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Secret World of Alex Mack, The - The Complete Series This is exactly what Nickelodeon, the first KIDS' network used to be all about! I did not apply the display whilst it was once on. I most effective saw this episode and that. Fortunately, now, with all the collection, I will be able to in spite of everything, and actually did, compensate for the whole thing that I had missed.Your continued donations stay Wikiquote running! The Secret World of Alex Mack The Secret World of Alex Mack is an American children's tv collection that aired on Nickelodeon from 1994 to 1998 and starred Larisa Oleynik as the identify persona who narrates the series.The Secret World of Alex Mack (TV Series 1994-1998) forged and crew credits, including actors, actresses, administrators, writers and more.The Secret World of Alex Mack is an American television sequence that ran on Nickelodeon from October 8, 1994, to January 15, 1998, changing Clarissa Explains It All at the SNICK line-up. It also aired on YTV in Canada, Channel 4 in the United Kingdom and NHK in Japan, and used to be a staple within the kids's weekday line-up for much of the mid-to-late 1990s on the ABC in Australia.The Secret World of Alex Mack - S01 E09 - Alex And Mom. TV Series Collection. 26:31. The Secret World of Alex Mack Season 2 Episode 19 - World Without Alex. Kickin' It. 24:49. The Secret World of Alex Mack S04E16 - Lies And Secrets. Dark Side Of The Ring. Trending. WandaVision. 1:11:50. WandaVision Episode 7 Reaction and Breakdown! MASSIVE

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If you are a '90s child, likelihood is that you remember The Secret World of Alex Mack and were obsessive about it. After all, it was Nickelodeon 's maximum watched show all over the peak of its reputation.What's new Vimeo Record: video messaging for teams Vimeo Create: fast and simple video-maker Get started without spending a dimeThe Secret World of Alex Mack S01 - Ep09 Alex and Mom HD Watch. Josephcarlot. 24:22. Secret World of Alex Mack, The - S2E19 - World Without Alex. Rogaga. 26:33. The Secret World of Alex Mack - S01 E09 - Alex And Mom. TV Series Collection. 24:25.Download Link (1-Hour Extended):!7pUijSIB!M6dbjIXRWb0zfDRlQsoJLmKPby6p5ohozhTHEsPn0gc

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Things You Didn't Know About The Secret Life Of Alex Mack. Things You Didn't Know About The Secret Life Of Alex Mack.The Secret World of Alex Mack was a live-action display which aired on Nickelodeon and told the tale of Alex Mack (Larisa Oleynik), a young woman who lives with her folks and older sister in a deliberate group owned by means of a chemical plant, where her oldsters work.The Secret World of Alex Mack used to be secretly one of the longer running collection in Nickelodeon historical past, logging 78 episodes over 4 seasons from 1994 to 1998. It simplest ended as a result of its famous person wanted...Part 1 of my Alex Mack humorous moments video all clips from season 1 and a pair of ni copyright supposed for leisure functions most effectivePart 2: Your Average Teen…With SUPER POWERS!Alex is a normal thirteen-year-old, dreading her first day of junior high school and seeking to handle the everyday...

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The Secret World of Alex Mack

The Secret World of Alex Mack is an American youngsters's tv series that aired on Nickelodeon from 1994 to 1998 and starred Larisa Oleynik because the identify character who narrates the sequence.

Opening Title[edit]

Alex Mack: (narrating the show's premise) Would you wanna grow up right here? I've to. I'm Alex Mack. I used to be simply every other average child until my first day of junior prime. One minute I'm strolling home, the following was a crash and I'm sopping wet in some bizarre chemical. And since then... not anything's been the same. My highest friend Ray thinks it is cool, and my sister Annie thinks I'm a science project. I can't let someone else find out, not even my parents. I know the chemical plant needs to seek out me and switch me into some experiment. But you understand something? I assume I'm now not so average any longer.

Season 1[edit]

The Accident[edit] Alex Mack: (miserably) Let's move house. Ray Alvarado: No can do. Band try-outs. Alex: Band try-outs?! You're gonna sign up for the band? Ray: I have to try. You know my dad. The Alvarados have a historical past of taking part in within the college band. I will be able to't damage that custom. Besides (grins slyly) possibly I'll meet some women. Alex: Well, I'm a girl.Ray: Girl-type girls, Alex. Alex: Oh. (seems away) Girl-type ladies.(Annie enters the garage as Alex is trying to clean the chemicals off her pores and skin) Annie Mack: Wow. Tough first day? Alex Mack: (fretfully) Hey, Annie. I used to be coming home from faculty when this plant truck swerved, nearly hitting me, and crashed (claps her arms) BAM! Right into a hydrant! Then this barrel of gold stuff spilled far and wide me. Annie: Hmm... You're not artful enough to make this up. Alex: And just now, with out even doing anything (hesitates) I feel I grew to become at the saw and the electric teach set. Annie: What?!Annie Mack: I am getting the sensation that this was once no longer some minor accident. Those plant safety guys are in the market, so this has got to be one thing large! Alex Mack: It wasn't my fault! Ray Alvarado: They'll blame you! Adults always do. Annie: He's right.(Alex and Annie are getting ready for bed) Alex Mack: I'm truly fearful, Annie. The plant would possibly not stop until they in finding me. Annie Mack: Between my brains and your powers, that would possibly not be too simple. Everything has modified, Alex. You have been just this reasonable kid, heading for this life of inconsequence and tedium, and now take a look at you. Alex: (cheering up) I will inform you one thing. My second day of Junior High is going to be a lot different from my first.(Danielle sits in her limosine as all the lighting in Paradise Valley flash out of control due to Alex) Danielle Atron: Have a just right night time's sleep, child, 'reason you will not have 'em any more. You slipped thru my fingers for now, however the following day is some other day.Hoop War[edit] Vince Carter: Miss Atron, it is a minor detail. We will to find the child. Danielle Atron: I cannot be implicated in the process. Vince: It has nothing to do with you. You can't cloud your thoughts with mundane problems like, some kid who is sprayed with just a little bit of a chemical. Danielle: Just a little bit of chemical? That's not what that truck driving force stated. Vince: Well, Dave tends to... exaggerate. Danielle: We shouldn't have a problem? Vince: We shouldn't have an issue. Danielle: I do not wish to learn about this kid. Vince: What kid? Danielle: Thank you, Vince.Shock Value[edit] Vince Carter: ...We're going to Atron Junior High disguised as janitors. Once we infiltrate the premises, we'll go on watch to find the kid. Dave Watt: To be honest, I have no idea the first thing about being a janitor, Vince. Vince: (irritated) Well you obviously did not know the rest about being a truck driving force however that did not forestall you, did it? Dave: That’s true. OK, I’ll take a shot. Vince: (grabs Dave’s shirt collar and pulls him in) This isn’t an issue of choice, Dave. Dave: What does a janitor do? Vince: It doesn’t matter! Once we get there just keep your eyes open for one thing peculiar. Any display of odd behavior or power. This child that we're searching for might be able to hang the secrets and techniques to our long run in the world! Dave: Wow… I didn’t know being a janitor was such an exhilarating activity!The Videotape[edit] (alarms are blaring all over the Plant) Dave Watt: (cowering in the back of a desk) It's a meltdown! It's a meltdown! Vince Carter: Calm down, Dave! This is a chemical plant, not a nuclear reactor!School Dance[edit] Science Fair[edit] (A GC-161 alarm has long gone off within the chemical plant) Danielle Atron: We've come complete circle, Vince. Kid came again to us. Vince Carter: Obviously a desperate cry for help, Miss Atron. Danielle: Once we now have made a favorable ID, how can we proceed? Vince: Well, it may well be demanding for his circle of relatives. But there are two tactics to manner them as a way to make sure their cooperation. One: kindness. Two: cash. Danielle: I find the latter normally top-of-the-line.False Alarms[edit] The Feud[edit] Alex and Mom[edit] Cold Day in Paradise Valley[edit] Annie Bails[edit] The Solo[edit] Road Trip[edit]

Season 2[edit]

The Journal[edit] Double Bogey[edit] New Kid in Town[edit] The Secret[edit] Suspect[edit] Pressure[edit] The Secret World of Ray Alvarado[edit] Rat Trap[edit] The Gift[edit] Ray Goes to Washington[edit] Trophy Case[edit] On the Rocks[edit] Saturn[edit] Mack TV[edit] (Alex is taking pictures her video access for the school contest along with her grandmother Abigail and Robyn) Alex: (narrating) Welcome to "Black and White World" with Robyn Russo and Abigail Hoffman, two individuals who see the arena in somewhat different ways. Abigail: Hello. We're right here on a stupendous day in Danielle Atron Park. It's a wonderful green park, a place to play, a place to make pals... a place to chill out. Lovely, isn't it? Robyn: Lovely? I see killer bees. I see pollen. And ragweed. I see the hot, toxic deadly solar, uninteresting during the hole within the ozone, slowly killing us. Roasting, like a pig on a spit. And these people are supposedly having amusing? Abigail: What a abnormal, but intriguing younger woman you are.The Party[edit] Annie: (about to leave) Don't smash the house, okay? Alex: Come on, Annie. I'm just having a friend over to observe some videos. Can't you ever accept as true with me? Besides, when have I ever destroyed the home? Annie: There's a first time for everything.Carnival[edit] Local Hero[edit] World Without Alex[edit] Danielle Atron: Eighteen months we have now been looking for that kid. That kid wouldn't have been operating free for eighteen hours. If I'd been in a position to experiment on that kid, I'd have a Nobel Prize via now. I'd have... 1000000000000 dollar patent through now. I'd be running for governor by now. But as an alternative, what have I were given? An ulcer! And I really like highly spiced meals.Nerve[edit] Busted[edit]

Season 3[edit]

The Other Side: Part 1[edit] Alex: I imply, I'm fourteen, Annie. It's time for me to are living my life. I need my very own comedian book. Annie: Would you stay completely still, please? Alex: Sorry. I'm unwell of being your guinea pig, Annie. Annie: Uh-huh. Look, simply keep quiet and do what you might be advised, ok? Lab animals are such a lot more straightforward: talking, questioning. Alex: You never even concentrate, do you, once I communicate to you? Annie: Huh, what'd you assert?The Other Side: Part 2[edit] Working[edit] Operation: Breakout[edit] Images[edit] Big Ray[edit] New World Order[edit] Bubbling Over[edit] Muckracker[edit] Bad Girl[edit] The Understudy[edit] Mystery Man[edit] Barbara Mack: Sometimes in life, my darling, a little bit mystery is a superb thing.Alex Mack: I assume I will have a pair of secrets and techniques.Alex Mack: Sometimes it's good to be now not so fashionable.Chemistry[edit] A Room of Her Own[edit] Spivey[edit] Woman of the Year[edit] Twelve and a Half[edit] The Test[edit] The Creeper[edit] Triangle[edit] Friends Like That[edit] Lars Fredrickson: Miss Atron, I think I will have to admit to you that... befriending people isn't one of my uh... specialties. Uh, the issue is that... I don't like... them. Danielle Atron: Who do not you favor? Lars: People. In general. Danielle: So get your self a canine.BMX[edit] Nightmare in Paradise[edit]

Season 4[edit]

Cheers[edit] Driving[edit] Green Day[edit] Camping[edit] Ashley[edit] Oscar[edit] [edit] The Switch[edit] The Storm[edit] Leaving[edit] Senora Garcia[edit] The Doctor[edit] The Band[edit] Things Change[edit] The Return[edit] Friendly Fire[edit] Lies and Secrets[edit] Without Feathers[edit] Kenneth: I know, people have mentioned it prior to, I'm a bizarre human being. I do know that. But let me let you know why. See most people, they don't care about what they do. They would not have any satisfaction in their paintings. I'm now not like that. I do not care if I'm mowing yards or slinging pepper or being an auto mechanic. I paintings each and every table like that's what I'm gonna be remembered for, for the remainder of my life. That's my art. If that makes me other from folks or if that makes me odd then, so be it.24 Hours[edit] (Ray is telling Louis in regards to the giant marvel for Alex) Louis: Ray, what makes you assume I would imagine one thing this loopy? Ray: I'm telling you, it is true. Louis: I'm no longer purchasing it. If something this... ridiculous and wonderful happened to Alex, and it was this big secret and the whole lot, why would you inform me? Keep in thoughts I used to be voted "Ninth-Grader Most Likely To Betray His Country. Ray: Yeah. I instructed you 'purpose we are gonna need your assist.

(Alex thinks that the entirety within the prank they are enjoying on her is real, although it looks like she is in The Twilight Zone).

Paradise Lost[edit] Paradise Regained[edit] (Alex is held within a quarantine tube, with Danielle observing her) Danielle Atron: Well, you've had somewhat a formative years due to me, now have not you. Let's see what you'll be able to do. (Alex tries to make use of her powers to escape, but is not able to) You are magnificent, you really are. But I've gotta tell you, your timing is so bad. One extra day and I do not have given you every other concept. Alex Mack: (angrily) I want you to grasp I hate you. Danielle: Aww, no you do not. You just suppose you do. Alex: Why are you the sort of selfish, grasping, horrible particular person? Don't you care about anybody but yourself? Danielle: Don't you learn the newspapers, young lady? America is extremely joyful to have GC-161 getting into their lives, and is America egocentric? No! And besides, even supposing I did tell them that the product had a couple of unwanted effects, they would not care. Alex: There's so much of people who learn about me! My pals, my sister! And if anything occurs to me, they are gonna realize it's you. Danielle: Yeah... But you didn't tell anybody concerning the coincidence, now did you? Because if you had, I'm certain I would were stopped a very long time ago, but you did not. I guess you and your sister had your own egocentric reasons for retaining it to your self. Alex: I wish I had advised them.(Alex arrives to meet up with her captured oldsters) George Mack: Do you realize what is going on right here, Alex? What does Danielle need with you? Alex Mack: I suppose I'd better let you know guys something. You know that truck driver, Dave, and he advised that a couple years in the past there used to be a GC-161 coincidence and some child got doused with the chemical? George: Yeah.Alex: Well, that is true however he didn't tell you that... that child used to be me. George: What do you imply "it was you"? Alex: It came about on my first day of seventh grade. Annie made certain I used to be OK, healthwise. I simply have these unwanted effects. Barbara Mack: What kind of uncomfortable side effects? Alex: Like this. (fires some electrical energy) And this. (floats pen in mid air, then morphs herself, then reforms, a lot to her folks' surprise) George: Well, why did not you let us know? Alex: Because we thought for those who discovered, that you'd lose your activity and you'll tell Danielle and they'd come after me and minimize me up, I don't know. We simply concept it was once absolute best. Barbara: You concept it was perfect not to tell us? You concept it was once better to take care of this all on your own? What have been you girls desirous about? Alex: I'm actually advantageous, Mom! I simply have those powers! Barbara: (remorseful) We will have to be the most oblivious oldsters at the face of the Earth. Alex: No, it was not anything you did, I used to be just in point of fact cautious with them, you realize. George: Didn't we deliver you up with the understanding that it is advisable let us know anything, anytime? I just don't perceive, Alex we may have helped you, we could have been there for you. And I can have stopped Danielle a long time ago. Alex: I'm sorry Dad, however it in reality wasn't that dangerous. You most probably can't perceive this, however it used to be in reality sort of a laugh. George: Maybe it used to be Alex, but look at the place we are actually.(Alex confronts Dave) Alex Mack: You knew, did not you? You knew this entire time that it was once me, but you did not say anything because you knew I didn't want you to. Dave Watt: Yeah. Alex: Thanks. Dave: You're welcome. (Alex gives Dave a hug in gratitude)Alex Mack: So, are you still going to hang out with me even without the powers? Ray Alvarado: Yeah. I feel you're stuck with me.

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