method of Snow White’s Evil Queen. She saw any more youthful, prettier lady as a non-public threat. And Katherine, being a relative, turns out to were literally a younger, prettier model of the Queen. This tendency would only develop stronger, the older she were given and would lead to many long term secret marriages of many younger, lovely girls. Elizabeth, you’re doing this to yourself!

So in a sort of Cinderella second, Elizabeth right away downgraded Katherine and Mary Grey’s status within her court docket. Rather than being gentlewomen of the Privy Chamber, the Grey women had been moved over to the Presence Chamber. Katherine and Mary weren’t given any most popular remedy at Elizabeth’s coronation other than that of ladies-in-waiting. This used to be Elizabeth making clear that she didn't agree with the Greys, had not forgotten the Lady Jane Grey state of affairs, and perhaps even didn't imagine Katherine her own inheritor. But the article, after all, is that Elizabeth didn’t want to get married anytime quickly because she was in love along with her married boyfriend, Robert Dudley.

Sidenote: potential wife-killer Robert Dudley was once also Katherine Grey’s former brother-in-law, as Robert’s brother Guildford have been married to (after which accomplished along) Lady Jane Grey. So he and Katherine and Elizabeth and Ned had all identified one another for years, like highschool however with more pantaloons and murders.

But so, with Elizabeth publicly mentioning she didn’t plan to get married anytime quickly, her councillors turned their consideration to Katherine once more. Because of the Queen wasn’t going to have a kid, then Katherine once more started to appear to be the prospective next Queen. This stricken Elizabeth considerably, as a result of she actually hated Katherine. Katherine was clearly acutely aware of how Elizabeth felt, and complained to the Spanish ambassador more than as soon as about how the Queen was once sidelining her. Katherine even yelled at the Queen at some point in the Presence Chamber, or perhaps extra like rolled her eyes or one thing else that was once noticed as “unseemly” behaviour in the Queen’s presence.

Just to place this in context: Queen Mary I had been married to Philip, the Spanish King. After she died, Philip tried to get Elizabeth to marry him but she sensibly refused. We’re nonetheless years clear of the whole Elizabeth vs Spanish Armada moment. So the fact that Katherine, Elizabeth’s inheritor, was bitching concerning the Queen to the Spanish Ambassador used to be a large fucking deal. The Spanish Ambassador, whose title was Feria, started scheming if possibly Philip could marry Katherine after which take over England together, and many others.. Did Katherine knowingly play along with this scheme? I mean, almost certainly. At the very least, she allowed herself to look open to his suggestions no less than to figure out how she may use him to her merit. She had stopped talking about in need of to remarry Herbert (because she wanted to marry Ned) however to Feria, this seemed like Katherine was once open to marrying anyone. Feria took her significantly, and started working out which Spanish Hapsburg royal he may marry her to and sorting out plans to have her abducted to Spain.

Meanwhile, Ned were cooling off with Katherine (because of his mom’s interference) so Katherine may have been the usage of issues of global treason to make a play to make her boyfriend jealous. She also knew that Elizabeth’s plans to commute across the nation were arising, which intended opportunities for Katherine to look Ned for Summer Of Love Part Two. Like, whilst Feria was literally arranging which ships to use to kidnap her to Spain, Katherine was once blissfully fantasizing about reuniting together with her boyfriend. Katherine was enjoying a very dangerous sport, and he or she used to be LOVING IT!!

But when Katherine set out with Elizabeth (who spent all her time flirting outrageously publicly with Robert Dudley), there used to be no sign of Ned. He had written that he had fallen in poor health, however in truth probably his mom used to be making him stay away from her. But guess what, no mother may get in the way of those decided teens, and in any case Ned stuck up with everyone else! It was right through this period that the two of them would later say they fell really in love, taking walks via gardens and enjoying feasts and simply placing out at all times and being younger and in love. Elizabeth, busy with Robert Dudley and heading off her councillors who wanted her to forestall seeing Robert Dudley, didn’t know about the romance. Other courtiers did, and a few warned Katherine that Ned was perhaps simply the use of her. But via October, Ned had activate to visit Katherine’s mother for permission to marry her.

Illicit Affairs

Frances Grey was once glad to hear that Ned sought after to marry Katherine as a result of she favored him, and since she knew this may enhance her daughter’s claim to the throne. After checking with her daughter this was once what she sought after, Frances offered her enhance for the match. She informed Ned to get to paintings convincing people at court that this was once a good idea, specifically, members of the Privy Council. Since in the long run it would be as much as Elizabeth, they needed to get as many people advising her to make stronger the match as possible.

Ned’s first makes an attempt to convince other folks at court docket to toughen him were unsuccessful, as he was once instructed the timing wasn’t good and he must wait. But then sadly, Frances died that November, sooner than she was in a position to send a letter of her own to the Queen expressing her blessing for the fit. Katherine and Mary Grey have been with their mom as she passed, and Katherine served as chief mourner at the funeral (which Elizabeth generously agreed to pay for). Both Katherine and Ned knew that their chances of getting married anytime soon had died together with Frances. Ned wrote Katherine a letter/poem, evaluating their romantic challenges to those of the Greek fanatics Troilus and Cressida, who had also been kept apart for political causes. Ned gave the impression fearful that, like Cressida, Katherine would possibly leave him for some other lover. The Spanish had been once more focusing their consideration on her, with eyes for probably the use of her so that you could overthrow Elizabeth. But Ned needn’t have frightened: Katherine was once completely dedicated to him.

However, the rumours of the Spanish plot had in the end reached Elizabeth. Following the adage to stay pals close and enemies nearer, Elizabeth abruptly started treating Katherine a lot more kindly. Elizabeth planted rumours that she will also undertake Katherine (regardless of being simply seven years older), to formalize her position as heir to the throne. Katherine was almost definitely glad to accept this better remedy, but her major precedence used to be finding opportunities to sneak off with her boyfriend, Ned. And as ever, Elizabeth was once too busy running off hunting with Robert Dudley to notice or care what Katherine used to be doing (so long as it didn’t involve the Spanish Ambassador).

Ned’s sister Jane and brother Henry helped courier letters and tokens back and forth between the enthusiasts. Katherine and Ned discovered alternatives to sneak off in combination, and increasingly more other people had been noticing their affair. But Elizabeth’s behaviour with Robert Dudley was once so a lot more scandalous that the Katherine/Ned stuff by no means actually took off as the big gossip of the day. (This was around the time that there were unfounded rumours Elizabeth was once pregnant with Dudley’s child, after which Dudley’s spouse was maybe murdered by means of falling down a flight of stairs). Elizabeth’s Chief Advisor, William Cecil, had discovered in regards to the Ned/Katherine state of affairs, even though. He warned Ned to prevent seeing Katherine due to the regime-destabilizing nature of their imaginable marriage. Ned listened to him and ghosted Katherine. This made Katherine frantic, particularly when she heard rumours he’d been flirting with every other lady. And the thing is that Ned just couldn’t quit her, either.

Ned wrote to her, proposing marriage, and Katherine clearly agreed. They snuck off into BFF Jane’s personal room, the place Jane was the witness to their formal betrothal. Katherine and Ned agreed they’d get married at his London domestic as soon as she used to be ready to slip away from the Queen. Ned gave Katherine a hoop, and the betrothal used to be made professional with a becoming a member of of fingers and a lot of hugging and kissing.

A Secret, Sexy Wedding

Katherine couldn’t simply run off at anytime to get secretly married, she had to be suave about this. With the help of her BFF Jane, they hatched a plan. When they were given to London, Elizabeth introduced she was once going off on a hunting travel. Katherine claimed at the closing minute she had a toothache and couldn’t pass. Jane introduced to stick behind together with her, and Elizabeth was once like, “Great, one much less Grey lady for me to fret about” and headed off on a business travel with the opposite women in waiting. Ned, who were there for dinner, was like, “Great, come through my area very first thing the next day to come morning.”

The next morning, Ned gave all of his servants the day without work so that they wouldn’t see what he was once as much as. Katherine and Jane snuck out of the palace and made their approach on foot along the River Thames to Ned’s area. It was once late November, and super cold. Ned greeted them at his area, where a couple of servants (on their approach out for their time without work) also saw them arrive. Jane ran out into the street to grab a random priest to perform the ceremony, as a result of Lady Jane Seymour used to be an awesome pal and sister.

She quickly returned with a random Protestant priest, who carried out the marriage rite for them in Jane’s bed room. Ned gave Katherine a puzzle ring (!!!) engraved with a poem he had written for her:

As circles five via artwork compact show however one ring in sight, So agree with uniteth faithful minds with knot of secret may,Whose force to break (however greedy death no wight possesseth power),As time and sequels neatly shall end up, my ring can say not more.

Jane paid the priest ten kilos, which in these days’s money is round 00 USD and was way more than the priest would have ever anticipated to be paid for a bed room wedding ceremony rite. Jane had some “banqueting meats” ready for them to eat, however Katherine and Ned had more amorous issues on their thoughts, and so Jane left the room whilst they consummated their marriage. The enthusiasts, now aged twenty (Katherine) and twenty-two (Ned) had sex for hours, until in any case Katherine needed to cross because she and Jane had dinner plans. The servants in Ned’s area, back from their time without work, had been neatly acutely aware of what had took place up in that bedroom and Ned kissed his spouse good-bye when she and Jane had to pass.

Now (secretly) married, Katherine and Ned had intercourse as often as they might, anywhere they were ready to. Jane endured to help them join up, and Katherine’s servants briefly discovered to politely go away the room when Ned arrived. The newlyweds weren’t in a position to spend an entire night in combination, however obviously glowed with love and adoration for one another such that everybody began to determine that they have been involved. Cecil, Elizabeth’s minister, disapproved of their affair but even he had no idea that the 2 had been in reality married already. In order to try and keep them aside, to offer protection to Elizabeth’s interests, Cecil arranged for Ned to move on a longer holiday in Europe.

Ned, frankly, was not nice at communicating with Katherine as a result of she needed to know about his European vacation plans from Jane. She used to be like, “I’m sorry what? What occurs if I’m pregnant for instance, and you aren’t round when the shit hits the fan?” And Ned was once like, “Well, I suppose you’ll have to wish the Queen is sweet to you,” and she or he was like, “I’m sorry what??” And then Ned was once like, “If you’re pregnant, I’ll keep,” and Katherine used to be like, “I don’t know, perhaps??” And then tragically, just when she needed her BFF essentially the most, Lady Jane Seymour fell unwell once more, this time with tuberculosis. Lady Jane Seymour died at age nineteen on March 29, 1560. And with her left the only witness to Katherine and Ned’s marriage rite (as a result of nobody knew the random priest’s identify or how to in finding him).

Ned in point of fact, truly sought after to visit Europe. And Katherine in truth didn't know if she was once pregnant or now not (her BFF was lifeless! Her mom was once lifeless! She didn’t know who to invite for recommendation!), and in the end they agreed he may just move however he’d leave her with a letter pronouncing, “In case Katherine is pregnant, please be aware that we're completely married and in addition she must inherit my lands in case I die in Europe!”

But in an overly terrible twist of fate/mistake, Katherine misplaced the letter. And she was very a lot pregnant.

The Secret Revealed!

As chances are you'll expect, Katherine kept the being pregnant hidden for so long as she may just as a result of this used to be an extremely unhealthy situation for her. The child she used to be sporting had an excessively strong claim to be the next King or Queen of England (from her Tudor pedigree and Ned’s royal ancestry). If the infant was once a son, then all bets have been off as a result of everybody used to be still desperate for a potential male monarch to interchange Elizabeth.

Once she realized that she used to be pregnant, Katherine wrote a lot of letters to Ned in France, but none of them had reached him* (*potentially as a result of she addressed all of them to My Beloved Husband as a substitute of the use of his identify?? Remember how your marriage is secret, Katherine?? How have been the couriers to know who to present the letters to**???) (**additionally my theory is that William Cecil or one in every of his different spies used to be intercepting the letters for scheme-related causes).

Now psychologically, it is a 20-year-old lady who had observed her sister, father, brother-in-law and numerous folks she knew and/or loved be finished for treason-related issues and who used to be now sporting a Treason Baby and her husband used to be MIA. Plus, Elizabeth had started being cruel to her again. Life was not great for Lady Katherine Grey at the present time. If she couldn’t get in touch with Ned, she needed to to find any individual else to pose as her husband/babydaddy, and she or he settled on her formative years annulled husband, Herbert.

Katherine was as soon as again on development with the Queen, spending a summer now with out Ned. She exchanged letters with Herbert while on the highway, and in truth he was happy to hear from her, and she was like, “So our marriage from adolescence is basically still legitimate, right??” And he used to be like, “Aw, that’s a nice concept” and began relationship her. But then she passed alongside phrase that she was once lately with child, and Herbert knew that young children don’t gestate for ten years, and referred to as issues off because her motives were so obtrusive, and so distasteful to him. Boo, Herbert! You may have saved the day, you asshole.

And so Katherine, through now 8 months pregnant, persisted on travelling as a lady-in-waiting and everybody must have spotted she was once pregnant, right?? Finally, she discovered she had to inform anyone. After bearing in mind her choices, the individual she selected to open up to was her youth buddy Elizabeth St. Loe (sister-in-law of Katherine’s pal, Bess of Hardwick), who was probably the most Queen’s gentlewomen of the Privy Chamber. This used to be not a sensible choice, as St. Loe wept inconsolably and used to be like, “Why did you tell me this, this can be a disaster!” She also clearly used to be no longer great at secret-keeping as, by way of the next morning, everybody at church was once whispering about Katherine’s secret being pregnant.

Undeterred, Katherine subsequent grew to become to Robert Dudley, which is rather a call. Robert Dudley was her former brother-in-law, but he used to be also Elizabeth’s boyfriend. And he also more or less hated the Greys for a way the Lady Jane Grey situation had led to the execution of so many Dudley members of the family. But, she hoped, the tenuous circle of relatives bond would expectantly outweigh the opposite stuff. And Robert was like, “Know what? Sure. I’ll move talk to Liz about this.” His plan used to be, likely, that information of Katherine’s being pregnant would possibly motive Elizabeth to in any case agree to marry his wife-murdering ass as the Queen would clearly desire a kid now more than ever. But marvel! Except not a surprise! Elizabeth freaked the fuck out within the worst possible manner. And: understandably.

Firstly, because the Queen, all of her Ladies in Waiting had to get her permission to marry any individual. And secondly, Katherine used to be Elizabeth’s inheritor and a imaginable long term Queen, so she couldn’t simply marry somebody. But for her to marry Ned? A person along with his own claim to the throne? Thereby meaning the Katherine/Ned baby would have a more potent declare to be King or Queen than actually someone else in England?? Elizabeth suspected this marriage/child scenario was once a part of a plot, maybe the Spanish, possibly the Scottish, perhaps homegrown, but any person used to be trying to take over the country and she or he was not having it!!! So for the entire above causes, Elizabeth had Katherine imprisoned in the Tower of London, and recalled Ned from Europe so he may well be thrown in prison too. She additionally had Elizabeth St. Loe dismissed from the Privy Chamber and despatched to the Tower for six months for failing to tell the Queen of the name of the game intel.

Lovers In Jail

Elizabeth, and mainly everybody, assumed that this was once a part of a more complex political strategy than just two young other people falling in love. Because everybody was once repeatedly scheming, and Katherine’s being pregnant with a potential new inheritor used to be a majorly severe political move. But the object is: it wasn’t a scheme. It’s simply when everyone seems to be scheming, they may be able to’t wrap their heads around that from time to time a 20-year-old woman marries her real love and will get knocked up.

And so it used to be that Katherine, now 9 months pregnant, was subjected to interrogation in the Tower of London as they tried to get her to implicate other people on this “scheme”. Now being held in the similar place where her sister and father had been executed, she behaved bravely. Like her older sister Lady Jane Grey, she had a strong stubborn streak and refused to be intimidated.

Meanwhile, Ned’s mom distanced herself from his “wildness” even as he was being dragged back to England from his European vacation for his own wondering. Rumours have been flying that the young couple can be completed, and he (and his mom, in her means) were doing their best possible injury keep an eye on to take a look at and at least keep alive. When he arrived at the Tower, he organized to have flowers despatched to Katherine and sought to determine from his jailers how she used to be doing. Historian Leanda de Lisle hypothesizes he was also at this level working to make certain that his and Katherine’s testimony would line up, so that their marriage used to be identified and their kid can be considered respectable.

Because that was the first and most vital factor for Elizabeth to handle. If Katherine and Ned’s marriage used to be declared reliable (which would be tricky, with Jane Seymour useless and nobody knowing the identify of the random priest), that supposed that their baby was once additionally respectable. That would also make the newborn, if a boy, a surprisingly bad threat to the Queen. But Katherine and Ned’s simplest defense against charges of unlawful fornication were to give an explanation for that yes, actually, they had been married and so the fact she was pregnant used to be completely not a problem. Only one aspect could win; the wedding would both be legally recognized, or not. While Katherine used to be having clearly a miserably time being nine months pregnant and having to go through days-long interrogations, Elizabeth was once also doing poorly. Like her sister Mary I, she misplaced her urge for food when she used to be distressed. A courtier who noticed her at round this time described the Queen as looking “extremely thin and the colour of a corpse.”

So: no person used to be having a great time with any of this. And then issues were given worse for everyone when Katherine gave start on September 24th to a boy. This is the in all probability the only time in Tudor history when everyone was once hoping very onerous for a child woman, and the arriving of a boy would motive everybody to despair. Katherine named her son Edward Seymour, Viscount Beauchamp. Two days later, baby Edward was baptized within the Tower chapel, ft clear of where his aunt Lady Jane Grey, both grandfathers, and other family have been interred following their executions. There was once in the end a Protestant male inheritor to the throne of England, and this boy was once potentially the new heir to the throne of England. The handiest thing in his way, at this point, used to be the query of the legitimacy of his delivery.

While Elizabeth, Robert Dudley, and literally everybody was once operating around scheming and screaming, Katherine recovered from childbirth. She had been moved to reside inside the mansion of the Tower’s Lieutenant, so a minimum of she had a nice place to stay. She was also ready to stay her pet spaniels and monkeys (???) with her. (I do not know at what point she bought pet monkeys, however it’s great she had them along with her). Ned was once stored in the similar mansion, in a separate apartment about ten ft away. The couple weren’t ready to peer every different, but through bribery and sympathy, were ready to exchange notes via their guards. Ned used to be decided to appeal if their marriage was once found invalid, however in the intervening time, all they may do used to be wait.

Elizabeth ordered an reputable Church fee to research the legality of Katherine and Ned’s marriage. Of route the whole point of this used to be for them to find the wedding invalid, no matter what it took, but they needed to give the illusion of in truth investigating. The tough thing is that the only necessities for the marriage to be discovered felony was for the brie and groom to consent to marry in entrance of witnesses. Katherine and Ned both said, again and again, that they had done this. But Jane’s death and the mysterious identification of the priest ((Katherine and Ned both stated in the event that they saw him in person they almost definitely wouldn’t recognize him) worked towards them.

Ned bribed the guards to let him seek advice from Katherine, which he did on May 25th and did they have sex? Of path they'd sex! He controlled to sneak into see her again four days later, and again that they had sex, and do you see where this is going? Because it will: Katherine become pregnant once more. And now it’s all much more difficult, because by way of now that they had each declared they were married in front of numerous witnesses (e.g. the interrogators) and so this second kid would be 100% legit, no query about it. Katherine now knew in detail what being pregnant was like, and when she figured out she used to be pregnant again she had a letter sent to Ned. He was overjoyed! She was additionally happy! Their little jail circle of relatives would soon get one new member.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s issues with Mary, Queen of Scots have been taking over much of her consideration. And then Elizabeth came down with smallpox! Everyone used to be like, “It sucks you’re so unwell, but who is your inheritor?? Mary, Queen of Scots? Katherine Grey? Baby Edward? Who???” And Liz was once like, “I gained’t let you know because I refuse to die!!!” And she was once proper, she survived. And she was like, “I’m twenty-nine years old and would possibly have a child in the future and will not let you know who my inheritor is!” And her councillors had been like, “But what if we instructed you that Katherine Grey is pregnant again?” And Elizabeth was once like “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???”

Like, she used to be extremely disillusioned about this for the entire above causes. She had the Lieutenant of the Tower thrown in jail for permitting the couple to hook up. Katherine and Ned have been introduced in for brand new interrogations. But not even Elizabeth may stop nature, and on February 10, Katherine gave beginning to a second son, who she named Thomas Seymour. And despite the fact that Elizabeth used to be freaking out, public opinion was once very much on the aspect of Katherine, Ned, and their little circle of relatives. Of path it was! Because this is an incredibly romantic love story, and if not for the political attitude, we all know that the pair would have been regarded as married within the first place! Elizabeth wouldn’t allow a clergyman to attend Thomas’s baptism, however two of the penitentiary guards agreed to rise up as his godparents, since the jailers were general #KatheriNed shippers and liked their small children.

Elizabeth, after all, had to do something positive about all of this. The more other people sided with Katherine, the much more likely it was once that her supporters would possibly try and depose Elizabeth. It wasn’t imaginable to claim Thomas illegitimate, but Elizabeth did what she may just: put Ned publicly on trial for 1) “seducing a virgin of the blood royal,” 2) conspiring with the Lieutenant to peer her again, and three) sneaking out of his jail mobile. He was once discovered guilty on all charges, and fined £5,000 apiece for each crime. Remember how Jane Seymour paid the random priest £10 and that’s worth ,000 modern-day greenbacks? £15,000 is worth, in step with this currency converter, infinity modern day greenbacks. It used to be not an quantity that Ned can be anticipated to repay; the point of it used to be to punish him eternally and to show everybody that Elizabeth was now not somebody to be messed round with.

Now, England was once coming as much as the ten-year anniversary of Lady Jane Grey’s dying and her tale was once turning into stylish again. Rumour had it that Jane were pregnant upon the time of her execution (she was once no longer), however this hooked up her along with her sister Katherine, now in jail with a baby and a baby and facing her own imaginable execution. Support for Katherine’s claim continued, much to Elizabeth’s chagrin. And the picture of pretty Katherine, a married lady with two sons was once the perfect foil to Elizabeth’s single childlessness. It was once round this time that a portrait was once fabricated from Katherine with her son Edward, which used to be duplicated and spread around as propaganda to give a boost to her in opposition to the Queen. (It may be it appears the oldest recognized symbol of an English girl together with her baby).

Lady Katherine Grey along with her son, Lord Edward Beauchamp c.1652 (source)“While I Lived, Yours”

Later that very same year, there was once an endemic of plague in London. Elizabeth (like her father before her) fled for the nation-state. Katherine, trapped within the Tower with two sons (and monkeys and dogs) was once desperate to steer clear of the disease. Her advocates begged the Queen to let her move somewhere else, and finally Elizabeth relented, permitting Katherine to be moved into area arrest. But there used to be a catch: Katherine used to be to be separated from her husband and certainly one of her youngsters. Ned and child Edward were sent to are living with Ned’s mom. Katherine and Thomas were sent to stick with her uncle, Lord John Grey. Katherine used to be forbidden to touch Ned, or her sister Mary Grey (who was once still a Lady in Waiting), or to talk over with with any individual while she used to be in her uncle’s area/prison.

Less than a month after her arrival, Katherine was once reported to have fallen into a despair. I mean, understandably given her postpartum status as well as literally everything that had took place in her lifestyles to this point. She neglected Ned and Edward terribly, cried constantly, ate little, and said such things as, “I would to God I were buried.” William Cecil nonetheless supported her as attainable heir, and helped her compose a plea to the Queen to relent. Robert Dudley agreed to deliver the letter, because he was the only one that could safely accomplish that with out incurring the Queen’s wrath. Katherine was hopeful that this petition would loose all of them, and wrote a letter to Ned sharing her hopes and goal of them attending to reunite soon. But Elizabeth rejected her attraction. The fans have been to stay aside.

Katherine’s distress used to be complete. She wrote to Cecil, “I relatively want of God in a while to be buried… than on this continual agony to reside.” Her uncle John Grey was once implicated in some scheming in toughen of Katherine, and when Elizabeth came upon, he and the opposite conspirators had been thrown in jail, the place John died in all probability by suicide or melancholy. Katherine and Thomas have been moved to a different area/jail, the place they remained for the next 3 years. This time, her jailer fell ill, necessitating her relocation. She persisted to be in contact by means of letter to Ned, who responded to her letters with items and tokens.

Another primary blow to both Elizabeth and Katherine befell when, in 1566, Mary, Queen of Scots gave delivery to a son. Katherine was now no longer the only Tudor heiress married with a son, and Mary (being a literal Queen) had a lot more power than the depressed, imprisoned Katherine. Elizabeth secretly most well-liked Mary as her inheritor, and worked (at this point) to give protection to her interests whilst simultaneously punishing Katherine and Mary Grey (who, at this point, were jailed for her personal secret marriage).

But then the entire thing came about where Mary, Queen of Scots’s husband Lord Darnley was discovered murdered and his house exploded, and it appeared like Mary had conspired to murder him. Katherine’s supporters all unfold the rumour that Mary used to be liable for her husband’s homicide, and Elizabeth used to be unable to continue protecting her. Meanwhile, Katherine herself (and her sister Mary Grey) posed no threats in my view; it was just the people running of their names who threatened Elizabeth. To keep Katherine from changing into a figurehead to these rebels, Elizabeth recommended Katherine’s jailers not to let her have interaction with someone. Katherine was once moved once more, to her 5th detention center in seven years. When her new jailer noticed her, he was shocked at how poorly she appeared; pale and thin, shoulders bowed, no longer a touch of her former power or joie de vivre. The more than a few descriptions of her throughout this period sound like the ones of extended depression. She had low power, ate little, and spoke of short of to die.

On January 26, 1568, a physician was once sent for. He found there was once little to be done for her. She seemed to have starved herself, and would no longer eat. Katherine recited prayers and had psalms learn to her. The family servants surrounded her, one encouraging her to that she may but reside a long life. Katherine responded, “No, no. No existence on this international; however on the planet to return I hope to reside ever. For here is not anything but care and misery, and there is lifestyles everlasting.” After a number of hours, Katherine handed along her ultimate requests. She requested for a message be despatched to the Queen, begging forgiveness for marrying without permission; she also wished the Queen be asked to be good to her kids and to Ned. Katherine then requested that Ned be sent tokens: the pointed ring he gave her upon their betrothal, her wedding ring, and a third souvenir mori ring. This 3rd used to be engraved with a message for Ned: While I Lived, Yours.

Katherine’s final words had been, “Lord Jesus receive my spirit.” She then closed her eyes with her palms. Her death was once recorded at Nine o’clock that morning. She was once twenty-eight years old.

Four-year-old Thomas Seymour used to be moved to live together with his father, Ned, and six-year-old brother, Edward. Queen Elizabeth ordered Katherine’s ultimate jailer to supervise the her cousin’s internment and burial. Katherine used to be buried in a chapel close to her ultimate prison-home in Yoxford, relatively than in Westminster Abbey as her royal family members (including her mother) had been. However, a lot as Elizabeth sought after to downplay Katherine’s significance, she was a Tudor and certain protocols needed to be adhered to. Just as have been completed for Mary I, Katherine’s frame was once embalmed and set out for a round the clock vigil, watched over via servants. Seventy-seven professional mourners had been dispatched from London, who arrived with an excellent entourage. Elizabeth didn't attend the event, but was once stated to have unconvincingly performed grief again at domestic. Nobody bought her act, obviously. Katherine’s demise was once a reduction to her as, noted the Spanish ambassador, the Queen had lengthy been fearful of Lady Katherine Grey.


Two years after Katherine’s death, Ned was free of area arrest. He would pass directly to marry twice more, weirdly both of them secret elopements, landing back in reformatory once more for this extraordinary dependancy of his. Throughout his lifestyles, he worked to check out and have his sons Edward and Thomas restored to the royal succession. They never have been.

When Edward was nineteen years outdated (and, coincidentally, staying in the similar area where his folks had first met), he fell in love with a gentlewoman named Honora Rogers. Queen Elizabeth luckily authorized this marriage, as this could effectively take away Edward from ever being King because his wife wasn’t grand sufficient. One less heir for her to fret about.

When Elizabeth died in 1603, she named James Stuart (the son of Mary, Queen of Scots), as her inheritor. However, a faction persisted on to believe that Katherine’s sons have been the actual heirs. This James just about up to it had Elizabeth.

Ned lived until 1621, demise at age eighty-four. In 1625, James was once succeeded by his son King Charles I. Charles didn’t a lot concern about Katherine Grey, meaning that after all her descendants were in a position to have her stays reinterred subsequent to Ned in Salisbury Cathedral, the place their joint tomb can still be seen. The Latin inscription on their tomb interprets to:

“Incomparable consortsWho, skilled in the vicissitudes of adjusting fortuneAt Length, within the cohesion that marked their lives,Here leisure in combination”

The tomb of Lady Katherine Grey and Edward “Ned” Seymour, 1st Duke of Hertford in the Salisbury CathedralPostscript

Katherine’s Grey’s descendants, through her son Edward, come with Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother (née Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon). Through her, Katherine Grey’s descendants come with Queen Elizabeth I and all of her heirs, including Prince William and Prince Harry.


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