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Rusty Rivets is a Canadian three-D CGI animated television sequence produced by Arc Productions and Spin Master Entertainment for Treehouse TV and Nickelodeon. Inspired through parts of the maker culture, it follows the adventures of a young inventor named Rusty and his staff of customized robots.Dino Island Needs Saving! In this clip from the sequence Rusty Rivets, Rusty and Ruby to find themselves on a mysterious island the place a volcano is about to erupt! Can they work in combination to save the island and the dinosaurs?Description. Ruby is Rusty's best feminine human pal (Botasaur is his perfect pal) who helps him on missions.It is her process to call the Bits into action when an issue arises. She at all times carries a pill computer with every of the robots' icons on it."Rusty Rivets" Rusty's Dino Island (TV Episode 2019) forged and workforce credits, including actors, actresses, administrators, writers and more.

Rusty Rivets: Dino Island Needs Saving! - Nick Jr. UK

Rusty Rivets is a Canadian 3-d CGI animated television collection produced via Arc Productions and Spin Master Entertainment for Treehouse TV and Nickelodeon. Inspired by way of elements of the maker tradition, it follows the adventures of a young inventor named Rusty and his staff of custom designed robots.. Twenty-six episodes for the first season have been confirmed. On May 24, 2017, it was renewed for a 2d season.X Dino Island Needs Saving! In this clip from the series Rusty Rivets, Rusty and Ruby find themselves on a mysterious island where a volcano is set to erupt! Can they paintings in combination to avoid wasting the island and the dinosaurs?Find Where To Watch Full Episodes Of Rusty Rivets. Watch TV Shows Online. Full Episodes, Reviews & News. Watch TV Shows Instantly.Rusty and Ruby construct a raptor of their very own to rescue Frankie Fritz on Dino Island! / When Brawny will get caught in quicksand, Rusty and Ruby wish to construct something super sturdy to pull him out. 4. Frankie's Super Shoes/Rusty's Rapid Ralph Return

Rusty Rivets: Dino Island Needs Saving! - Nick Jr. UK

Frankie's new dino-robot, Frankasaurus, tries to take over Dino Island by way of trapping all of Rusty's bots. Rusty and Ruby construct a brand new bot to help them rescue their pals.[Nickelodeon] 14."Rusty's Dino Island" Paul Brown Scott Gray March 2, 2020 [80] July 7, 2019 301 N/A 54a 2a "Rusty's Tiny Adventure" Paul Brown Becky Wangberg and Sarah Eisenberg March 3, 2020 [80] July 14, 2019 302 N/A 54b 2b "Rusty's Warm Winter Games" Paul Brown Lisa Akhurst and Marc Seal March 3, 2020 [80] July 14, 2019 302 N/A 55a 3a "Rusty's Raptor Race"Rusty Rivets. Sunny Day. Dora the Explorer. Rainbow Rangers. Max and Ruby. Shimmer and Shine. Canticos. Trulli Tales. Hey Duggee. Games; Videos; This video isn't to be had. Choose every other one to observe instead! Unlock extra unfastened episodes You are signed in with: Log Out; Birthday Club; Beyond the Backpack; Nickelodeon Parents;With Kyle Breitkopf, Ava Preston, Samuel Faraci, Aaliyah Cinello. An engineer named Rusty leads a crew of rescue robots. Together, they devise their way out of difficult situations.Rusty and Ruby discover an island where dinosaurs still exist, however they won't much longer unless they are able to prevent the island's volcano from erupting!

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Rusty Rivets

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Rusty RivetsGenreComedyActionScience fiction[1][2]Created byJoshua FisherMichael O'HareDeveloped viaAndy GuerdatDirected byBrad FergusonVoices ofKyle Harrison BreitkopfAva PrestonRob TinklerJulie LemieuxRon PardoTheme music composerPeter ZizzoCountry of beginningCanadaUnique languageEnglishNo. of seasons3No. of episodes78 (list of episodes)ProductionGovt producersRonnen HararyLaura ClunieProducersBart JennettDavid SharplesRunning time11 minutesProduction corporationsArc ProductionsJam Filled TorontoSpin Master EntertainmentDistributorSpin MasterViacomCBS Domestic Media NetworksReleaseAuthentic network Treehouse (Canada) Other networks Nickelodeon (U.S., 2016–2018) Nick Jr. (U.S., 2018–present)Picture format1080i (HDTV)Audio formatSurroundOriginal liberateNovember 8, 2016 –presentExternal linksWebsite

Rusty Rivets is a Canadian 3D CGI animated tv sequence produced by means of Arc Productions and Spin Master Entertainment for Treehouse TV and Nickelodeon.[3] Inspired through elements of the maker culture, it follows the adventures of a young inventor named Rusty and his crew of customized robots.[4][5]

The first season was once the remaining animated venture of Arc Productions ahead of it was absorbed into Jam Filled Toronto in August 2016.


A tender boy named Rusty Rivets uses his wisdom of engineering to repurpose device parts and create gadgets. He lives in the town of Sparkton Hills along with his friend Ruby Ramirez, a robotic tyrannosaurid named Botasaur, and a gaggle of smaller robots known as the Bits. The show highlights a variety of ideas related to elementary science and era.[6][7]

Rusty uses the routine catch word "modify, customize, Rustify" when personalizing innovations. Ruby adjustments the final word to "Rubify" when she does the alterations (only as soon as), and Liam adjustments the last word to "Liamify" when he does it (additionally handiest as soon as).


Main article: List of Rusty Rivets episodes SeasonSegmentsEpisodesAt the start airedFirst airedLast aired15226November 8, 2016December 15, 201724926January 9, 2018June 1, 201934926March 2, 2020May 8, 2020


Main Rusty Rivets (voiced by way of Kyle Harrison Breitkopf in US, and Theo Crabb-LaHei in UK) – An engineer. He has his personal cellular laboratory, which is based in a recycling yard. He is the great great grandson of Ruston Rivets IV, which Ruby guesses hearing the quantity, indicating he's Ruston Rivets VIII, although there are conflicting concepts in regards to the title of Ruston Rivets IV, since in Season 3, Rusty also called him Mortimer Rivets. Ruby Ramirez (voiced via Ava Preston in US, and Imogen Addicott in UK) – Rusty's highest pal who normally carries a pill computer that she makes use of to name the Bits into action. Ruby wears a red sash with white dots around her head, paying homage to Rosie the Riveter. Frankie Fritz (voiced by way of Jacob Skiba in US, and Fraser Martin in UK) - Frankie is Rusty and Ruby's rival, arch-enemy and neighbor, the usage of every opportunity he can to take a look at and upstage Rusty and be the most productive engineer in Sparkton Hills, even resorting to cheating to perform it. Frankford (voiced through Jeff Bergman) – Frankford is Frankie's robot skunk, easiest pal and counterpart to Bytes. He helps Frankie in his makes an attempt to put Rusty out of motion. Bytes (voiced through Robert Tinkler) – Rusty's robot canine, who communicates by barking. He in most cases does not participate in missions. Kittybot (voiced via Dee Bradley Baker) – Ruby's robotic cat, who communicates by means of meowing. She can sit down. Ray (voiced by way of Robert Tinkler) – A small, red-colored member of the Bits with a unmarried eye that functions as a flashlight. Whirly (voiced by means of Julie Lemieux) – A red Bit who resembles a hummingbird. She has a pair of wings and a propeller on her head. Crush (voiced by means of Julie Lemieux) – An orange Bit constructed from a clamp, who can overwhelm and hang small objects. Jack (voiced through Ron Pardo) – A blue, cube-shaped Bit who can lift and transport items the usage of his forklift-like hands. Botasaur (voiced via Robert Tinkler) – The tallest member of Rusty's crew, modeled after Tyrannosaurus rex. He is Rusty's sidekick. Botarilla (voiced through Andrew Jackson) – Rusty's robot gorilla, who can climb on trees and swing on vines. TigerBot (voiced by means of Nicki Burke) – Rusty's robotic tiger, who can climb along with her tiger claws. ElephantBot (voiced by Scott Jackson) – Rusty's robotic elephant, who can spray water on his trumpet.Recurring Liam (voiced via Samuel Faraci and Jonathan Michael Sturgess in US, and Endeavour Clutterbuck in UK and Canada) – A tender blonde haired boy who ceaselessly needs rescuing. Emily (voiced through Aaliyah Cinello in US, and Amelie Halls in UK) – A tender woman presented in Season 2, who is a pal of Liam. Ranger Anna (voiced by Leslie Mann in US, and Niki Felstead in UK) – A red haired animal fanatic in control of the Sparkton Hills Scouts which Rusty and Ruby are a part of. Chef Betty (in Season 1) and Teacher Betty (in Season 2 and three) (voiced by means of Jodi Benson) – A black haired culinary expert (Season 1) and a instructor at the faculty the place Rusty, Ruby, and Frankie go to (Season 2 and three). Voiced through Novie Edwards. Sammy Scoops (voiced by way of T.J.Miller in US, and Andy Turvey in UK) – An ice cream supplier. Samantha (aka Cream Queen and Cone Woman) (voiced via Nicole Sullivan) shares the nickname "Sammy". They pass into business in combination in "Captain Scoops" and are proven playing soccer in combination in "Rusty's Spaceship". Mr. Higgins (voiced through Seth Rogen in US, and Chris Garner in UK) – The first inventor in town who inspired Rusty. Officer Carl (voiced by way of Jeff Bennett in US, and Chris Garner in UK) – The best police officer in Sparkton Hills. Mrs. Rivets (voiced by means of Tara Strong in US, and Niki Felstead in UK) – Rusty's mom. Mrs. McCloud (voiced through Ashly Burch) - Liam's mom. (unverified.) Orbit (voiced by means of Sam Lerner) - Rusty's satellite tv for pc after he crashed into the bottom and Rusty launched him back into house. Frankasaurus (voiced by way of Ian Ho) - Frankie's former little robot dinosaur brother. Robo-Squirrel (voiced via Jason Sudeikis) – Rusty's robotic squirrel who can break things via taking nuts out. Jerry (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - Rusty's pet duck who can swim within the pond. He can stroll. (unverified.) Chompers (voiced by way of Andrew Sabiston) – Rusty's pet beaver who can wag with her beaver tail.


Rusty Rivets began development in past due 2014.[8] The idea was once initially pitched to Guru Studio, which in the end chose not to develop the show. The first season used to be produced based on Spin Master's policy to work on 1-2 tv techniques a yr.[9] It is Spin Master's 6th animated television challenge.[10] Twenty-six episodes have been confirmed.[11][12][13]

Most of the primary season's episodes had been animated by way of Arc Productions in Toronto, Ontario. The studio closed on August 2, 2016, however its property were sold to the Ottawa-based corporate Jam Filled Entertainment, and the trade reopened on August 22, 2016 as Jam Filled Toronto.[14]

On May 24, 2017, it was once renewed for a second season.[15] On May 22, 2018, it was once renewed for a third season.[16]


The collection was once announced at Nickelodeon's in advance presentation in New York City on March 2, 2016.[17] It was once at first slated to premiere in the United States on August 22, 2016,[18][19] but it surely was once driven back to November 8, 2016. The first season used to be going to air on Treehouse TV in Canada all through fall 2016,[20][21] however it was not on time until January 16, 2017.[22] Spin Master distributes the collection and its product line globally.[23] The series premiered on Nick Junior Israel on February 12, 2017.[24]

As of December 2018, new episodes moved to the Nick Jr. channel.

Home media

On June 11, 2016, the first episode was once launched to Amazon Video as a loose preview.[25] The same episode used to be launched to Nickelodeon's mobile platforms on June 20, 2016.[26][27]

Nickelodeon and Paramount Home Entertainment released the DVD of the display on July 31, 2018.


Spin Master has introduced that it is going to distribute a line of toys in response to the program. The corporate released them in fall 2017.[28]


In 2019, an author sued Spin Master, claiming Rusty Rivets infringe the copyrights of 20-year-old comedian book. Eventually Spin Master gained when the pass judgement on declared that the TV sequence and comedian book don't seem to be too similar.[29]


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