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Meagan Monique Good (born August 8, 1981) is an American actress and fashion. Beginning her profession very early, Good has gave the impression in a large number of tv presentations, movies, and track movies. In 2011, Good featured in an ensemble cast of the a hit film model of Think Like a Man.She played Joanna Locasto, the lead persona at the NBC drama series Deception.Actress Meagan Good shed tears desirous about how essential Cousin Skeeter used to be to her profession as an actress. Meagan Good not too long ago sat down with "Nick Rewind" to talk about her performing career and her work as a kid actor on extensively in style Nickelodeon display, "Cousin Skeeter." See what Good had to say in addition to […]Meagan Good shares behind-the-scenes tales from Cousin Skeeter (just like the time she got pulled over by means of Shaquille O'Neal!) on this episode of Throw Back with Nickelodeonhosted via Anthony Padilla!Cousin Skeeter S02E18 Car WashSkeeter tells Nina (Meagan Good) that Bobby is not going to best lend a hand patch up her imperfect style display, however he will additionally get a stick insect to wait. Voice of Skeeter: Bill Bellamy. Bobby: Robert Ri'chard.

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Praying is another job that makes her really feel good inside of. No topic what, "I read my Bible," the Cousin Skeeter alum reveals of getting an constructive outlook on life. "And then [I] pay attention to a few...It's Thursday, and who doesn't love a good #TBT moment to relish the past? Throwback with Nickelodeon host Anthony Padilla sits down with Cousin Skeeter big name Meagan Good to chat about behind-the-scenes tales and rising up in front of the large display screen. That's not all that's incorporated in this interview although: Meagan reunites with the Skeeter Puppet after having been aside for 20 yearsNina Jones (portrayed through Meagan Good) - Nina is Bobby's very best buddy. She and Bobby have a crush on every different firstly of the display and later get started courting. She is a quick talker and Nicole's best pal. Vanessa Walker (portrayed by way of Angela Means) - Bobby's mom, a lawyer, is regularly pissed off by means of Skeeter just like Bobby is.It was a good time for us staring at at house and judging by means of a up to date interview with kid famous person became bonafide actress Meagan Good, it used to be a good looking enjoy to be performing in those presentations. Recently, Good sat down with "Nick Rewind" to speak about her performing profession and specifically her paintings on "Cousin Skeeter."

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The embarrassing "Cousin Skeeter" solutions the intriguing query: What would the Eighties NBC comedy "ALF" were like if its puppet have been a jive-talker with a 'tude?Meagan Good, 38, and husband DeVon Franklin, 41, not too long ago visited The Dr. Oz show to open about their marriage, their religion… 09.16.19 Meagan Good Says She's Prepping Her Body To…Robert Ri'chard Rondell Sheridan Meagan Good (1998-2001) Bobby's existence radically adjustments when Cousin Skeeter moves in.Meagan Good is this type of dimepiece its no longer even humorous. She was 17 on Cousin Skeeter and already super-hot. She right away began defending the show's honor after its cancellation by way of giving the Famous Jett Jackson a vintage case of the tent within the pants for a 12 months.Meagan Good as Nina in Cousin Skeeter.. Meagan Monique Good (born August 8, 1981) is an American movie and tv actress and coffee film producer. Beginning her career at the age of four, Good has seemed in a lot of ads, tv shows, function films, and song videos.

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Cousin Skeeter

Jump to navigation Jump to search Cousin SkeeterCreated byPhil BeaumanAlonzo BrownBrian RobbinsStarringRobert Ri'chardRondell SheridanMeagan GoodAngela MeansBill Bellamy as the voice of SkeeterNation of originUnited StatesOriginal languageEnglishNo. of seasons3No. of episodes52 (record of episodes)ProductionExecutive producersBrian RobbinsMike TollinJoe DavolaBrad KaayaJerry PerzigianCamera setupFilm; Single-cameraRunning time24 minutesProduction companiesTollin/Robbins ProductionsNickelodeon ProductionsReleaseOriginal networkNickelodeonPicture formatNTSC (480i)Audio formatStereoOriginal unlockSeptember 1, 1998 –May 19, 2001ChronologyRelated displaysKenan & Kel

Cousin Skeeter is an American children's sitcom, that firstly aired on Nickelodeon from 1998 to 2001. It starred Robert Ri'chard as Bobby, a young boy whose lifestyles modified when his abnormal cousin Skeeter came to are living along with his family. With Skeeter's help, Bobby learns life lessons and tackles the ups and downs of growing up. The show additionally integrated Meagan Good as Bobby's pal Nina, Rondell Sheridan as Bobby's father Andre, and Angela Means as Bobby's mother Vanessa. Skeeter is portrayed by a hand puppet with Bill Bellamy offering his voice,[1] and Drew Massey appearing the puppetry, assisted via Alice Dinnean.[1] Within the show, Skeeter is treated like an ordinary human and no point out of him being a puppet is made. Although the series used to be shot in a single-camera format, the display used fun observe. A hearsay was circulated on-line that the display's run ended after slime was dumped at the puppet throughout a taping of Figure It Out, completely staining it. This is untrue, because the puppet's appearance on Figure It Out was once in 1998, 3 years previous to cancellation.

The display's theme tune is a parody of 702's 1996 hit "Steelo", written via Missy Elliott.


Cousin Skeeter first aired on September 1, 1998 on Nickelodeon, sharing the 8–9 pm programming block with The Wild Thornberrys. Cousin Skeeter used to be one of the shows presently to the touch at the concept of multicultural subject matters in television around this time, with notable shows equivalent to The Brothers García originating around this time as effectively. The display focused totally on issues that many African Americans had been going through throughout this period of time, by presenting them in a comical manner by way of using Skeeter. Skeeter regularly reasons mischief, which is regularly balanced out by way of Bobby having to right kind the location.


Main article: List of Cousin Skeeter episodes SeasonEpisodesOriginally airedFirst airedLast aired120September 1, 1998April 1, 1999223August 17, 1999July 8, 200039January 14, 2001May 19, 2001


Main Skeeter (carried out by Drew Massey, voiced by means of Bill Bellamy) - Skeeter is a puppet whose lifestyles changed when he moved from Georgia to New York City to live with his cousin Bobby. He is a loud-mouthed, impulsive, and reckless girls' man, who spends every episode getting Bobby into hassle. Skeeter is also buddies with several notable celebrities, including Michael Jordan, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte (whose life he it appears stored), and Dennis Rodman. He's not simply angry, until anyone remarks on his extreme shortness, which reasons him to fly into a rage. The truth that he's a puppet is rarely stated at the sequence. Bobby Walker (portrayed via Robert Ri'chard) - Originally from Inglewood, California. Bobby is sensible and well-behaved. Often the victim of his cousin's mischief, Bobby frequently gets mad at Skeeter, but Bobby likes him nonetheless. André Walker (portrayed by way of Rondell Sheridan) - Bobby's father who's a music manufacturer. Nina Jones (portrayed through Meagan Good) - Nina is Bobby's very best buddy. She and Bobby have a weigh down on every different originally of the display and later get started courting. She is a quick talker and Nicole's highest good friend. Vanessa Walker (portrayed via Angela Means) - Bobby's mom, a attorney, is incessantly annoyed through Skeeter identical to Bobby is. She and Andre cannot watch for the boys to visit faculty, and the couple will do anything to get Skeeter and Bobby out of their hair.Supporting Nicole (voiced through Tisha Campbell-Martin) - A feminine puppet persona, Nicole has extra elegance and manners than Skeeter. She first seemed as a brand new student in the second one season's TV movie, "New Kids on the Planet". Nicole quickly become pals with Nina and they're like sisters. She is depicted as difficult, once short of to enroll in the highschool soccer team, and threatening to hurt the college bully if he harm Skeeter. Duke - Bobby's buddy Duke appeared in the first and 2nd seasons of the sequence. Geoff - One of Bobby's pals from faculty, Geoff all the time seems to be a bad role style for the men. Brenda (voiced by way of Lisa Lopes)



Cousin Skeeter gained combined evaluations. A creator from The Hollywood Reporter described the displays characters as "undeveloped" and "dependent on a one-liner approach".[2] Others observe that the contrast between Bobby and Skeeter is supposed to behave as a kind of function type for children, but the message is misplaced within the extraordinary conduct of Skeeter. Many viewers discovered it strange that the fact that Skeeter is a real puppet isn't stated by way of any other characters, which left them to marvel why he used to be even a puppet within the first place. Ray Richmond, a author for Variety, discovered the content borderline offensive, calling it an "a half-hour entrant in Nickelodeon’s primetime "Nickel-O-Zone" lineup" that sends "TVs view of black culture careening back to the Stone Age".[1] However, Rotten Tomatoes rated it as considered one of 5 1990s children's displays that helped "pave the way for black representation on TV", with the article bringing up the episode "The Bicycle Thief" which tackled the issue of police interacting with black youngsters.[3]


According to a Variety article from February 1999, Cousin Skeeter used to be "consistently ranked as the top-rated live-action series for the [Nickelodeon] network".[4]

Award and nominations 1999 Young Artist Award nominated for very best performance in a TV Drama or Comedy series - Leading Young Actor: Robert Ri'chard Outstanding Performance in a Youth or Children's Series/Special: Bill Bellamy 2000 Outstanding Youth or Children's Series/Special Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Children's Programs: Johnathan Winfrey Best Performance in a TV Comedy Series - Guest Starring Young Performer: Rachel Glenn Best Performance in a TV Comedy Series - Leading Young Actor: Robert Ri'chard 2001 Outstanding Youth or Children's Series/Special African American Achievement award for supporting actresses - Rissa JB Milhouse (episode 14) Best Performance in a TV Comedy Series - Leading Young Actor: Robert Ri'chard


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