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Pain Lyrics: I could not help but understand your pain / My ache? / It runs deep - proportion it with me! / They'll by no means take me alive, I'm gettin' prime with my four-five / Cocked on those suckas, timeRap Basement is a Hip Hop Lifestyle Network. Get the most recent rap news, songs, mixtapes and movies first.KTX ProductionzPresents:Tupac ft. Eminem & 50 Cent [Ja Rule Diss] (Remix)Eminem - Hail Mary toes. 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes (Lyrics On Screen) (Ja Rule Diss)Eminem, Busta and 50 pass at Ja Rule by way of remaking Tupac's "Hail Mary", partially in accordance with Ja's remake of "Pain".

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Eminem "Hail Mary 2003 (Ja Rule Diss)": Makaveli relaxation in peace Irv Gotti, an excessive amount of Bacardi in his frame Mouth like a .12 gauge shotti Come g...EMINEM
Hail Mary 2003 (Ja Rule Diss)"(feat. 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes
Come get me
If you mothafuckas want Shady
If Pac was once still right here now,
He would never ride with Ja
Na, na, na, na ,na, na, na, na
Makaveli rest in peace
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Tupac, Eminem, & 50 Cent - Hail Mary - YouTube

The final track on The 7 Day Theory, "Against All Odds" is one of the most revealing songs about the East Coast-West Coast warfare.Unlike "Hit Em Up," which used to be a extra non-public, emotionalMp3Bold checklist Hail Mary Tupac mp3s unfastened for download. Hail Mary Tupac mp3 obtain at 320kbps high quality audio. Happy listening at Mp3Bold.information!Eminem, 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes "Hail Mary (Murder Inc. Diss)"50 Cent: Hail Mary (Ja Rule Diss) 50 Cent: Murder One: 50 Cent: My Life: 50 Cent: Patiently Waiting: 50 Cent: Peep Show: 50 Cent: Psycho: 50 Cent: To All My Niggas (Remix) 50 Cent: Smack That: Akon: Chemical Warfare: The Alchemist: Scary Movies: Bad Meets Evil: If I Get Locked Up: Big Kap + Flex: No Favors: Big Sean: Hip Hop: Bizarre: Nuthin at"Hail Mary 2003" is a tune via American rappers Eminem, 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes. A remix of the 1997 2Pac tune of the same name, its' lyrics are reworked due to the song being a diss of rapper Ja Rule, who all three men had a feud with on the time. This song is not featured on any albums.

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Eminem - Hail Mary (Ja Rule Diss) (feat. 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes) Lyrics

Ayo this Chris Lodi, FUCK YOU IRV GOTTI!No subliminalsHollering all within the again, we heard you

Yo this Chris Lodi with my guy Kay Slay FUCK YOU IRV GOTTI!

[Eminem] Makaveli leisure in peace Irv Gotti, an excessive amount of Bacardi in his frame Mouth like a .12 gauge shotti

[Chorus] Come get me If you mothafuckas need Shady If Pac used to be still right here now, He would by no means ride with Ja Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na

[Chorus 2x]

[Eminem] You ain't a killa, you a pussy That exstacy completed were given you all emotional and tender Bitches wearin rags in footage, Ja's words bein' quoted In the SOURCE, stealin '(*50*) shit like he simply wrote it You loud mouth, pray to god, hopin' no person's listenin See 50 comin for me, I'ma guard my, my position No one will pay attention To me, please Gotti, here I go Gimme this tablet, exstacy got me feelin so Invincible Now hastily I'm a fuckin mad guy who screams Like I'm 'Pac however I'm not, enemies, Hennesy Actin like I'm great, however I'm faux, I'm CRAZY Sweat drip, get me off this travel, anyone prevent this teach Some say my mind is all corrupted, fuck from this shit I'm stuck, addicted from these drugs, I'ma surrender Sayin mothafucka's identify's earlier than someone fucks me up Ain't no pussies over right here, partner, see you in hell, fucker

[Eminem Sings] Come get me If you mothafuckas want Shady If Pac was once still right here now, He would by no means ride with Ja Na, na, na, na ,na, na, na, na

Get off that E Before you attempt to fuck with me It's Aftermath here now Shady Records got it locked La, l. a., los angeles, l. a. , los angeles, la, los angeles, los angeles

[50 Cent] Penitentiaries is packed with promise makers Never discovered the dear time them whinge niggas is wastin Institutionalized, my bitches carry me product through the bundles Hustle onerous from the cell, G-Unit mothafucka, WE BALLIN Catch me countin trees when I'm callin Can you place my automotive, CEO let me sip on Hennessey, "Can I sips some more?" Hell, I executed been in jail, I ain't scared Momma checkin in my bed room, I ain't there I were given a head with no screws in it Mothafuckas thinkin they can prevent 50... they losin it Lil' nigga named Ja, assume he reside like me Talkin about he left the medical institution, took Nine like me

[50 Cent] You livin fantasies nigga I reject yo deposit When that lil candy ass comin out of the closet now he wonderin why DMX blow tha mouth subsequent time grown folks talkin whinge close your mouth Peep me I take this battle shit deeply Seen too many real niggas ballin lto let those complain niggas beat me yous a mothafuckin punk and you see me with gloves hand over scarin those youngsters with ya ulgy ass mug and you'll be able to inform them niggas you roll with no matter you need but you and i know whats goin on Nigga pay again I know your complain ass from long ago Witness be strap with max You know I do not play that All these old rappers tryin to advance its all over now -- take it like a person HAHA--Irv lookin like Larry Holmes, flabby and unwell tryin to playa hate on my shit- man eat a fat dick Lovin htis shit hats how you made me-feelin like I got you niggas loopy, i really like Against all odds up with my dogs mothafuckas now It'll be the realist shit I ever wrote Against all odds, up within the studio gettin blow to the truest shit i ever spoke

[Busta Rhymes:] Hey yo I'm considered one of tha most humble, rep the streets to tha core Hey Jeffrey, What the fuck you come back and trouble me for? You spent a long time comin like a bless and a test you notice 106 and park fanatics do not even fuckin respeck you Its kinda funny wanna be Pac, wanna fake like you a thug runnin round talkin shit that he ain't able to now let me OFF this cock sucka watch me take care of you nigga If i recall Violator use to regulate you nigga then took a closer look and realized you was once an empostor, theres never been a Violator on a Murda Inc rosta. Dumb ass now who shootin?-- Ah made you look, you stated Busta in the same oh hook, You Stupid if yall shoot I check out ya man tha whinge shot himself infront of Def Jam Chedda Bob ass nigga start adjustin ya plan you let the streets down nigga-(a) Pologize to ya fans watch ya pull a lil stunt like we ain't know the place you are ya lil faggot determined be tryin whilst we determine a buzz I do know tha shit is drivin you crazy You wonderin how The streets ain't by no means want you Beatrice what you gonna do now? Now if you wanna red meat with me, then i am beefin with you I take into accounts tha game and what its like AH - what would it be with out you You completed I ain't tryin to complete this simply because I'm cool shouldnt take my kindness for weakness

[Busta speakin in background] Ooh shit ha ha That used to be a laugh Next time you were given an issue with me, Address me ahead of you are making shit a public factor now i'm long past, go back again to my common self and have amusing once more -One

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