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WATCH: Why this don't text while driving caution video has sent the web crazy. A HEARTWARMING video designed to discourage motorists from texting while they are driving has long gone viral with its hard-hitting message.Texting while driving, also called texting and driving, is the act of composing, sending, reading text messages, e mail, or making equivalent use of the web on a mobile phone while running a motor vehicle.Don't Text and Drive Car Dashboard Bold Reminder Sticker. 324 x 324 jpeg 18 КБ. 51 Good No Texting and Driving Slogans - 600 x four hundred jpeg 118 КБ.What are just right slogans or catchy phrases for texting while driving is unhealthy. Stay alive...don't text and power. Texting isn't so cool if the crash makes you drool. Put down the phone...or be coincidence inclined.Texting and Driving Slogans. Posted on April 1, 2012March 6, 2019 by Renny. Stop texting while driving. Jazzy. Don't tempt fate that text can wait.

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And while text messaging is banned for drivers in 46 states and the District of Columbia, many people continue to do it, regardless of figuring out the hazards. To help us all be safer, less-distracted drivers, some apps can block mobile phone features—together with texting while driving.If you text while driving, you're going to be arrested or get in a crash and die! Also, texting sends toxic radio waves. Texting while driving slogans? Asked By Wiki User. Unanswered Questions.Don't Text While Driving. Addressing the issue of 'texting while driving', the venture contained 2 stages. Phase 1: Aimed to achieve out to a neighborhood target market, Contained a sequence of posters with native references within the poster replica, and car stickers to be given with new mobile phone purchases.Arrive alive, don't text and pressure Don't Drive inTEXTicated Don't tempt destiny that text can wait Don't text your self to death Friends don't let friends text and Stop texting while driving Make your automotive a no telephone zone No Text is Worth a Death Stay Alive, Don't Text & Drive Stay alive? or text and power?

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Great dont text and power slogan ideas inc list of the top sayings, phrases, taglines & names with picture examples."Don't tempt fate, that text can wait". This is a not unusual slogan used by quite a lot of people and organizations when working anti-texting and driving actions. "I left out those warnings about texting while driving as a result of everyone else used to be doing it.You know that texting while driving is bad, so you have got created and installed the No Text While Driving app for your phone. Now, while you drive you open that app and let it auto-respond to incoming texts. But the jingle of the texts coming in is killing you with curiosity-- wouldn't it be great if it's essential to...Don't text and drive. This is an easy, catchy slogan. Stop texting while driving. If you don't wait to speak later, you will not be alive to speak in any respect.AT&T's Txtng & Drivng Campaign Urges Consumers That It Can Wait. This documentary that includes families suffering from texting while behind the wheel is being...

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Texting and Driving Slogans: 200+ Distracted Driving Slogans

Here now we have shared some cool and inventive texting and driving slogans for you.

Nowadays one of the crucial major causes for daily accidents going down all around the global is, the usage of a mobile phone while driving. It is 2020 and there are a large number of energetic mobile customers everywhere in the global. Mobile phone addiction is an actual thing and we want to take it very significantly.

Especially some of the younger technology, cell phone habit has became out to be very damaging each mentally and bodily.

According to a research cell phone dependancy has psychological affects for instance when a drug addict does medication, his or her body releases hormones that supply happiness the same is the case with cell phone habit.

When an individual uses a mobile phone his or her frame releases the similar more or less hormones this is released during doing drugs, from this we can have an idea of the way dangerous mobile phone habit may well be. Now that mobile phone has change into an eternal part of our lives, we tend to make use of it at all times and with regards to driving and the usage of the telephone at the same time, it will get beautiful life-threatening.

In this text, we will be able to show you precautionary texting and driving slogans to keep away from the use of mobile phones while driving. So with further ado allow us to leap into it.

Texting and Driving Slogans

The absolute best precautionary slogans are as follows:

Care for your lifestyles and please don’t use your phone while you pressure. In a cut up second, it's worthwhile to harm your long run. Please keep the telephones apart. Think of your circle of relatives prior to you take your telephones out. It is not arduous to keep the phones on your pocket. Do no longer dare to place other lives at risk. We want you to live healthily. Please take into accounts your oldsters if you end up on the highway. Avoid the notifications, please. Life is a gift from God, be respectful, and do not waste it on roads. Keep the eyes on the lanes, please. Don’t even think of text and power.

Distracted Driving Slogans

Here are some inventive distracted driving slogans:

Avoid getting fined, we discover heavy. Take care of others too. Focus on the red signboards. Are you critical? Keep your telephone down. Do now not anger us and throw the telephones away. Driving does not want multitasking. Please take into accounts others as smartly while you power. Things can pass unsuitable inside a few moments. Avoid texting and driving when you love your existence and others’. Your folks are looking forward to you, stay the phones away. Keep each fingers at the wheel please while throwing the telephone away. Do you need to waste your lifestyles? If no, steer clear of cellphones. While driving stay driving, please.

No Texting and Driving Slogans

Below are some cool no texting and driving slogans:

You can test your telephones later, keep away from text and power. Is your life that affordable? If no, steer clear of the notifications. Ignore your phone as you forget about your grades. Driving requires attention, telephones divert consideration. Driving while using telephones kill tens of millions don’t be one. Your family loves you to keep away from phones love them back. You don't have to be that careless, steer clear of mobile phones. Please act like a responsible citizen and stay the phones away. Live your entire life, avoid phones, please. Do not die quicker, please steer clear of texting and driving. You got to be kidding yourself, throw the telephone away. Drink and drive are equivalent to text and power. Driving and texting are like pineapples on pizza.

Text and Drive Slogans

Here are some text and power slogans for you:

Driving and texting are like a soul and not using a body. That notification isn't vital to different’s existence. Not all notifications are essential please avoid them on roads. Wheels are meant to be held with each arms. Invite others to parties, not within the injuries. You can do that with out the phone on different hand. Do not be the only in tens of millions that die while texting and driving. Beauty lies inside of loyalty, stay loyal to yourself, and keep away from telephones. There is not anything vital than a circle of relatives, avoid text, and pressure. We love you more than you do to avoid cellphones while driving. Avoid the hazards and be sensible, keep the telephone apart. When you pressure believe phones as mister no person.

Texting and Driving Quotes

Following are the most productive quotes about texting and driving:

Assume that you have lost your telephones while driving. Enjoy your drive while keeping off the ones notifications. Pretend you by no means convey your telephone in the first position. Cars may well be pricey protect them, steer clear of text and power. Crazy folks text and force, we all know you can't be loopy. Be smart and display some accountability, keep away from cell phones. Enjoy the pretty scenes whilst you pressure, avoid texting. Texting and driving by no means cross together, do bear in mind. Texting while driving will be the very last thing you wish to have to do. Staying secure is the only option while driving. Leave the need to use your telephones whilst you power.

How Slogans Can Be Useful?

Slogans are designed to be compact and eye-catching. That is the wonderful thing about it. As discussed above there are millions of injuries going down on a daily basis on the roads just because other people have a tendency to make use of their cellphones very ceaselessly while driving and this reasons terrible incidents.

An individual the use of a telephone while driving no longer best puts his or her lifestyles in danger but in addition others’ lives too, and no one wish to be involved on your mistake.

Developed international locations spend tens of millions in their budget for protecting their civilians and protective the folk from road accidents can be simply completed with slogans on different places which can be readable and noticeable sufficient to grasp some attention and folks observe them. This way evolved nations protect the lives in their folks.

Adding the flavor of humor in slogans

Who does not respect just right humor and including humor to the slogans generates more attention and makes other folks have a good snigger? This manner they enjoy the slogans extra and have a tendency to follow them with extra interest and accidents are lowered tremendously.


With that said now we know how we will keep away from the injuries on roads as a result of this mobile phone dependancy is undoubtedly an actual thing and we need to do one thing so as to be secure and slogans are one of the simplest ways to have that executed with out hanging many efforts as a result of thousands and thousands of people day by day travel through roads and by means of these slogans, the message is gained.

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