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Using investigative analysis blended with primary audio, Morbidology takes an in-depth look at true crime circumstances from all across the world. On 16 April, 1996, 17-year-old Kelly Anne Bates was once drowned in a tub bathtub, after struggling 4 weeks of continuous torture by the hands of her 48-year-old "partner," James Patterson Smith, who hadr/CrimeScene is a friendly group for people who find themselves thinking about discussing and sharing crime scene photos and information associated with them. A spot for forensic students, clinical examiners, morticians and different morbidly interested folks to respectfully discuss content relevant to a crime scene.Like one thing directly out of a creepy city legend, 3 Hong Kong gangsters—Chan Man-lok, Leung Shing-cho, and Leung Wai-lun—crammed the skull of their victim inside a large Hello Kitty doll.The sufferer used to be 23-year-old Fan Man-yee, who had been abducted in March 1999 over a monetary dispute. For over a month, the crowd contributors tortured Fan often, beating her with steel bars andNovember 23, 2019 Kelsey Berreth Crime Scene Photos: See closing recognized photograph of murdered mom, proof from killer Patrick Frazee's trial. Colorado prosecutors on Friday launched a stash of imagery used to convict Patrick Frazee within the dying of his fiancee, Kelsey Berreth — a 12 months to the day since she was once closing observed.The case was dubbed the "Hello Kitty murder" in the press for the reason that sufferer's head used to be stuffed into a doll known as Hello Kitty that is wildly well-liked in Asia. on account of the juxtaposition of

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The creators of Hello Kitty, this lovable character, may by no means have imagined it would be used in a homicide situation. Hello Kitty used to be born and not using a smile. Designer Yuko Yamaguchi didn't suppose she needed one. According to Sanrio's spokespeople, it's so that those who come upon the character can "be happy or sad together with Hello Kitty."The Hello Kitty Murder: Detectives were skeptical when a 14-year-old lady became up at a police station in May 1999 announcing she was once being haunted by a ghost. Hong Kong's maximum sordid crime in a decade The Hello Kitty Murder: Hong Kong's most sordid crime in a decade. February 17, 2021 October 24, First, there's the court issued photographFrom the Jars Killer to the Braemar Hill murders, the Hello Kitty homicide and extra just lately the dad or mum killer, town has witnessed some shocking and infrequently grotesque deaths.Crime scene photos also confirmed that Leibel had severed certainly one of Kasian's ears. Ultimately, Kasian died because of extreme blood loss, with the majority of her blood coating the West Hollywood rental. they found a big Hello Kitty doll that gave the impression "off." Prosecutors believe that he totally participated in the crime. The case, in spite of


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The designers created Hello Kitty and not using a mouth as a result of they wanted make her feelings ambiguous. The clean expression implies that you can project your own feelings onto the cool animated film. If you're sad, then Hello Kitty looks sad. If you might be satisfied, then Hello Kitty seems glad. Hello Kitty will seem to really feel whatever emotion you're feeling.In May 1999 a tender 13-year-old girl identified simplest by way of "Ah Fong" walked into the Tsim She Tsui police station in Hong Kong and instructed police officers there a fantastic tale. Fong claimed that for the past several nights she used to be being haunted by means of the ghost of a young lady. The specter was of a not too long ago deceased 23-year-old Fan Man-yee a waitress, drug addict, and prostitute. Fong told theThe Hello Kitty Murder Case: Fan Man-Yee, hostess and Hello Kitty Murder victim. The tale goes that, in early 1997, Fan Man-yee met Chan Man-lok, a 34-year-old socialite. The two met on the nightclub and came upon that they had something in commonplace. Fan Man-yee was a prostitute and a drug addict and Chan Man-Lok was a pimp and a drug broker.In 1999, a brutal Hong Kong homicide made headlines around the world. It came to be known as the Hello Kitty Murder, and the information of this case were so exhausting to imagine, police weren't even positive in the event that they had been true. It started when 3 men and a teenage girl held young mom Fan Man-yee hostage in a...Today's episode of One Moment in Crime features the Hello Kitty murder.READ ME!Look out for a new One Moment in Crime episode next Thursday.Follow the nightm...

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The Hello Kitty Murder: Hong Kong’s most sordid crime in a decade

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Detectives were skeptical when a beautiful 14-year-old lady grew to become up at a Tsim Sha Tsui police station in May 1999 saying she was once being haunted via the ghost of a girl she had helped torture, kill and butcher a yr earlier.

But once they followed up her claims and visited a third-floor apartment in Hong Kong’s customers’ paradise, Granville Road, they exposed what many police and attorneys imagine Hong Kong’s most sordid and revolting crime in virtually a decade.

Words through Tom Hilditch

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A tale that finds a Hong Kong most people would now not acknowledge – a gangster world of money, intercourse, and medicine. A brutal city, with out ethical order, watched over through a super-cute cat and not using a mouth that consents with the whole lot you do.

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Melody (name modified) had just became 13 years outdated when determined she’d had sufficient of her early life. She loathed her slum estate house, hated her bossy elder brothers, and argued continuously with her folks. Just sooner than Lunar New Year in 1998, she ran away. Later she would inform police that she found herself “sitting in a daze in an inexpensive restaurant, praying that any individual would come alongside and change my luck”. The 18-year-old who sat down at her table definitely did that. Later a Hong Kong courtroom would pay attention their assembly was once: “the most disastrous conjunction of 2 human beings possible”. He wore a fake black Armani go well with, gold neck chain, gold ID bracelet. “Hello,” he mentioned. “My identify is Leung Wai-lun, however my nickname is Gangster.” Melody used to be besotted. Why now not? Triads are cool; they’ve were given cash, connections, and gear. The average Hong Kong movie is a 90-minute advert for gangster chic. Melody and Gangster become enthusiasts that night time. Over the next 12 months, visiting her oldsters only infrequently and college rarely at all, 13-year-old Melody embraced a neon and plastic global of affection lodges, nightclubs, and karaoke bars with names like Big Spender, Golden Boss, and Silver Turbo Dragon. One evening, in the Big Echo Karaoke bar, Gangster offered Melody to his triad “Big Brother”, Chan Man-lok. Chan was once a ruthless 34-year-old pimp, mortgage shark, and drug dealer. He mentioned: “You should come and keep at my place.”


Chan’s position – a seven-room apartment above Kowloon’s famous buying groceries side road, Granville Road – was best. It contained the entirety you ever needed to block out reality; cable TV, video video games, Playstation, Hollywood movies, Hong Kong motion pictures, intercourse movies, and rather a lot and a number of medicine. It had Hello Kitty curtains, Hello Kitty bed-sheets, Hello Kitty kitchenware, and Hello Kitty dolls. Chan used it as an operations heart for loan-sharking, pimping, pirate porn, and drugs – most commonly ice (Methamphetamine), a lot and a lot of ice. And to understand Chan, to understand what happened in that apartment, it's a must to understand somewhat about ice.

Ice doesn’t blow your mind, it dissolves it. According to former users, while you smoke the drug, you do not feel a lot of the disorientating rush of alternative narcotics similar to heroin, ecstasy, or cocaine. The first results are refined. Energy ranges rise. Body power increases. Conversation flows. Before long, you're feeling more than sober. You feel razor-sharp, super-strong, indomitable. You are a king. And you're deluded. Your frame temperature, heartbeat, and blood drive have risen to excessive levels. If the room turns out brighter and your imaginative and prescient seems extra intense it is because your pupils are dilated and your anxious system is speeding up. If you're feeling impervious to ache it is because the drug soaks your mind with the “feel-good chemical compounds”, dopamine and serotonin. You are becoming dangerously unbalanced. One person quoted in a Hong Kong Government file on the effects of methamphetamine mentioned: “When I’m iced, the entire standard regulations of society slip away. Everything is so easy. I just need intercourse and violence and I don’t care how I am getting it. I’m a Playstation super-hero and the arena is my online game.” Welcome to Chan’s area.


For their 23-year-old victim, Fan Man-yee, referred to as Ah Map, the actual global was once also a spot to keep away from. Abandoned as a child, Ah Map was once raised at Ma Tau Wai women’ home. By her mid-teens, she had settled into a life of petty crime, prostitution, and drug addiction. Most of her relationships had been along with her triad purchasers and invariably their leader elements were sex, money, energy, and violence. Her “husband” used to be additionally a drug addict. They met whilst she used to be operating as a dancer in the Empress Karaoke nightclub in May 1996 and gave start to a son two years later. Neighbors at their Kwai Chung home complained to journalists of being stored conscious by the sound of domestic violence.

Ah Map met the person who would preside over her torture, demise, and dismemberment in 1997 whilst she was once running as a prostitute in inappropriately named Romance Villa, a Kowloon brothel. Chan used to be a normal client, and the pair ceaselessly indulged in long intercourse and ice binges together. But when Ah Map stole Chan’s pockets, containing ,000, she made a mistake that would cost her life. And even if Ah Map paid Chan back the ,000 plus another ,000, the loan shark, as loan shark’s do, demanded an additional ,000 “passion”.

On March 17, 1999, Chan ordered his two accomplices Leung Shing-cho and Gangster to abduct Ah Map from her home. The plan was to hold Fan at the Granville Road condo and put her to work as a prostitute and take all her profits till her ever-increasing debt used to be paid. But the plan had a fatal flaw. A disfigured, battered and bruised prostitute does no longer attract shoppers. And for the 3 triads residing in the condo, top on “ice”, torturing Ah Map used to be simply an excessive amount of fun. Thirteen years old, Melody told the court docket: “They beat her all the time . . . They beat her after they were bored. They beat her for laughs.”

From time to time the 14-year-old would join in. Despite pronouncing she preferred Ah Map and were given on smartly with her, she recounted in court how she burnt and hit her with the others. Why did she do it? “Well,” she instructed the courtroom, her face clean, her voice flat and devoid of emotion, “I did it for fun. Just to peer what it was like to hurt any individual.” Sometimes her tormentors would make Ah Map laugh out loud and fake to be at liberty while she was being beaten. “It was once a sport they performed,” said Melody.

“If she didn’t pretend to be at liberty they would beat her more difficult. They advised her to chortle and smile whilst they burnt her. It was a a laugh surroundings.”

The apartment’s kitchen turned into a torturer’s arsenal. Between them, they found a use for just about each and every appliance and condiment. They set consuming straws alight, held down Fan, and dripped melted plastic on the soles of her ft till her pores and skin blistered and oozed pus. When they bored with that they lit her toes without delay, then beat them with a stick.

Chilli oil was once poured on her wounds, oyster sauce threw on her face. She used to be made to drink oil. She was once overwhelmed with water pipes. She was once overwhelmed with steel bars. Often the lads would piss on her face or into her mouth, beating her when she didn't swallow their urine. On another occasion, “for amusing”, the 13-year-old lady shitted in a shoebox and the lads made Ah Map eat it. Sometimes, when there was once nothing at the small screen television, they might string up Ah with electrical cord, hang her from a hook on the ceiling, and beat her with iron bars. Then, having grown bored, they would depart her putting there in a single day. Towards the top of Ah Map’s lifestyles, she could be left to waft out and in of awareness either at the floor or tied up while her tormentors went off to play video video games. “She was once broken and playing together with her wasn’t such a lot amusing after that,” said Melody. “But we carried on anyway. There wasn’t anything else to do”


Perhaps the only facet of this case extra nerve-racking than Melody’s testimony is its reportage in Hong Kong’s mass-market press. All of the newspapers run the story on the entrance web page and all of them display identical photographs. First, there is the court issued photograph of Ah Map maintaining a kid. Her eyes are tired, her face is drawn. She isn't attractive. But subsequent to the newspapers have other pictures, more bizarre footage. These had been generated on a pc and display a very other victim. Here Ah Map is the kind of skinny armed, pert-breasted, chiseled-cheeked cyber-babe found in any Japanese video game. She has the body of an Asian Lara Croft. Only, here, in fact, she is bound with duct tape and being subjected to brutal sadism. The newspaper tale says you're looking at a representation of a real event. “Girl Eats Shit And Drinks Piss” says the banner headline and a computer image underneath it presentations simply that. Yet, in reality, they could as well be stills from graphic Japanese pornography or X-rated manga. This is the most unsightly crime to come to courtroom in many years and but the images appear to celebrate it. Clearly Melody and her stressed out triad friends aren’t the only ones living a caricature world.

Chatting outdoor the court docket that morning, the chief prosecutor says: “This case has taken my breath away. It is the ugliest and evilest case I can consider. It is not only the facts are grim, however the characters involved – they appear to be entire with none standard human emotion.” I ask him what he thinks happened to the minds of Ah Map’s torturers. “I feel they went mad with out realizing it,” he says. “Living together in that flat, top on medicine, they began to consider their global was once commonplace. They had handiest themselves against which to measure their sense of human decency. Torture became a game for them. In their twisted minds, it become acceptable.” Later, studying these notes again, I ponder whether they don’t apply to the whole city.


One day – after the torture have been happening for nearly a month – Melody aroused from sleep and located Ah Map lifeless. She had spent a previous few days on the toilet floor and, not noted, had gave up the ghost in a single day. They mentioned what to do with the body all afternoon but were unable to come to a decision. So Ah Map was left at the floor. “In the night we went out to play extra video games in a nearby arcade,” Melody instructed the courtroom. “Then we came back and fell asleep.” The corpse stayed where it was. The next day Chan, steeled by means of every other “ice” binge, collected his males. “Now she should be destroyed,” he advised them. “She will pass into thin air.” In the grotesque 10-hour operation that adopted Ah Map’s corpse was lifted into a bath and reduce up. Chan himself cut off the head with a wooden noticed while his triad underlings stripped and bagged the flesh, storing it in a fridge. Melody remembers being woken to seek out her boyfriend handing her a plastic bag containing Ah Map’s butchered intestines. He advised her: “Go quilt them in hot water to forestall them smelling.”

Later while Leung Shing-cho was once cooking the head, he called Melody over. “Come right here, take a look,” he mentioned. “No, I’m scared,” said the teenage woman. “Just faux you’re gazing tv,” he mentioned. So she did and advised the courtroom: “When I looked within the pot and saw the cranium boiling I believed he was proper – it looked like the only we noticed in a film.” In the middle of the macabre production line, they broke for lunch. The head used to be still boiling on one hob while they cooked noodles on the different – the similar spoon was once used to stir each pots. Once the head was once boiled down to a cranium, Fei-tsai took the initiative of hiding it throughout the large Hello Kitty mermaid doll.


Hello Kitty isn't famous for any film, cool animated film, or e book. Unlike all of the Disney characters she didn't emerge first as a personality in a tale. Moral judgments are not her bag. She simply sits and empathizes: silent, mouthless, beatifically adorable. According to her creators, Japan’s Sanrio Company, she weighs as much as “3 apples” and likes “small cute issues, like stars, candy, and goldfish”. Her symbol appears on a staggering 15,000 products (frame baggage don't seem to be among them) with any other 300 to six hundred new ones (not counting counterfeits) appearing each and every month.

It took me some time to notice Yammie in Court 13. Almost each merchandise she wears or carries is stamped with or accessorized through Sanrio’s little icon. “Normally I am a clinical reporter,” she says, “however for the remaining year I've badgered my editor to let me duvet this case.” Yammie, 26, is obsessed with the cat. “We have been born in the similar yr – 1974,” she says. She has been to Hello Kitty Land in Japan four occasions.

“You must be indignant about what they did with the Hello Kitty mermaid,” I suggest. “No,” she says, “the rest can occur to Hello Kitty, that’s the point. In fact, that’s what the mermaid is all about – cat head and fish frame. It is loopy and the wrong way up. Everything – even crazy stuff – makes sense to Hello Kitty.” On the ultimate day of the trial, when the decision is available in – manslaughter no longer homicide – Yammie isn’t happy. (The jury selected manslaughter as a result of the possibility that Ah Map’s drug consumption contributed to her dying.

The 3 triads got life in any case.)”Do you need to visit the flat and ask Ah Map’s ghost what she thinks of the result?” Yammie says. It is middle of the night once we arrive at Granville Road. Stripped of its customers, the area unearths a brand new persona. Triad types loiter on side road corners, giggling packs of karaoke girls in denim denims, and platform sneakers go via in a haze of menthol ciggies and hairspray. The entrance entrance to the flat is chained and bolted. A marker-pen sign has been scrawled around the door: “Warning. If you input here with out permission you're going to die a surprising loss of life.” The again door, then again, is open and we input. Broken glass and trash crunch underfoot. Yammie’s Hello Kitty torch throws a dim mild on a damaged global, choosing out more than a few Hello Kitty products decaying within the trash. A circle of candle stubs and moldy oranges skewered with incense sticks mark the spot where Ah Map died. The surrounding surface area is suffering from Hell’s Banknotes, which the Chinese burn to ship to their deaths. Yammie tells me many Hong Kong magazines have conducted seances in which they successfully interviewed Ah Map. She kneels down on the spot the place Ah Map died, joins her fingers in prayer, and tries to talk to the useless lady.

“Any success,” I ask, in between her Cantonese incantations. “No, I feel she is consuming.” Then Yammie’s torchlight catches something in the room the place Ah Map was once held. A blue Hello Kitty china doll with a chipped ear has one way or the other survived the endless police searches and press visits. Yammie, without embarrassment, speaks to it. “It belonged to Ah Map,” she says, adding: “It’s a fake, of course, you'll tell by the deficient coloring.”

“Does Hello Kitty hate the individuals who killed Ah Map?” I ask. “Oh no,” she says. “Hello Kitty doesn’t hate anybody. She by no means tells you off.” Hello Kitty, the easiest icon for an amoral age.

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