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Marathi Numbers-1 To 100 [reljzekee741]. marazI AMk &aana 1 2 ek daona 6 7 saha saata eleven 12 Akra baara sixteen 17 saaoLa satara 21 22 ekvaIsa baavaIsa 26 27 savvaIsa saJan 18, 2021 - Marathi Number Topic Contain 1 to 100 Numbers In Beutifull Colour Format,Marathi Numbers Are In Pdf Format Easily For DownloadMarathi Numbers This page is set numbers in Marathi. Including the cardinal (counting) and ordinal (order) numbers. Each of which is utilized in a distinct situation.1 to 50 Numbers in Marathi१ते ५० अंकाचा सराव सर्वांना उपयोगी पडेल..Video from Uttam Ingale DeshingSo the Marathi Numbers are the numbers which can be used to calculate the Basic Math in Maharashtra. Most of the Students and peoples are used the Marathi numbers for his or her calculation. Basic math like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Divide. Marathi Number identify and From 01 to 100

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Marathi Numbers 1 To 100 Font 23 > DOWNLOAD 7286bcadf1 Kruti Dev 100 Bold FontKruti Dev 100 Bold Font.. Added Oct 03 2010 4,254 Downloads Rate it .. Send To A Friend Add to hope checklist upload comments 0 Comments Send To A Friend..English Number Marathi Pronunciation 1 १: एक: Ek 2 २: दोन: Don 3 ३: तीन: Tīn four ४: चार: Chār 5 ५: पाच: Pāch 6 ६: सहाA small choice of Marathi people also settled in British East Africa during the colonial generation. After the African Great Lakes nations of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika received independence from Britain, many of the South Asian population living there, including Marathi other people, migrated to the United Kingdom, or India.Several people in Maharashtra, particularly the Marathi speaking voters, are proud of their language, and frequently use the language at the number plate in their cars. RTO has been taking motion in opposition to the ones numbers and charging them fantastic since it isn't part of the protocol.

Marathi Number|name | From 1 To 100 | In Word PDf |Marathi

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marathi number names from 1-100 - 275449The Marathi no 1 to 20 sport app is create for the apply of numbers from 1 to twenty. Numbers may also be practiced through sport. You will practice writing numbers in words. मराठी संख्या १ ते २०In Marathi numbers from 1 to twenty are distinctive and subsequently wish to be memorized for my part. Some of the numbers from 21 and upward could be formed the use of a trend.Numbers in Marathi. How to depend in Marathi (मराठी), an Indo-Aryan language spoken mainly in the Indian state of Maharashtra. If any of the numbers are links, you'll pay attention a recording via clicking on them. If you can provide recordings, please touch me.१ ते १०० अंकवाचन | Marathi Numbers 1 to 100 | 1 TO One hundred in MARATHI | Ankolakh | १ ते १०० अंकओळखThis channel is Powered by means of Pixel Blaze Filmworks.If

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English Number Marathi Pronunciation 1 १ एक Ek 2 २ दोन Don 3 ३ तीन Tīn 4 ४ चार Chār 5 ५ पाच Pāch 6 ६ सहा Sahā 7 ७ सात Sāt 8 ८ आठ Āth 9 ९ नऊ Naū 10 १० दहा Dahā 11 ११ अकरा Akarā 12 १२ बारा। BARÃ 100 १०० शंभर Shambhar 1000 १,००० हजार Hazār 10000 १०,००० दहा हजार Dahā Hazār 100000 १,००,००० लाख Lākh 1000000 १०,००,००० दहा लाख Dahā Lāk 10000000 १,००,००,००० कोटी Kotī 100000000 १०,००,००,००० दहा कोटी Dahā Kotī 1000000000 १,००,००,००,००० अब्ज Abja 10000000000 १०,००,००,००,००० खर्व Kharva 100000000000 १,००,००,००,००,००० निखर्व Nikharva 1000000000000 १०,००,००,००,००,००० महापद्म Mahāpadma 10000000000000 १,००,००,००,००,००,००० शंकु Shanku 100000000000000 १०,००,००,००,००,००,००० जलधि Jaladhi 1000000000000000 १,००,००,००,००,००,००,००० अंत्य Antya 10000000000000000 १०,००,००,००,००,००,००,००० मध्य Madhya 100000000000000000 १,००,००,००,००,००,००,००,००० परार्ध Parārdha 1000000000000000000 १०,००,००,००,००,००,००,००,००० महा परार्ध Mahā Parārdha

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Marathi Children's Book: Marathi Numbers 1 To 100: Marathi Numbers With English Pronunciations (Marathi Edition): Sallavi, Gauri: 9781986878395: Books

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