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It covers how one can fail stack efficiently and what sort of fail stacks you should be the use of to toughen your gear. Use 30 or extra fail stacks (maximum of 45) to get TRI (+18) - Recommended to power strengthen if you can.BDO Failstack Chart (Black Desert Online) - GrumpyG. BDO Failstack Guide: Building Optimal Failstacks - GrumpyG. How. Details: To purposefully build a failstack, purchase cheap Reblath...Relinking This Super Useful Failstack Sheet Because New Players Keep.Bdo Fail Stack Chart - Relinking This Super Useful Failstack Sheet Because New. Bdo Failstack Chart 2018 Archeage V2 9 Na Eu Revised . 53 Brilliant Bdo Enchanting Chart Home Furniture . 40 Up To Date Failstack Table .FailStacks Cost Optimizer for Black Desert Online BDO.

How To Bdo Failstack Charts

Black Desert Online failstack calculator with enhance simulator. Calculate optimal failstacks for accessories, weapons and Softcap button makes use of failstack softcap values according to MSHR chart.Copie de BDO Fail Stack Spread sheet. Bdo Failstack Chart Gallery Of Chart 2019. BDO Failstack Chart (Black Desert Online) These photos of this web page are about:BDO Fail Stacking Chart.BDO Beginner Guide: Money Making Tips | Episode 2 [Black Desert Online]. In this information, I'm going over the basics of establishing failstacks, easy methods to construct high stacks and sooner or later toughen for benefit.Enhancing in BDO is a science - one that we are seeking to damage down on this information, and mean you can 3 How to Enhance - Building Failstacks. 3.1 Getting Your First TRI (+18) Item. 3.2 Building 10-20...

How To Bdo Failstack Charts

Bdo Failstack Chart - Gallery Of Chart 2019

bdo failstack chart gallery of chart 2019 . gear progression failstacking information bdfoundry . bdo fail stack all basketball scores information . black desolate tract online kr make fail stacks 30 youtube . anbau für fortgeschrittene black wasteland guide .· Black Desert Online Failstack Chart & BDO Enhancement Guide Black Desert Online Failstack Chart 2020: One of the enhancement good fortune rates was once shown on 16th Jan 2019.bdo failstack chart gallery of chart 2019 . black desolate tract on-line bdo guide the right way to maximize . the best way to get failstacks gamez community group discussion board . chances for upgrading guns calculated .Accessories failstack chart (?) Started through Onii-sama, 15 Oct 2016. KFC 661. [QUIT BDO] fk cuckao ㅇㅅㅇ/. Members.fifty seven stacks. Source Chart Approximate Failstack Value: Items that most probably move over the cap for DUO and TRI (individually)

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ILikesCaviar/BDO_Enhancement_Tool: Open source tool for planning fail stacks and enhancement priority in Black Desert Online

I've throw together this fail stack calculator so that I may try out the brand new enhancement chance numbers that had been launched. I additionally sought after to get a extra objective approach to decide how you can fail stack and support when making an allowance for more than one different items of drugs at different enhancement levels.

It nonetheless needs extra checking out and the code may well be commented better, but I am posting the code so it isn't vital to attend on me and you can modify it as you please.

Video Guide:

Important Info

Gear is entered on the TARGET degree of enhancement. For example a +14 Reblath Helmet is entered at Level 15 You can kind most lists through clicking at the column header This program will inform you recommended fail stack level, strategy and provide a walk-through in sport of every enhancement step and choice The program creates a settings report and log record in the %appdata% folder. Back up your settings report at least one time since thie mission is in alpha. Not all equipment types have a sheet of probabilities. Let me know you probably have more information.

GUI User information

1.) Go to the "Monnies/ MP" tab at the left aspect of the program.

Chose if you wish to sign into the web Central Market or manually enter prices

To signal into the Central Market click on "Tools" -> "Sign into MP" at the primary menu. Once you sign in a green message must show on the main window status bar. You can close the Central Market window or stay it open.

If you could have accomplished the Bartali quest line or have free permanent fail stacks, set the "Quest FS Increase" field on your minimum fail stack.

Make positive "Value Pack Active?" is checked if you're going to be the use of a Value Pack when interacting with the central marketplace.

Don't edit the tax ratios until you really know what you're doing.

Optional for "Strategy": Als, Valks and Naderr

Click "Managed saved failstacks" and enter the entire Advice of Valks that you've got Click "Naderr's Band" and upload your whole pages with their present fs Click "Manage Alts/Toons" and press the "Import From Game Files" button to search for your FaceTexture folder. This is a folder the game uses to store your alts pictures. If you choose the right folder it's going to upload an alt with their image arrange. You still wish to enter their name and fail stack stage If you don't import from recreation files you'll be able to input the entirety manually by urgent "Add Alt" Change the image by means of clicking the magnifying glass or the present image of the alt 2.) Go to the "FS Gear" tab on the left facet of this system.

This is the equipment you are going to be using to build fail stacks and not yet attempting an enhancement. There should be a listing of default tools when you simply installed this system.

To upload equipment press "Add Item." You can click on on the magnifying glass icon within the "Name" column of the desk to carry up a seek window. Type within the gear you're searching for and to find it on the listing. Double click it to register the equipment with a picture, name, kind and central marketplace functionality. Un-checking tools will keep it out of the algorithm later.

If you signed into the web central market press "MP: Update all" to automatically update the gear costs from the central marketplace.

3.) OPTIONAL: Go to the "FS Cost" tab at the left facet of the program. Click refresh to generate a listing of what to fail stack on. The numbers here will have to be rather self explanatory 4.) Go to the "Equipment" tab at the left side of the program.

To upload tools press "Add Item." You can click on at the magnifying glass icon within the "Name" column of the desk to bring up a search window. Type in the gear you're in search of and find it on the checklist. Double click on it to sign up the equipment with an image, identify, kind and central market capability. Un-checking gear will keep it out of the set of rules later.

Add gear here that you're operating on enhancing. Once you add a piece of drugs you can amplify the object too see long term enhancements for that item. All of the checked levels of enhancement can be thought to be by the set of rules however it is very important distinguish the current degree of the equipment. This is used to calculate when to save a fail stack and when to attempt an enhancement

Note that in the "Strategy" tab, best items that are in this list are regarded as by way of the algorithm, so this can result in decisions that might in a different way be unusual like attempting an enhancement on a low fail stack or greatly overstacking for an merchandise. If you might be handiest going to aim improvements on the equipment in this checklist and you both know when to forestall, or you've got long run enhancements checked beneath your current tools you should be just right to move.

Once you've all of your gear arrange, click "MP: Update Base Cost" if you're signed into the marketplace place or manually input the associated fee of a base merchandise for each of the equipment.

OPTIONAL: Press "Calculate Costs" to calculate: the fail stack to begin enhancing the tools, the whole cost, the whole cost of repair fabrics + in advance prices, the typical collection of fails prior to luck, starting chance and if you should utilize memory fragments.

The price, and instructed failstack numbers where minimize the total cost of the enhancement. Later in the program this is known as a "Loss prevention" calculation.

5.) Go to the "Strategy" tab on the left facet of the program.

Press "Calculate" to populate the lists with information

This is not going to paintings until you've got a minimum of one fail stacking merchandise and one equipment item The lists have spacers between them so you can exchange how a lot area they soak up

The left-most checklist is a listing of fail stacks and tool that may tell you what you will have to optimally do on a undeniable fail stack This calculation is in accordance with gain now not on loss so bear in mind that upper failstacks will yield extra attainable silver. Higher priority improvements should be value extra at higher fail stacks however if you are on the level where you're bearing in mind your highest precedence improvements selected your stack correctly.

Clicking an inventory merchandise will populate the 2 lists at the proper. The most sensible checklist is a wreck down of fail stacking equipment. The backside record is a break down of fail improving tools.

Cost is according to possible gain Loss prevention is a measure of fail stack optimality Average choice of fails is starting at the current fail stack Success self belief is the chance of accomplishing an enhancement at the current fail stack after tying "Avg num Fails" times Differential is the variation in attainable silver of the best equipment in this fail stack 6.) Press the "Open Guide Overlay" button at the backside of the "Strategy" tab

This will bring up a small window that will walk you by way of what to do step by step. You will have to have at least one alt registered to do this The FS spinbox has the current fail stack at the alt displayed in the combo box under it Use the combination box to change alts "Stay on Alt" will filter out selections for the chosen alt only "Follow Track" will auto-accept the best determination for the piece of drugs you just tried The listing on the left will populate with different possible choices for reinforcing. They are looked after such that the determination that may web you essentially the most silver are displayed first. Be careful, that is grasping. The varieties of decisions that display up are both thought to be optimal through the "Strategy" tab or they're first rate possible choices. Alternatives can have a step that can say "Consider X". All the choices will have to be viable but it's as much as you to pick which you think is perfect. Remember to control your alts and Naderr's band. For instance, perhaps don't refill all ur alts with 35 stacks and then fail TRI. You will desire a black smiths book then. The decisions believe: Fail stacking from any stage Apply advice of valks Using Naderrs Band Using fail stacks on alts Applying black smiths books Combinations of above The items at the listing have the target equipment within the "Instruction" column of the foundation item. An "Accept" button is next to them at the right. Expand Decisions with the carrot to the proper of the "Accept" button to peer the stairs fascinated about every enhancement. Once you find a choice you favor press the "Accept" button and observe the instructions. The program will robotically account of your alts, valks, naderrs band and the entirety else so long as you are following the directions in this system. An orange arrow will level to the step you might be lately on Once the condition has been met or the buttons beneath the record were pressed the step will eithre pogress or fail Once a suite is finished a inexperienced take a look at mark will show next to that step When a equipment merchandise has changed the record will repopulate with new choices

Future Plans

graphs Export to Excel Make UI extra betterer in some puts

How run code

If you might be undecided learn how to arrange the surroundings see the "Dependencies" phase underneath. Make positive the directory that houses the code is in python trail variable and run:

python.exe -m BDO_Enhancement_Tool


This project will depend on several libraries and a few libraries of my own. For this undertaking to work the utilities and QtCommon module assortment will have to be present. These are small versions of larger modules that I copied and cleaned for comfort.

See necessities.txt:

altgraph==0.17 long term==0.18.2 fuzzywuzzy==0.18.0 numpy==1.19.0 packaging==20.4 pefile==2019.4.18 pyparsing==2.4.7 PyQt5==5.15.0 PyQt5-sip==12.8.0 PyQtWebEngine==5.15.0 python-Levenshtein==0.12.0 pywin32-ctypes==0.2.0 six==1.15.0 urllib3==1.25.9 Versions

It is beneficial to install Anaconda python distribution 2.7 for this project as a result of that is how it was developed.

See: Downloads | Anaconda

> python --version Python 3.7.6 > python -m conda --version conda 4.8.3


To be transparent, I am not great at statistics so I highly encourage someone who know what they are doing to critique the strategies I am using to calculate. I element the mathematics right here in the hopes that someone might wreck it :)

Establishing Fail Stack Cost

The price of a fail is an important factor within the calculation as it establishes a curve of price that apparatus and opportunity value rely on.

The essence of a fail stack cost at any stage of fail stacks is the opportunity price of acquiring some other fail stack and the price of the present fail stack.

The opportunity cost pseudo code:

op_cost = black_stone_cost + (suc_rate * (last_cost + return_cost)) + (fail_rate * repair_cost)

Here, there is:

black_stone_cost : Cost of black stone in a single reinforce try suc_rate : Probability of luck enhancement last_cost : If this value serve as of a fail stack (F) at place x then that is F(x - 1) return_cost : Cost to go back the tools to the way it used to be before the success. This is either cleanse cost or the price of fabrics relating to equipment (rely on value magnificence member on this case) reapir_cost : This is the associated fee to revive the gear after a fail See -> simulate_FS

Since the opportunity value is solely the price for the chance to acquire a fail stack, we calculate the typical quantity of opportunities incurred earlier than a fail is completed. Now and hereafter the number of fails is calculated as the common selection of fails:

avg_num_fails = 1.0 / suc_rate

Since for fail stacking we are counting the number of successes sooner than a failure we've got:

avg_num_success = 1.0 / fail_rate

So the serve as (F) outlined as, price of gaining a fail stack, at fail stack place x :

F(x) = avg_num_success * op_cost F(x) = avg_num_success * (black_stone_cost + (suc_rate * (F(x-1) + return_cost)) + (fail_rate * repair_cost)) Calculating Enhancement Cost

The next step is to use the global fail stack cost curve to seek out the choice of fail stacks for each and every gear such that the price of bettering at that collection of fail stacks is minimized. Fail stacks get dear quickly, almost needlessly so, an strive at mitigating this factor is addressed subsequent.

The manner for calculating the price makes use of the same thought from earlier than the place a mean number alternatives is calculated and then used with chances to compute an general value. The distinction here's an various fails is calculated and the remainder is used as quite a lot of successes. These aren't integer values. The elementary pseudo code for the enhancement cost of a work of kit at a specific fail stack:

avg_num_attempts = 1.0 / suc_rate avg_num_fails = avg_num_attempts - 1 fails_cost = avg_num_fails * repair_cost total_cost = fails_cost + cum_fs_cost + (black_stone_cost * avg_num_attempts)

Here now we have:

avg_num_attempts : The moderate collection of attempts for one good fortune avg_num_fails : The moderate selection of makes an attempt BEFORE one good fortune fails_cost : The price of failure cum_fs_cost : Cumulative cost of fail stacking to place x total_cost : The value of the common selection of fails and the only luck

Notice here that the price of the fail stack is integrated within the success price. This could also be obtrusive, however it's there so the max fail stack is not selected each time. Here we've cumulative fail stack value compared to restore value.

What about equipment that drops an enhancement degree upon failure:

backtrack_start = lvl_map['TRI'] for i in range(0, 3): this_pos = backtrack_start + i prev_cost = min(total_cost[this_pos - 1]) new_avg_attempts = 1.0 / suc_rate[this_pos - 1] new_num_fails = new_avg_attempts - 1 new_fail_cost = repair_cost + prev_cost total_cost[this_pos] = (new_num_fails * new_fail_cost) + (black_stone_costs[this_pos] * new_avg_attempts) + cum_fs_cost

This is only a loop beginning at "TRI" which is "DUO" -> "TRI" that components within the earlier tools value upon failure. The value system is the got here as above

Here we've:

backtrack_start: An integer index the place we commence adding the previous value this_pos: Position in the list of enhancement levels counter prev_cost: Cost of bettering one degree below new_avg_attempts: The reasonable choice of makes an attempt for one success new_num_fails: The reasonable selection of attempts BEFORE one luck cum_fs_cost: Cumulative price of fail stacking to position x

Notice that this technique needs to be different for equipment and the like.

Calculating Enhancement Strategy

This wishes an replace. The previous explination does now not represent the code anymore.

Calculating Enhancement Probability

A handy guide a rough be aware on the "Strategy" tab in the backside proper record of improving gear there is a likelihood at the far end of the listing. This likelihood is the danger of no less than one luck in n trials, where n is the typical number or trails to success. This likelihood helps determine a reasonable amount of fail stacks as it gives the arrogance that attempting the average choice of trials will result in success.


Below are record definitions or descriptions of some of the information that this project uses.

*.log Files

Log information simply contain debug data that this system has output. Typically this report should no longer be altered via the user. These files must not be copied from one machine to any other or it might make debugging the applying more difficult. There isn't any maximum report size for those so if they get to special they can be deleted. That will have to not be a downside regardless that


As the name would recommend this report is a JSON string that comprises the techniques settings. They will also be safely edited with a textual content editor; be careful. If you really screwed up the settings document it might just be deleted. The next time the program runs it'll simply create a new settings report with default values. The settings document is auto stored when this system exits except it crashes. This can be revised later. The settings report may also be discovered in the person %APPDATA% path underneath a folder named after this program. A command line parameter will have to be used to provide the default loaded settings record in the long run. Below are a description of the fields:

Parameter Default Value Description fail_stackers [] List of gear items at the fail stacking record enhance_me [] List of drugs items on the enhancement listing r_fail_stackers [] List of drugs objects removed from the fail stacking record r_enhance_me [] List of substances gadgets removed from the enhancement list fail_stackers_count Dictionary of indexes pointing to fail stacking items that specifies their depend. If the worth is encapsulated in an inventory it's in the removed list. fs_exceptions Dictionary of fail stack indexes that corrispond to indexes of fail stack tools pieces cost_conc_w 2590000 Cost of Conc stone (Weapon) (silver) cost_conc_a 1470000 Cost of Conc stone (Armor) (silver) cost_bs_w 225000 Cost of Black Stone stone (Weapon) (silver) cost_bs_a 220000 Cost of Black Stone stone (Armor) (silver) cost_cron 2000000 Cost of cron stone (silver) cost_cleanse 100000 Cost to clease equipment from +15 to +14 cost_meme 1740000 Cost of Memory Fragment alts [[]] List of lists of size 3 [img path, title, fail stack degree ] valks [] List of Valks give a boost to items (values) quest_fs_inc 0 Bonus fail stacks from quests like the Bartali Adventure log central_market_tax_rate 0.65 Tax rate on central marketplace. This should almost definitely not be modified value_pack_p 0.3 Percentage of after tax price a Value Pack provides to sale stability is_value_pack True Is a Value Pack lively merch_ring 0.05 Percentage of after tax value a Rich Merchant Ring provides to sale balance is_merch_ring False Is a Rich Merchant Ring lively _version None Version data for alternate monitoring Gear Object

The tools object is a json string object that is encapsulated within the settings file.

Parameter Description title A reputation for the piece of drugs. price Cost of the bottom merchandise, or value of resetting an item after a fail strive. fail_dura_cost For repairable pieces that is the volume of sturdiness lost in failure. enhance_lvl String that denotes the level of enhancement, like "PRI" gear_type Corresponds to a report within the Data folder that describes it's enhancement ranges and possibilities. sale_balance A stability that is added to the value of an item when fail stacking on enhancement good fortune. For example sale price of TET minus worth of DUO if purchased at DUO.

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