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Patronus Analysis 013 Manx Cat Those with this Patronus are in most cases calm beneath force and just right in tricky scenarios. Nothing will section a conjurer of this Patronus which makes them excellent to have in your side when in bother. Another feature of witches/wizards with this patronus is ferocity.Magpies are in a position to sense coming near risk in no time, making them the very best Patronus! Manx Cat - The Manx is a quirky cat, bred to be a hunter. They are recognized to be excellent mousers and will also be dog-like, leading to the easiest "watch-cat"! They will defend their territory and their people fiercely, taking their cues from theirTonkinese cat. There are numerous cat family animals in the top twenty most well liked Patronus listing. Among those is the Tonkinese cat. This is a cross-breed of the popular Burmese and Siamese cats. It is understood for its playfulness, affection, and demand for attention.May 31, 2019 - Explore Chelsea Koechle-Wolters's board "PATRONUS DRAWING", followed by way of 230 other people on Pinterest. See more concepts about patronus, harry potter patronus, harry potter.Dolores Umbridge and Professor McGonagall each share the same cat shaped Patronus. Audiences know that McGonagall is an Animagus, a being who can take the form of an animal, and takes the form of a tabby cat. RELATED: Fantastic Beasts 2's Professor McGonagall Plot Hole Can't Be Fixed

What Does Your Patronus Say About Your Personality

Anonymous asked: Hey! Could you're making a Ravenclaw with Manx Cat patronus aesthetics? Thank you Originally posted by means of heartsnmagic. Manx Cats are fierce protectors over their house owners, and do the entirety they can to offer protection to them from hurt, this kind of cat will look for your reaction and use it to coordinate theirs.Manx Cat - The Manx is a quirky cat, bred to be a hunter. I simply took the Wizarding World quizzes (with a new e-mail/login) and got taken care of into Ravenclaw once more, but this time I had a bat as a patronus.Patronus Analysis 013 Manx Cat Those with this Patronus are typically calm beneath drive and excellent in tough scenarios. But just as each and every animal has its place, mythological or practical, in its courting to guy, every Patronus has its own unique strengths that may not be outwardly apparent.Patronus - Manx cat Hogwarts - Gryffindor Ilvermorny - Thunderbird Wand - Maple picket with a dragon heartstring core, nine ¾" and surprisingly swishy flexibility Though I actually bought a wand years ago from Alivan's, a 15" Crystallized Purpleheart with essence of phoenix ash. It "works well for exposing compassion and generosity.

What Does Your Patronus Say About Your Personality

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Those with this patronus have a robust understanding of how mortal they are and are ceaselessly power hungry and pushed. This affinity with existence and loss of life encourages those with this patronus to try for what they would like in existence. Those with the Black stallion patronus have a powerful self of self and know who they're and can stick with their agenda.The Manx cat (/ ˈ m æ ŋ ok s /, in earlier instances regularly spelled Manks) is a breed of home cat (Felis catus) originating at the Isle of Man, with a naturally occurring mutation that shortens the tail.Many Manx have a small stub of a tail, but Manx cats are perfect known as being solely tailless; that is the most distinguishing function of the breed, together with elongated hind legs andThe Manx is a rounded cat with a round head, round eyes, a roundness at the whisker pads, and a spherical rump. However, the ones with this patronus do tend to be flighty, fearful and are regularly on the back foot in war of words. Learn concerning the Himalayan cat together with physical and personality traits, historical past, and dwelling with one at home.Patronus - Manx Cat. The manx cat is a mysterious particular person in all facets, quickly catching the eye of the ones around them. While at the outside they are attempting to stay a snappy, far away angle, they are going to let their true self slip. In reality, they're funny and protective, and steadily the supply of laughter in a bunch of folks they are able to beYou may not know this, however MuggleNet has over 70 volunteers that help in making us the World's #1 Harry Potter web page. We work arduous in combination, from writing blogitorials and listicles, to organizing online and IRL events.We additionally, as you'll be able to believe, play laborious in combination. We all get along moderately well, and when one thing major hits the fandom - just like the Patronus quiz in any case turning into available on

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What your Patronus says about you

Five favourites from the highest ten

Most popular: dolphin

It’s a good thing that dolphins are the most typical Patronus form, because they’re friendly, sociable mammals! They live in pods, keep in touch in squeaks, whistles and clicks and are improbable playful creatures. If you have got a dolphin as a Patronus, perhaps it matches your own extroverted character? If that doesn’t sound such as you, possibly deep down you’re more outgoing than you idea…

Tonkinese cat

There are no fewer than six kinds of cat within the top twenty, however the person who got here in second to the dolphin was once the Tonkinese cat. It’s no real marvel that cats have been amongst the most typical Patronus varieties; in line with J.K. Rowling ‘it is same old for a Patronus to take the form of an animal regularly discovered in the caster’s local nation’. A Tonkinese cat Patronus may indicate that you just’re a curious and loving person. This breed delights in playing video games, in contrast to lazier cats, and may be very beneficiant with their affection.


Following the pussycats, the fox slinks into 5th place. Foxes are crafty, resourceful and fiercely intelligent – remind you of the rest? That’s right – we wouldn’t be stunned if some individuals of Slytherin area find themselves with a fox Patronus. Foxes also are highly adaptable and will live in many numerous habitats world wide. If deep down you’re channelling the fox, you’ll most probably have resilience in spades.

St Bernard

The sixth hottest Patronus is one of those dog. Like cats, there are moderately a few friendly canines within the top twenty, however the St Bernard comes out best dog. A steady large, the St Bernard reminds us a bit of of Rubeus Hagrid in nature. Apart from its dimension, this breed has develop into well known for acting seek and rescue, saving lives in the mountains. You’re prone to have bravery with a St Bernard as your Patronus, in addition to a big center – although you don’t wear it for your sleeve.


This prickly customer simply makes it into the top ten. Hedgehogs hibernate in cold climates, so if your Patronus takes this manner it might be that you just’d rather curl up under a blanket than take on the iciness sit back. Personality-wise, these critters might look lovable but they’ve were given a troublesome edge in terms of protecting themselves. Perhaps you could have hidden depths for your personality if this is your Patronus. One factor’s evidently though, we wouldn’t thoughts having this spiky Patronus on our side in opposition to a Dementor.

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A handful of rarities


A mystical form of Patronus is very uncommon, and the unicorn is among the rarest on our checklist. According to Newt Scamander, the unicorn ‘is a pure white, horned horse when absolutely grown’. They most often steer clear of human contact, so a unicorn Patronus would possibly indicate shyness in a character in addition to an aura. Although it doesn’t apply that a magical Patronus is more robust than some other, it will reflect an ‘peculiar persona’.

Snowy owl

Given their prominence in the wizarding global, you might assume that having an owl Patronus is lovely commonplace. However, they’re extraordinary and that is sponsored up by way of our statistics – the Snowy owl is one hundred and fifteenth maximum common. In truth the very best any owl comes on record is one hundred and fifth with the Scops owl. If you’re lucky sufficient to have a Snowy owl as your Patronus, chances are you'll well replicate its protective and fearless personality – it fiercely defends its nest, even towards wolves. No doubt Hedwig would were a Gryffindor!


118th on our list is the stag Patronus we associate so carefully with Harry, as well as his father, James Potter. Interestingly the doe sits subsequent to the stag on the list, nearly like they’re gazing over each and every other – no longer in contrast to James and Lily, and later... Snape and Harry. Often regarded as a protector, a stag Patronus may point out that you simply glance out for others, in addition to shine in management roles. Just like Harry, we’d feel protected along with his proud mum or dad as our Patronus.

Wood mouse

If you've a mouse as a Patronus we’re here to reassure you – they could also be small, however they're mighty! J.Okay. Rowling tells us that ‘one of the crucial well-known Patronuses of all time was a lowly mouse, which belonged to a mythical young wizard known as Illyius, who used it to carry off an assault from a military of Dementors single-handedly.’ As well as bravery, having this mouse Patronus may also trace at your initiative and intelligence. Wood mice mark their territory by striking gadgets in key places. Smart! At 87th down the record, this little mouse may be a relatively uncommon Patronus.


The albatross is the rarest Patronus on our listing; the only belonging to the bottom number of Wizarding World lovers. With the longest wingspan of any bird – as much as 11 feet – the albatross surfs the sea winds for hours, infrequently even needing to flap. If you could have produced an albatross Patronus, perhaps you might have a happy-go-lucky character and enjoy throwing warning to the wind. The Dementors would be not likely to get you down with this massive feathered good friend soaring in to save lots of the day.

The top twenty...

Dolphin Tonkinese Cat Manx Cat Nebelung Cat Fox St Bernard Dog Weasel Bassett Hound Black And White Cat Hedgehog Deerhound West Highland Terrier Siberian Cat Tortoiseshell Cat White Stallion White Mare White Swan Osprey Borzoi Ragdoll Cat

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