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FedEx shipping labels do expire, but expiration dates vary. Typically, emailed labels are printable for up to two years. Once you print the label, you generally have two weeks to make use of it sooner than it expires. Canceled, misplaced or unused labelsShipping labels should no longer be positioned any place in the field. They must be positioned on the side with the largest and most visible floor of the package deal. Shipping labels can warp if positioned on the edges, making them tricky to learn. 10. Do Shipping Labels Expire? Yes.No, no longer within the sense that they are unable to be used. If a label is used that has a incorrect date on it, an up to date label will be created in order to refresh the information. Labels that have been already used aren't rejected via customary scanning practices, which is why it is very important take away or cover old labels when reusing a box.USPS shipping labels must be mailed at the date this is specified at the label. You can postdate a shipping label via the use of the Mailing Date function.. If you've gotten already printed the shipping label however will not be able to mail it on the mailing date, request a reimbursement for that shipping label and print a new shipping label with the appropriate date. All shipping labels can also be postdated 7 daysWith FedEx Global Returns, you'll be able to create return labels and customs documents at the same time as the outbound shipment or create them just for the return leg. You have three ways to provide the go back label and any customs documentation to your buyer.

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FedEx pay as you go shipping labels do now not expire, which makes them an ideal selection to the customer's collection of delivery service. So how do we create pay as you go FedEx shipping labels?Please apply the stairs beneath to create a FedEx shipping label: Open the professional website online and log in to your FedEx account, if not, please register on-line.Please word that rerouting isn't a guaranteed carrier, as we're unable to bodily trade the original shipping label hooked up to the cargo. Our Money-Back Guarantee does not follow to rerouted shipments. FedEx reserves the suitable to decide the mode of delivery to get your shipment to its new destination as soon as imaginable.Yes, print or electronic mail go back labels are to be had to be used via each FedEx Express world and FedEx International Ground shippers the place those services and products are available. Alternative shipping choices can be chosen for each the outbound and go back portion of a shipment.Domestic shipping labels require the sender's and recipient's names, addresses, and contact numbers, along with the burden and form of package. If you'll love to create a pay as you go label, you can do so by means of opening FedEx Ship Manager ® at and using the Returns characteristic. Prepaid labels created by way of Returns do not need to be used as

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If your query has to do with printing FedEx shipping labels on eBay, please touch eBay Customer Support. If your question has to do with tracking or a selected shipment, name FedEx at 1-800-GoFedEx (463-3339). I filed a declare via FedEx as a result of my bundle used to be lost or arrived damaged. Before I gained my compensation test from FedExHow to Ship a Package | FedEx How to Ship a Package You can use FedEx Ship Manager ® at to create a printable shipping label out of your computer. Domestic shipping labels require the sender's and recipient's names, addresses and contact num...Do shipping labels expire ? Sep 7, 2013 6:45:09 AM. I have a request from purchaser to prolong shipment for 2 weeks ~ Do shipping labels expire ? Is there someplace in ebay the place i can mark the thing , Ebay keeps telling me to send the object, however purchaser does not want it shipped till 9 - 18. thank you. 4,671 ViewsDo revealed shipping labels expire anytime? So I'm going to be shipping a host of applications to myself (different location) and need to take advantage of a cut price I've at an Office Depot. Problem is that the cut price best lasts until subsequent week and I will't if truth be told send the programs till the tip of the month.I had my packages out for postal pick out up. The neighbors sprinkler were given them rainy. Postal select up would not accept a few of them.I have to make use of the library computers to print my lables as my printer is down and I couldnt get to the library until 2 days after the original printing of the lables. Now I dont have a "Reprint" lable possibility! I'm on the library now and most effective have a 2 hour computer use

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Hi fellow Amazon dealers,

I bought a shipping label through FedEx with a ship date of lately, 7/30, and the date is printed proper at the label. It is not a go back shipping label, simply a normal mailing label. I will be able to’t seem to find any concrete information on how lengthy FedEx will honor the label for; the best I found was “I used to be ready to use the label per week later” through Yahoo Answers.

My buyer still has 3 weeks to return their merchandise. Will the label last that long or do I have to buy a new one?

Thank you all.

Thank you for the reply.

I actually have asked a FedEx individual and they mentioned that the label lasts indefinitely. That simply seems too just right to be true to me, so I’m wondering what your personal experiences are. Have you gotten a label rejected after you or any person else makes an attempt to make use of it, say, a month after issuance?

I know that shipping prices can change which is why I've some doubt concerning the answer I were given.

Deleted. Sorry.

Why don’t you merely ask FedEx?


You’re welcome.

I don’t use FedEx, however have by no means had a problem with USPS Priority Mail postage.

It doesn’t make sense that a FedEx label would expire anytime quickly; no less than now not till long after the customer returns your merchandise.

Best needs…


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