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Hello. Disclaimer: I don't own Henry Danger. WARNINGS: MOLESTATION. Summary: Ray and Henry have a father son roughly courting, but they didn't comprehend it until Gwen hurts Henry.Let's just say, Ray's anger and protecting nature overpowered his muffin-induced love.Uh oh, Captain Man is pregnant with some type of alien baby! How will Schwoz, Charlotte and Jasper figure this out whilst Henry is fighting crime?Catch extra H...Watch Watch Henry Danger - E 7 - S5E7 - RARE UK HD on Dailymotion. Henry Danger - S4 E13 - Captain Man-kini - May 12, 2018 Henry Danger 4X13 Henry Danger 5 12 2018 Henry DangerHenry Danger Force. 877,367 Followers · TV Show. Victorious. 7,400,026 Followers · TV Show. Pages Media TV & Movies TV Channel Nickelodeon Videos "Captain Mom" New Episode | Henry DangerKris Hart is the mum of Henry and Piper Hart, and wife of Jake Hart. She is portrayed through Kelly Sullivan.

Captain Man Is Pregnant!? 'Captain Mom' | Henry Danger

The latest tweets from @henrydangerSoap big name, Kelly Sullivan is making a comeback to Henry Danger. Sullivan who played the position of Connie Falconeri/Kate Howard on General Hospital returns to the function of Mrs. Siren Hart within the upcoming season Five of the primetime drama. Sullivan has seemed on the series on and off since 2014.Watch Henry Danger: Season 5 Captain Mom on DIRECTV When labor pains leave Captain Man helpless, Kid Danger and Piper step as much as take on a few slick grease thieves. pxvdtpa013It's only been a few months since Henry Danger mentioned goodbye to Nickelodeon in March 2020, but enthusiasts are already wishing for a comeback!. Starring Jace Norman, Riele Downs, Cooper Barnes, Sean Ryan Fox, Ella Anderson and Michael D. Cohen, the display aired on Nickelodeon for five seasons from 2014 till 2020.The superhero sequence followed a boy named Henry (AKA Kid Danger), who landed a job as a

Captain Man Is Pregnant!? 'Captain Mom' | Henry Danger

Watch Henry Danger - E 7 - S5E7 - video Dailymotion

Henry Danger is an American superhero comedy television sequence created via Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen that aired on Nickelodeon from July 26, 2014 to March 21, 2020. The series stars Jace Norman , Cooper Barnes, Riele Downs , Sean Ryan Fox, Ella Anderson , and Michael D. Cohen .13-year-old Henry Hart lands an element time process as Kid Danger, the sidekick-in-training to superhero Captain Man. After promising to keep his new id a secret, Henry should navigate a double life.Henry and Piper's mom in Henry Danger CodyCross The resolution to this crossword puzzle is eleven letters long and starts with S. Below you'll find the correct answer to Henry and Piper's mom in Henry Danger Crossword Clue, if you wish to have extra assist completing your crossword continue your navigation and check out our search serve as.Captain Mom is the twenty seventh episode of the fifth season of Henry Danger. It premiered on November 2, 2019 to an target audience of 0.77 million audience.Henry Danger is brought to you by the author of Game Shakers, Sam & Cat, iCarly, Victorious and Drake & Josh! Two years in the past Henry Hart landed his part-time "dream job" as Kid Danger, superhero sidekick to Captain Man. So much has changed since he popped his first super-bubble, however his venture nonetheless remains the same: protecting the voters of

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List of Henry Danger characters

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Henry Danger is an American comedy television series created via Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen that aired on Nickelodeon from July 26, 2014, to March 21, 2020. The series stars Jace Norman, Cooper Barnes, Riele Downs, Sean Ryan Fox, Ella Anderson, and Michael D. Cohen.

Included in this record are the characters that appear within the Henry Danger animated spinoff, The Adventures of Kid Danger in addition to its different spin-off Danger Force.


Main characters, from left to correct: Piper, Captain Man, Henry, Charlotte and Jasper (use cursor to identify) Henry Hart / Kid Danger

Henry Hart / Kid Danger[1] (Jace Norman) is a 13-year-old boy who turns into the sidekick of Captain Man. He is a median child with buddies and an after college activity as Captain Man's superhero sidekick. Thanks to his abilities and devices, Kid Danger has no downside serving to Captain Man on his missions. He will at all times be together with his buddies even if he has to move save the world. In "Hour of Power", Henry positive aspects super-fast reflexes all over the battle against Captain Man's former sidekick Drex. He received this power after he breathed the fumes of a overseas lizard and a black shag spider. Later, it was once named Hyper-Motility. In "Part 3: A New Hero", he loses his powers by touching the antivirus whilst using it to stop the virus and save the arena and the Internet. Henry quits his task within the episode, “The Beginning of the End.” In, “The Fate of Danger: Part 2”, Henry will get a new tremendous power, with the ability to create a green glowing pressure box around his frame that is in a position to repel items. This enabled him to fake Kid Danger's loss of life. In the same episode, Henry, Charlotte and Jasper go away Swellview, and combat crime within the next town over, Dystopia.

Ray Manchester / Captain Man

Ray Manchester / Captain Man[2] (Cooper Barnes) is a superhero who trains Henry. About 25 years in the past, Ray Manchester's scientist father Dr. Carl Manchester unintentionally pulled a lever on his Trans-Molecular Densitizer that Ray crashed into when riding his skateboard causing him to be indestructible and but can nonetheless feel some ache for a short time. Now he's a crime-fighting superhero. He wanted a sidekick, so he chooses Henry. Captain Man's Man-Cave is located beneath "Junk 'n' Stuff". Ray is proven to have a overwhelm on Mrs. Hart even if she is married, which every so often irritates Henry and he tries to power Ray to move do something else in the meanwhile. He owns the Man Copter and Man Van. Kale Culley portrays a younger version of him in "Back to the Danger: Part 2". In, “The Fate of Danger: Part 2”, Ray and Schowz open the Swellview Academy for the Gifted or S.W.A.G. for short, with Ray leading and coaching a tender crew of new superheroes.


Charlotte Page[3] (Riele Downs) is considered one of Henry's easiest friends. She is sarcastic, artful, and sensible. She is the "sass master" of the bunch, always there to snap everybody again to truth. She and Henry have been perfect friends for a very long time and therefore she is shut enough to him to inform it love it is. She is a big fan of Captain Man. In the fourth episode, Charlotte figures out Henry's secret and will get a role as an Information Assistant for Captain Man and Kid Danger. In, “The Fate of Danger: Part 2”, Charlotte leaves Swellview with Henry and Jasper to fight crime within the next the city over, Dystopia, appearing that she has grow to be a cyborg.

Jasper Dunlop

Jasper Dunlop[4] (Sean Ryan Fox) is one in every of Henry's perfect friends. He is filled with concepts, but most of them don't seem to be just right. He has been Henry's highest friend since preschool. He is a bucket collector who at all times embarrasses Henry and Charlotte. He additionally asks a large number of questions and is a big fan of Captain Man as smartly. In the episode "I Know Your Secret", Henry unearths to Jasper that he is Kid Danger, and is taken into the industry. In “The Fate of Danger: Part 1”, Jasper was once being able of Esperanto Sleep Fighting and likewise talking Spanish, whilst fighting the cavemen military. In, “The Fate of Danger: Part 2”, Jasper leaves Swellview with Henry and Charlotte to combat crime within the next the city over, Dystopia.

Piper Hart

Piper Hart[5] (Ella Anderson) is Henry's little sister who's keen on Captain Man. She and Henry are not that shut. Piper claims that she hates her existence and overreacts to various issues most commonly about social media. She is courageous or even competitive, however does have a softer facet. Piper could also be proven to be pissed off with Jasper's antics and turns out to have a big competition with him. In the episode Grave Danger, due to an accidental technicality on the DMV, Piper has her own driver's license regardless of being underage. She later came upon her brother's secret in part considered one of “Sister Twister” and screamed after seeing them grow to be into the heroes. She would play a part in turning into a member of the group after she helped Ray get his memory back (as he was about erase Piper's, however she by accident aimed the tool at him as an alternative), despite Henry's reluctance. In “A Tale of Two Pipers” it's printed that Piper will become a leader of a resistance team (towards cyborg children) in the future and that each Henry and Ray educated her. In "The Fate of Danger" Pt. 2, Piper is going to wait a college in Florida.


Schwoz Schwartz[3] (Michael D. Cohen) is Captain Man's worker and closest friend, who treated the equipment in the Man Cave as he used to be the one that built it. Ray and Schwoz's friendship used to be strained when Schwoz stole Ray's female friend. They ultimately made up when Henry convinced Ray to forgive Schwoz. Since then, Schwoz has come up with quite a lot of innovations to assist Captain Man and Kid Danger, though at times he can also be weird and humorous, which makes Henry and Ray furious. He every now and then refers to his sister as anyone who seems like a horse. Schwoz is highly intelligent with intensive knowledge in Engineering, Mechanics, Computer science and Medicine. He additionally had a shape-shifting android as his "girlfriend" and in “Grand Theft Otto”, it's published that Schwoz had cloned himself. He becomes a prime personality within the fifth season. In “The Fate of Danger: Part 2”, he and Ray open The Swellview Academy for the Gifted, or S.W.A.G. for brief, helping Ray teach a new workforce of Superheroes.



Gooch (Duncan Bravo) is the cashier at "Junk 'n' Stuff", who works with Captain Man. He alerts Captain Man of any risks in Swellview. He also has a young nephew named Benjy and a puppy carnivorous plant named Omar. His final look is in the first-season episode "Captain Jerk" as later episodes have his place handled by means of Jasper.

Mr. Hart / Jake

Mr. Hart[6] / Jake (Jeffrey Nicholas Brown)[Note 1] is Henry and Piper's father, who works as a challenge supervisor. He is described to have a loving, worrying, and infantile character. In the overall episodes, he learns that Henry is Kid Danger all the way through Drex's latest plot.

Mrs. Hart / Kris

Mrs. Hart[7] / Kris (Kelly Sullivan)[Note 1] is Henry and Piper's mom. She is oblivious to the fact that Captain Man has a weigh down on her. In the general episodes, she learns that Henry is Kid Danger throughout Drex's latest plot in addition to her knowledge that Ray likes her.

Miss Shapen

Miss Sharona Shapen[8] (Jill Benjamin) is Henry's historical past teacher at Swellview Junior High. She is known to invite Henry for advice on dating as she will be able to by no means get a successful date. In "Double Date Danger", it is published that Miss Shapen has a niece named Noelle who labored for Drill Finger.

In Danger Force, Miss Shapen was once fired from her instructing process at Swellview Junior High and is now operating for the town as a college inspector.

She is terribly lazy and reluctant to do what she is paid to do, and is far from being a "perfect" teacher, to the point that she can also be bribed into giving good marks (in the episode "My Phony Valentine") or can inspire scholars to cheat with a view to have excellent marks on a teacher analysis test.


Sidney (Joe Kaprielian) is a boy who stocks similar personality traits along with his perfect friend Oliver.


Toddler (Ben Giroux) is a dwarfism villain with a baby-motif. He was the first villain that Kid Danger faced with Captain Man. He was defeated upon falling into the bottomless ball pit and a bomb also falling in it.

In "Danger & Thunder," villains like Dr. Minyak and Nurse Cohort, Drill Finger, Jeff, Time Jerker, Van Del, and an unidentified alien girl were accumulated together in a base beneath Lake Swellview. An incognito Captain Man, Kid Danger, and Thundergirl found out that Dr. Minyak did not bring they all together. It used to be actually Toddler who survived upon being blasted to the center of the Earth and how he had to tunnel again to the outside and got here out of a sandbox. Toddler leads the villains in a plot to get revenge on Captain Man. In addition, he's tended to by Max Thunderman who's secretly making plans to obtain Dr. Minyak's latest weapon.

In "The Fate of Danger" Pt. 2, Toddler attends Kid Danger's memorial the place he is chained along side Dr. Minyak and Jack Frittleman.

Nurse Cohort

Nurse Cohort (Amber Bela Muse) is the female assistant of Dr. Minyak.

Dr. Minyak

Dr. Minyak (Mike Ostroki) is a mad scientist villain who's most likely Captain Man's nemesis.

Vice Mayor Willard

Vice Mayor Willard (Timothy Brennan) is the vice mayor of Swellview.

The episode "Budget Cuts" reveals that he has a niece named Cassie.

In "The Beginning of the End," Willard becomes the stepfather of Bose when he marries Bose's mother. He has Captain Man and Kid Danger watch over Bose in change that he'll put up a statue of them if they do a good activity.

In "The Fate of Danger" Pt. 2, Willard presides over Kid Danger's memorial. He also unveils two statues of Kid Danger. Willard mentioned that he deliberate to have a statue of Captain Man, but modified his mind.

Oliver Pook

Oliver Pook[9] (Matthew Zhang) is a odd and quirky boy. He is the most productive pal of Sydney and stocks a an identical interest in abnormal clothes.


Jeff (Ryan Grassmeyer) is a dimwitted petty criminal that frequently will get busted by way of Captain Man. In "The Whole Bilsky Family" it is revealed that his remaining title is Bilsky and he is Mitch's older brother. He appeared at the Hart-Bilsky family dinner at the time when Piper was once courting his younger brother Billy.

In "The Fate of Danger" Pt. 2, Jeff speaks at Kid Danger's memorial.


Mitch (Andrew Caldwell), recurrently referred to via his full identify Mitch Bilsky, is a college bully who picks on Henry and others. In "The Whole Bilsky Family", it is revealed that Jeff is his older brother.

Mary Gaperman / Mary

Mary Gaperman / Mary (Carrie E. Barrett / Carrie Barrett) is the co-anchor of Trent at KLVY. She will get pissed off at Trent when he interrupts or adjustments the topic on her while speaking on the news.

Trent Overunder / Trent

Trent Overunder / Trent (Winston Story) is the newsman on KLVY who studies on the activities in Swellview, which include Captain Man's heroic activities.


Drex (Tommy Walker) is Captain Man's original sidekick who he by no means set free of the Man Cave. This brought about Drex to head rogue and reason havoc resulting in Captain Man defeating him. Years later at Swellview Prison all over its "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" event, Drex was once paroled from jail for the reason that parole board chairman's daughter were given into the computer systems and made him eligible for parole. Drex started his revenge on Captain Man and even caused bother for Kid Danger. Thanks to his new powers, Kid Danger defeated Drex and he was once imprisoned in the Man Cave.

In "Back to the Danger," Drex is by chance freed when Vice-Mayor Willard had the ability to Swellview shut off for a brief time. Using Time Jerker's time device, Drex went again in time to forestall Ray from getting his powers. During the conflict, Drex were given exposed to the same approach and gained a reptilian left hand. Captain Man and Kid Danger have been ready to ship Drex to prehistoric times.

In the overall bunch of episodes, Drex befriended a tribe of cavemen the place he swayed them to his aspect. Once they iced over themselves and had been thawed out due to world warming, Drex began his revenge on Captain Man and Kid Danger by means of sending some cavemen to assault Henry at his space whilst he and two cavemen raided the Man Cave. During this time, his closing name is revealed to be Stinkelbaum. Obtaining the Memory Wiper tool whilst tricking Schwoz into making some changes, Drex plans to erase Swellview's memories of Captain Man. His plans were thwarted by means of Captain Man and Kid Danger because the drone that Jasper controls drops Drex off at Swellview Prison. After being blast with the omega weapon in “The Fate of Danger: Part 2”, he is not indestructible anymore, however he still has his left claw hand.

Notable guest stars


Nathan (Nathan Kress) seems in "Birthday Girl Down".


Shawn (Russell Westbrook) appears in "Too Much Game". He is a tender guy who Coach Bix gets to pose as an adolescent to be able to get on his basketball group and exchange Henry. Coach Bix holds a basketball match to see who will keep on his basketball group and who will pass. Despite Schwoz's items, Henry loses and Coach Bix makes Shawn the alternative for Henry for the approaching championship. Henry later learns from Shawn that Coach Bix had captured his labradoodle in order to get Shawn to cooperate. Upon being knowledgeable of this, Captain Man caged up Coach Bix and returned Shawn his labradoodle.


Chloe (Jade Pettyjohn) appears in "Henry the Man-Beast". She is a lady who is one among Henry's love interests. She later stars in the reality show "Kids in the Woods". Chloe's closing name is published to be Hartman.

Invisible Brad

Invisible Brad (voiced through Jake Farrow) seems in "Invisible Brad", Grave Danger and Visible Brad. He is a person who used to be unintentionally turned invisible.

Li'l Biggie

Li'l Biggie (Benjamin Flores, Jr.) seems in "The Beat Goes On".

Phoebe Thunderman / Thundergirl

Phoebe Thunderman (Kira Kosarin) appears in "Danger & Thunder." She involves Swellview to assist Captain Man and Kid Danger whilst her parents have taken Nora and Billy to a theme park. It was once mentioned in a discussion between Thundergirl and Captain Man that Thunderman is an previous friend of Captain Man.

Max Thunderman

Max Thunderman (Jack Griffo) appears in "Danger & Thunder." He is Phoebe's twin brother. Max goes to Swellview and will get himself into Toddler's gathering of villains with the intention to get with regards to Dr. Minyak's newest weapon.


Frankini (Frankie Grande) appears in "Live & Dangerous: Part 1", "Live & Dangerous: Part 2", "Captain Man-kini", and "Henry Danger: The Musical". He is an Internet celebrity; with the assistance of Goomer, he uses an unlawful system to keep an eye on Kid Danger and Captain Man and tries to have them unmask themselves when he reaches 10,000,000 viewers. His plot is thwarted due to a blackout. In "Captain Man-kini", Captain Man releases Frankini and Goomer into his custody in order that he can briefly transfer bodies with Frankini and get close enough to a plot by means of some other Internet famous person named GoBro. In "Henry Danger: The Musical", he units a curse over the town that makes everyone in Swellview sing and dance.


Goomer (Zoran Korach) appears in "Live & Dangerous: Part 1", "Live & Dangerous: Part 2", "Captain Man-kini", and "Henry Danger: The Musical" He is the henchman of Frankini. Goomer mentions to Kid Danger and Captain Man that he was once associated with Frankini's sister a very long time ago. In "Captain Man-kini", Captain Man releases Frankini and Goomer into his custody in order that he can quickly switch our bodies with Frankini and get shut sufficient to a plot by means of another Internet famous person named GoBro. Before Henry Danger used to be created, he appears in Sam & Cat where he was a combined martial artist and a chum of Dice.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg appears as himself in "Danger Games".

Shaun White

Shaun White appears as himself in "Toon in for Danger". He seems at the Hart circle of relatives house, the place the viewing birthday celebration of the brand new Kid Danger and Captain Man cartoon is being held.


Joey (Jerry Trainor) appears in "Thumb War". He is one of the Thumb Buddies. He mentions to Kid Danger and Captain Man that he has a sister who speaks with a lisp.


Arc (Owen Joyner) seems in "Knight & Danger".


Ciara (Daniella Perkins) seems in "Knight & Danger".


Ryker (Geno Segers) appears in "Knight & Danger". He is the former ruler of Astoria from every other truth who used to be unintentionally brought to Captain Man's truth through Bill Evil following his remaining try to take over Astoria. While studying that his magic doesn't paintings on this fact, Ryker tricked Captain Man and Kid Danger in helping him download guns and getting back to his international. His plans are thwarted when Arc and Ciara divulge his true motives.

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