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May 30, 2015 - Explore Luxe Limousines, LLC's board "Classic Southern New Orleans Sayings, Slangs, and Quotes", followed by one hundred ten people on Pinterest. See extra concepts about new orleans, louisiana, orleans.51 Creole Proverbs 1. A ravishing funeral does not essentially result in paradise. 2. A fisherman never says his fish stink. 3. Bathe folks's children but don't wash behind their ears. 4. Be certain that the candle is lit ahead of you throw away the fit. 5. Better your personal cod than any other's duck. 6. Cowardly males, wholesome bones. 7.4. "Laissez les bon temps rouler." Laissez les bon temps rouler (lay-ZEH leh BAWN taw ROO-leh) manner "let the good times roll," and it's some of the widely known phrases associated with Louisiana.Typically used round Mardi Gras, it's also heard anytime someone is celebrating a good time, akin to at a family get-together or a excellent, out of date barbecue.Creole Proverbs, People Quotes Bathe people's youngsters however do not wash behind their ears. Creole Proverbs, Water Quotes You could make a mule go the river but you cant make him drink the water.Several definitions exist: in Louisiana, a Creole is a white particular person descended from French and Spanish settlers or an individual of combined European and African blood. It's additionally a mode of cooking and structure Etouffée (ay too fay) Method of cooking one thing (most often shrimp or crawfish) smothered in chopped greens over low flame, tightly

51 Famous Creole Proverbs

Creole Proverbs "Gumbo Zhebes" Gumbo Zhebes . Introduction. Anyone who has ever paid a flying discuss with to New Orelans almost definitely knows something about the ones various culinary arrangements whose generic identify is "Gumbo." At all occasions any person who has remained within the town for a season must have turn into accustomed to the character of "gombo file," "gomboHere is a look at one of the easiest Haitian Creole quotes and sayings to use in nation and enrich your time there. Bel anteman pa di paradi. - A wonderful funeral does not guarantee heaven. Bel dan pa di zanmi.With the whole thing, from non-public mirrored image to life-changing cautions, the cultural mixtures of Belize are uniquely depicted thru "Kriol" (Creole) terminologies. Here are Five of the countless Creole Proverbs embedded into the Belizean tradition: 1. "Wen cak-roach mek dance, e' no invite fowl"Filé (fee-lay): Ground sassafras leaves used to season, among other things, gumbo. Fricassee (free-kay-say): A stew made via browning then getting rid of meat from the pan, making a roux with the pan drippings, after which returning meat to simmer within the thick gravy. Gumbo (gum-boe): A thick, powerful roux-based soup occasionally thickened with okra or report'.'. There are hundreds of diversifications, reminiscent of

51 Famous Creole Proverbs

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8 Fun Cajun Sayings Have you ever sat at the Neutral Ground joining the crowd yelling, "Throw me somethin, Mister," and wondered about what number of distinctive announcing we have in New Orleans? We actually do have a lot of great ones that we now and again put out of your mind. Check out our small listing of 8 Fun Cajun SCreole languages are a singular class that get up out of specific socio- historic contexts, wherein a new language is created that derives it vocabulary in most cases (though not at all all the time) from a significant European 'lexifier' language but the new language form is distinguishable from the language from whence it arises.Feb 25, 2019 - Explore melinda vincent's board "Cajun sayings", adopted through 107 folks on Pinterest. See extra ideas about cajun, cajun french, louisiana cajun.Useful phrases in Haitian Creole. A number of useful words in Haitian Creole (Kreyòl ayisyen), a French-based creole spoken mainly in Haiti. Jump to phrases. See those words in any combination of two languages within the Phrase Finder. If you'll be able to supply recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me.Here is a list of Belize Creole proverbs or Kriol praverbs, as we say in Belize, that I have accrued. I've translated them into "standard" Kriol and supplied English translations. You too can to find the meanings of the proverbs according to what I've collected and my own non-public enter.

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helpful Words and PhrasesCREOLE - ENGLISH

Bonjou! - Good morning! Bonswa! - Good afternoon!/Evening! (used after Eleven AM) Kouman ou rele? - What is your identify?M rele... - My identify is...Kouman ou ye? (common greeting) - How are you? N'ap boule! (response) - Doing Good! Wi - Yes yo - they, them Non - No Mesi - Thanks Anmwe! - Help! Non, mesi - No, thanks Souple - Please Merite - You're welcome Pa gen pwoblem - No downside Oke - OK Eskize mwen - Excuse me Mwen remorseful about sa - I'm sorry Gen... - There is/are... Pa genyen! - There is/are not any! Mwen pa genyen! - I shouldn't have any! Sekonsa! - That's proper! Piti piti - A bit bit Anpil - A lot Gen anpil... - There are a lot of... Isit - Here La - There Tout bagay anfom? - Is everything OK? Pa kounye-a - Not now Toupatou - Everywhere Anyen - Nothing Preske - Almost Atansyon! - Attention!/Watch out! Prese prese! - Hurry! Dife! - Fire! Rete! - Stop! Kounye-a - Now Nou ap chache... - We are in search of... Souple, ban mwen... - Please give me... Separe sa ant nou - Divide this amongst you Ye - Yesterday Jodia - Today Demen - Tomorrow Maten an - This morning Apremidi a - This afternoon Aswe a - This evening Ou byen? - You OK? Mwen pa two byen - I'm not too smartly Mwen malad - I'm in poor health Te gen yon aksidan - There was once an twist of fate Nou bezwen yon dokte/yon mis touswit - We want a health care provider/a nurse presently Kote Iopital Ia? - Where is the sanatorium? Kote Ii ou fe mal? - Where does it harm you? Li ansent - She's pregnant Mwen pa ka manje/domi - I cannot devour/sleep Mwengendjare - I've diarrhea Mwen anvi vonmi - I believe nauseated Tout ko mwen cho - My whole frame is scorching Mwen toudi - I'm dizzy Nou bezwen pansman/koton - We desire bandages/cotton Mwen bezwen yon bagay pi blese sa a - I would like one thing for this minimize Mwen grangou - I'm hungry Mwen swaf anpil - I'm very thirsty Nou ta vle manje - We wish to eatKonben - How a lot?/How many? Poukisa? - Why? Kote? - Where? Kisa? - What? Kile? - When? Ki moun? - Who? Kijan? - How? Kiles? - Which? Eske gen...? - Is/Are there...? Eske ou gen...? - Do you have...? Eske ou ka ede nou, souple? - Can you assist us please? Kote nou ka achte...? - Where are we able to buy...? Eske ou ka di mwen...? - Can you inform me...?montre - showban - giveKi moun ki Ia? - Who is there? Kisa ou vIe? - What do you need? Kisa ou ta vIa? - What do you want? Kisa ou ap fe Ia? - What are you doing there? Kisa sa a ye? - What is that? Sa okay'genyen? - What's the topic? Kisa pi nou fe? - What will have to we do? Eske ou te we...? - Have you seen...? Eske ou faded angle/franse? - Do you converse English/French? Ki moun isit ki faded perspective? - Who speaks English here? Ou konprann? - You perceive? Kij an yo rele sa an kreyol? - What do they call that inCreole? Kij an yo kreyol? - How do they are saying... in Creole? Kisa ou bezouen? - What do you wish to have? Kisa ki rive ou? - What happened to you? Ki kote li ale? - Where did he move? Kilaj ou? - How old are you? Kote ou rete? - Where do you live? Eske ou gen petit? - Do you've got any children? Kote nou ye? - Where are we? genyen - to have chita - to take a seat manje - to eat rete - to stop kouri - to run kouche - to lie down vini - to return ale/prale - to go ban - to give rete trankil - to be quiet pran - to get, receive leve - to rise up sede - to give up touye - to kill frape - to hit kache - to hide konnen - to understand manti - to lie (manti! this can't be true) gade - to seem koupe - to cut kwit-manje, fe-manje - to cook fimen - to smoke atake - to attack ban pemi - to authorize kri - to shout, yell, scream achte - to buy fe-apel - to call, name netwaye - to wash femen - to close fose - to coerce, force fini - to complete obeyi - to obey fe - konfyans - to believe console - to comfort pati - to go away, go away mouri - to die fe-desen - to draw, comic strip bwe - to drink tonbe - to drop, fall mete abo - embark, load, board atoure - to surround ranfose - to put into effect ou - you, your mwen - I, me, my, mine nou - us, our, you (plural) Ii - him, her, his, hers


book-liv pen-plim table-tab man-moun, nonm woman-fanm child-pitit boy-gason girl-tifi student-elèv car-oto, machin, vwati language-lang tourist-touris city-vil money-lajan, kòb store-boutik restaurant-restoran family-fanmi mother-manmanfather-papa sister-sè brother-frè water-dlo day-jou night-nuit evening-swa morning-maten afternoon-aprèmidi breakfast-dejne lunch-manje midi dinner-dine food-manje chair-chèz friend-zanmi newspaper-jounalhusband-mari wife-madanm, fanm

Articles and DemonstrativesDefiniteSingular - l. a., a (after vowel), an (after n), nan (after m, nn, gn, or ng)Plural - yoThe particular article comes after the noun: moun an - the person


Demonstrativesthis - sa athese - sa yothat - sila athose - sila yoThese come after the noun: vil sila a - that metropolis

Verbs to ask-mande to speak-pale to know-konnen to see-wè to do-fè to make-fè, fabrike to eat-manje to drink-bwè to understand-konprann to want-vle to study-etidye to learn-aprann to sit-chita to need-bezwen to go-ale to live-abite (inhabit), viv (be alive) to come-vini to buy-achte to sell-vann to look for-chèche to work-travay to visit-visite to smoke-fimen to like-remnen to love-damou to pay-peye to hear-tandeto think-panse

Adjectives beautiful-bèl pretty-bèl nice-bon big-gwolarge-gran small-piti good-bon sick-malad cold-frèt hot-cho new-nouvo old-vye near-toupre far-lwen American-ameriken English-angle French-franse Spanish-panyol Chinese-chinwa

Personal PronounsI-mwen (lengthy form), m (short form) you-ou (long), w (quick) he-li, l she-li, l we-nou, nou they-yo, y

To Be I am-mwen you are-ou he is-li she is-li we are-nou they are-yo


ch-sh as in send / ch-share chache-to look for o-claw fo-strong e-aim ede-to help, assist ou-you ou-you k-k as in key kisa-what?e-leg mesi-thank you v-v as in vampire - vini-comer-(not rolled) respire-to breathe g-go gen-to have I-see isit-here s-s as in sip / s-(always s) prese-in a rush j-s as in vision / j-(keep away from the d sound) jou-day y-yes pye-foot o-toe zo-bone

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