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Haitian Alphabet. Learning the Haitian alphabet is very important because its construction is used in every day dialog. Without it, you will no longer have the ability to say words correctly even though you understand how to write down those words. The higher you pronounce a letter in a phrase, the extra understood you'll be in talking the Haitian language.Miss Estherline is the voice of Haitian Croele Net. She used to be born in Port-au-Prince and has lived in Haiti her complete life. She is fluent in Haitian Creole, French, and English. Even with a difficult youth, she maintained a need to lend a hand others - particularly youngsters. She is the mother of one daughter they usually dream of sooner or later visiting America.HaitiHub's top class on-line courses will empower you to learn Haitian Creole as soon as and for all.; Or you can learn Haitian Creole loose with the help of HaitiHub's loose videos, data packets, and other sources.; Also ensure to try the HaitiHub Blog and in finding HaitiHub on social media for more useful information on living and serving in Haiti.Top Words and Phrase You must know in Haitian Creole Video 1Common words and phrase that are utilized in Haitian CreoleIf you would like to be told Haitian CreoleHaitian definition is - a native or inhabitant of Haiti. Time Traveler for Haitian. The first recognized use of Haitian was in 1805. See more words from the same yr

10 Basic Creole Phrases (with audio) - Haitian Creole Net

Many Haitian Creole words are excellent and useful for use in the language. Here is a have a look at one of the most perfect Haitian Creole quotes and sayings to use in country and enrich your time there. Bel anteman pa di paradi. - An attractive funeral doesn't ensure heaven.Haitian Word List The function of this list is to offer a rough concept of the Haitian language. The words listed beneath aren't the commonest words , however a large sampling of words.Haitian Vodou, Haitian Vodou Ason, Vodou Ason, Haitian Priest, Haitian Priestess, Vodou Mambo, Vodou Hougan, Vodou Rituals, Hougan, Mambo, Vodou Spells, Vodou Magic at Erzulie's Voodoo of New Orleans. Ayibobo - ritual phrase of Ewe origin equivalent to "amen"Almost each phrase in Haitian Creole is borrowed from the French language. Even Haitian names primarily come from French. Some just right examples are Jean, Pierre, Altidore, Louis, etc.

10 Basic Creole Phrases (with audio) - Haitian Creole Net

Learn these 20 words and phrases in Haitian Creole before

How to pronounce Haitian. How to mention Haitian. Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary. Learn extra.Haitian pronunciation. How to mention Haitian. Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. Learn extra.Type your text & get Haitian Creole to English translation instantly Communicate smoothly and use a unfastened on-line translator to straight away translate words, words, or paperwork between 90+ language pairs.This is a list of the 1,000 maximum commonly spoken Haitian words. Learn english to haitian words and their meaning. Number Haitian in English 1 kòm as 2 mwen I 3 l' his Four ki that Five li he 6 te used to be 7 pou for eight sou on 9 yo se are 10 ak with … 1000 Most Common Haitian Words Läs mer »position of the English phrase voodoo, as a result of we are relating to the Vodou religion and now not the hocus pocus of magic and witchcraft connected to the English phrase voodoo. c) The same old form of Haitian Creole is the one spoken in Port-au-Prince, the capital. A few colloquial words from other areas (the North, the town of

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39 haitian creole swear words, curse words & insults

Some other people like to find out about a language’s swear words and curse words, in order that they are able to comically insult their friends whilst finding out find out how to talk it.

In haitian creole, insulting any person is called “joure”.

In this article, I’m going to percentage a number of swear words and curse words that you'll be able to insult (“joure”) folks with them in haitian creole.

Sounds just right? Let’s do it!

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How to curse in creole?

You’ve come to the fitting place. Keep studying for a listing of haitian creole swear words, curse words and insults…

How to say “fuck you” in creole?

If you handiest had one haitian creole insult to be told, it might be “Get manman ou!”. It principally means “F*** your mom!” and it’s moderately vulgar.


Translation : Prostitute

Meaning : When you assert that a lady is a “bouzen”, you attempt to denigrate her via calling her a prostitute.

How to say dirty in creole?

If you need to say “dirty” in haitian creole, you need to use the word “sal”.

How to mention pussy in creole?

If you want to mention “pussy” or “vagina” in creole, you need to say the phrase “koko”.

Koko Sal

Translation : Dirty vagina

What does coco santi mean?

“Koko Santi” is an insult destined to girls. It manner “smelly vagina”.

Koko Sal

Translation : Dirty vagina

Meaning : This is an insult destined to girls.

Anndan chou pouri

Translation : Disgusting and smelly vagina

Meaning : With this insult, a lady is instructed that she has a stinking vagina as though she had a “rotten cabbage” within her.


Translation : Shit


Translation : Poo / Poopoo (excrements)

What does kaka imply in creole?

In creole, the word “kaka” manner “poop”.

Pale kaka

Translation : Talking poopoo (“Talking shit”)

Meaning : “Pale kaka” approach talking in a disrespectful method.

Djol kaka

Translation : Mouth stuffed with shit

Meaning : It’s just a little of a variant of claiming “pale kaka”.

Djol santi

Translation : Smelly mouth

Santi fò

Translation : Strong smell (in a stinking means)

Ou santi kaka

Translation : You scent like shit

Ki kaka sa!

Translation : What roughly shit is this!


Translation : Monkeying around / Clowning

Meaning :In haitian creole, we use the creole expression “makakri” to speak of an individual who's making a scene and “performing stupid”. In brief, a little bit like a monkey in a zoo!


Translation : Monkey

Meaning : A little bit related to the former expression, when someone talks about “makak” in creole, it’s because the individual used to be doing a little “makakri”.

How to mention “dick” in creole?

If you ever wanted to know the way to say “dick” in creole, the word it's a must to use is “zozo”.

What does “zozo” imply in haitian creole?

In haitian creole, the phrase “zozo” means “penis”.

Zozo santi

Translation : Smelly dick

Meaning : This is an insult destined to males.

Zozo sal

Translation : Dirty dick

Meaning : This is an insult destined to men.

Ti zozo

Translation : Small dick

Meaning : This is an insult destined to males.

Tèt zozo

Translation : Dickhead

Meaning : This is an insult destined to men.


Translation : Intercourse (intercourse)


Translation : Imbecile


Translation : Idiot

Bounda plat

Translation : Flat booty

Fanm lèd

Translation : Ugly lady

Nèg lèd

Translation : Ugly guy


Translation : Pig

Chen sal

Translation : Dirty canine

Meaning : In Haiti, canine would not have a good recognition. To fully understand the that means of the insult, one must imagine a stray dog, all grimy and stuffed with illnesses.

Fout tonè!

Translation : Fucking shit!

Meaning : The words “fout” and “tonè” in combination form a swear phrase, but I will be able to now not personally explain what that implies. An individual will use this expression to specific dissatisfaction with a scenario.

Gwo vant

Translation : Big abdominal


Translation : Thief (man)


Translation : Thief (woman)


Translation : Lazy individual


Translation : Dirty whore


Translation : Trash

Gwo kochon

Translation : Fat pig

Moun sal

Translation : Dirty individual

And that concludes this article!

So there you go! I am hoping you loved this checklist! I will add several more every time I have time.

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