Prizes For Baby Shower Games Coed

Baby showers can tackle many forms, but when you'll be having games, you undoubtedly want to consider having some baby shower game prizes! The sky is truly the restrict, and on the end of the day, most of the people simply experience getting some a laugh prize!There are a few other ways you can set up diaper raffle prizes. Giveaway one ultimate diaper raffle prize. Choose one grand prize and feature 2-Three smaller prizes. If you're web hosting a coed baby shower come with a baby shower prize for guys and a baby shower prize for girls.Baby shower prizes for games. When purchasing a baby shower sport prize, you have no idea who will win, so stay the present impartial. A gift that everyone will like. You thus do not need to go for highly personalized gifts. Check out those cool baby shower prizes for games. Coffee mug gift. Great for wintry weather showers.Coed Baby Shower Game Prizes Duct Tape has been popular with males for a while, however now it is all of the rage with women & even youngsters! For coed baby showers Duct Tape comes in all kinds of prints now - a prize assured to be each entertaining & useful! Print out a few of these Duct Tape craft concepts to go with the prize for a real chuckle!18 Baby Shower Game Prizes Your Guests Will Be Fighting Over. Babble Editors. Disney Family Contributor. Editor's Note: Babble participates in associate commission techniques, including with Amazon, which means that that we receive a percentage of income from purchases you're making from the links in this page.

Best Diaper Raffle Prizes That Are - Mod Baby Showers

Shop Devices, Apparel, Books, Music & More. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders.Feb 12, 2021 - Easy and affordable ideas for baby shower prizes!. See extra concepts about baby shower prizes, baby shower, shower prizes.But some party-goers may want a bit coaxing to become involved. And that's the place the baby shower prizes come in. Reward winners with a small token of love as a thank-you for participating, or carry the stakes with a high-ticket reward item. Read on to find the most productive coed baby shower recreation prize ideas to suit each type of visitor.A good rule of thumb is to have between 4 to eight baby shower games or activities right through the shower. That method you're going to want no less than four prizes (one in keeping with recreation) however you will have to at all times plan for a minimum of a couple ties or second place winners.

Best Diaper Raffle Prizes That Are - Mod Baby Showers

17+ Unique baby shower prizes for every budget 2021

Since the parents-to-be booked a reception corridor for the birthday party (with a 4-hour slot) I had to carry my A-game(s). After researching, I found out superior baby shower games that could be played at a shower of any size, co-ed or no longer. Here are 10 fun games that may lend a hand other ring-leaders run the display.What prizes for baby shower games? The very best prizes for baby shower games are things that individuals if truth be told want. If you're looking for prizes for baby shower games coed adults might play, then I'd move with one thing common like present cards, connoisseur food, or one thing off this record of common present concepts.30 Baby Butts or Boobs Fun Baby Shower Game, Gender Neutral Boy or Girl, Fun Baby Shower Games Favors, Funny Activity Question at Reveal Bundle, For Kids, Mom, Dad, Women Men Coed Unisex Set 4.Eight out of five stars 592Here are 10 prizes for baby shower games that can (hopefully) have compatibility pretty much somebody. This publish contains affiliate links, this means that I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you're making a purchase order via a hyperlink. Tips for Giving Out Prizes at Your Baby ShowerNot precisely the consuming game your visitors are used to, but it is still super-fun so far as coed baby shower games go. What you wish to have: ice cubes, plastic young children How to play: Before the shower, drop tiny plastic babies (to be had at any birthday party retailer) inside of ice cube trays, fill with water, and freeze. When guests arrive, plop a baby cube into their beverage, allowing them to know that whoever's ice

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46 Fun Baby Shower Games and Activities With Prize Ideas

Are you taking a look for the most efficient baby shower games ever and switch it into a enjoyable festive party to remember for years to come? You are at the proper page! Check out the unique sport ideas below:

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Baby Shower Games For Girls

Child Song Game

Classic kids’s songs are sliced and diced, as guests try to guess what song that acquainted line is.

Playing the game:

Take random traces from several child songs and have visitors bet what music that line is from. The guests who correctly bet essentially the most songs wins.


Take strains from the center of a few recognizable (or now not!) children’s songs. For instance:

“I guess my money on a bob-tailed nag” (Camptown Races) “As I used to be strolling, that ribbon of highway” (This Land is Your Land) “Tea, a drink with jam and bread.” (Do-Re-Mi)


You too can play this recreation with nursery rhymes or fairy stories.

Suggested prizes:

Since this recreation is all about songs, award your winning guest with a CD or loose song obtain.

My thoughts:

This game is a brilliant accompaniment to a lullaby baby shower theme.

Decorate A Baby Bib Activity

Guests use their artistic talents to embellish this staple of a baby’s dresser.

About the job:

This job has shower visitors decorating a baby bib (or bibs). As guests arrive at the shower, each visitor writes a special message or draws an image on a bib. For the ones with a larger visitor record, many bibs are used. Once completed, the embellished bibs are introduced to the mother-to-be as her closing shower reward.

Game preparation:

You’ll need at least one white onesie, bib or baby t-shirt for this task. Provide non-toxic material markers or every other fabric applique. Have a bag or box waiting for wrapping this final shower present.


Baby t-shirts, onesies or every other baby item will even make a super canvas for this kid artwork!

My thoughts:

Will some of your guests be arriving late for the shower? If so, this can be a great job for guests to move the time whilst stragglers filter out into the shower a wee bit late. Simply have more bibs, onesies and baby T-shirts on hand!

Storytelling Game

So right here’s the tale – your guests will love enjoying this classic storytelling recreation!

There’s now not essentially a storybook ending whilst you play the sport. But don’t worry – that’s a part of the fun!

Playing the sport:

One visitor makes use of an introductory sentence to begin telling a tale. A conceivable first sentence might be “Once upon a time _____.” Subsequent guests give a contribution to the story one sentence at a time.

Guests will crack up with the hole line “Once upon a time, Rachel and Matt conceived a baby.” There shall be a variety of laughs to be had.


This recreation will also be performed by way of guests adding a unmarried word at a time or more than one sentences at a time.

My thoughts:

Women just love telling stories and inventing situations. Consider taking part in the storytelling game when website hosting girls-only shower get together.

Pregnant Belly Races

Is there a track big name in your midst? You’ll quickly to find out in case you have pregnant stomach races. Are men for your guest listing? Play this lively sport at your couples baby shower.

Baby Shower Games For Boys

Water Balloon Game

Groups check their parenting skills once they move around a baby – a water balloon baby!

Here’s an ideal outdoor game for a shiny and sunny day.

Playing the sport:

Divide shower attendees into teams of 2, and give each workforce a water balloon (believe it to be a new child!) Have groups move the balloon between them for as long as they are able to without losing it. The first team to go the ‘water balloon baby’ fifty instances wins the game.


This low-prep task calls for two provides; balloons and water. You’ll need to get ready as many water balloons as you will have pairs of visitors (total visitors divided by way of 2).


Instead of passing the balloon from side to side without transferring, have each visitor take one step back after every throw!

Suggested prizes:

Since this recreation is perfect played open air, provide your profitable crew with a summer-themed prize: mini sunscreens, drink mixes or gift certificates to a local ice cream shop are best possible.

My thoughts:

Shower actions such because the water balloon baby recreation are superb for younger visitor lists. Get your guests up and transferring round!

Cotton Ball Game

Everything is more fun blindfolded! Enjoy this timed game at your shower.

Guests will have fun competing on this sport – however not nearly as a lot enjoyable as the spectators!

Playing the sport:

The trick to this game is that the blindfolded guest can’t really feel the cotton balls! Blindfold visitors separately. Spread cotton balls across the flooring and feature the blindfolded guest attempt to scoop up as many cotton balls as conceivable. Scooped cotton balls are positioned in a bowl without the usage of their palms. Give every guest 20 seconds of scooping.


You’ll wish to have one blindfold, a bowl of cotton balls and a plastic salad spoon. That’s it!


Cotton balls may also be substituted with other small objects: small sweets, sweets, diaper pins or coins.

Suggested prizes:

Give your recreation winner a bag of cotton balls and Q-tips – in fact!

My ideas:

Color the cotton balls green and call them peas from the ‘peas within the pod’ theme. Or paint your cotton balls orange to suit the pumpkin patch theme.

Baby Shower Games For Large Groups


The spin on Pictionary will change into your guests into sculptors!

Is that a baby feeding? Or is it conception! You’ll want good sculpting talents to win.

Playing the game:

This sport is a spin on vintage Pictionary. Instead of using pencils and paper to attract footage, visitors will use Playdough to create sculptures.

Divide the guests into groups of 2. One visitor from each staff is shown the same slip of paper which tells which baby-related term must be sculpted. The different team member will have to bet which phrase is being carved from Play Dough. The first pair to shape and bet the proper solution wins the spherical. The first staff to win three rounds is that this game’s winner!


The hostess prepares slips of paper with the baby and pregnancy-related terms akin to a bottle, diaper, maternity clothing, and many others. One package deal of Playdough must be provided for every two member staff.


Spice the game up with mischievous vocabularies corresponding to conception, water breaking or breastfeeding.

Suggested prizes:

Award your sport winners with a ‘carved’ candle. These ‘carved’ candles may well be any shaped to look like an animal or object.

My ideas:

This ‘Playdough-tionary’ sport is definitely played by people of all ages. This makes it a great recreation when older guests are in attendance.

Feed The Baby Game

It’s time to feed the small children. But visitors will soon to find out this isn’t your reasonable type of feeding.

Caution: You’ll need to get the camera ready for this recreation!

Playing the sport:

Create 2-4 groups of 2 to compete on this recreation. Place a bib on one user from each and every staff. The other crew member stands behind the bib wearer and supplies the baby’s ‘fingers.’ The baby’s hands will use a spoon to feed the mouth of the other crew member. The first staff to complete feeding a jar of baby meals is the winner!


Gather one spoon and a baby food jar for each workforce. Players could get messy when taking part in the baby feeding race. Strategically positioned drop cloths on visitors and furniture will make for easy blank up.


Substitute baby food with marshmallows, Jell-O or pudding.

Suggested prizes:

Winners can ‘blank up’ by means of receiving any of these becoming prizes: hand cleaning soap, paper towels or handi-wipes. These prizes could also be used straight away!

My ideas:

A hostess can ham this game up via making contestants end up they haven’t cheated. Have visitors stick out their tongue to ensure they’re now not hiding uneaten baby food!

Diaper Writing Game

The guests make customized creations for the future baby all through the game. The mother will love the little fashion designer duds created by means of her friends and family! This is one large game!

Are your group of guests a fun and creative workforce, at all times having a look for ways in which they specific themselves? The sport shall we your visitors specific themselves by way of developing personalised diapers for the little arrival.

Playing the sport:

The hostess will distribute every visitor a diaper and an everlasting marker to every guest to personalize them by way of writing quick messages. The hostess can give adorable message samples to put in writing on them. Of direction, visitors can draw footage or symbols as a substitute of slogans. Once everyone has finished their masterpieces, every visitor is asked to present their diapers to the gang. Winning entries will also be chosen by means of the gang.

Game preparation:

The diaper writing recreation requires little preparation. The hostess will need one or two diapers for every of the visitors. Since parents is not going to want to retailer the diapers for long, we suggest Preemie diapers which can be utilized quickly after the baby’s delivery.

You’ll additionally want everlasting marker pens. Pens will also be shared by more than one guests, so you want no longer get one in step with guest. Having pens in many colours will upload to the game.

The hostess may need to give examples of slogans one can write on a diaper. Some examples come with:

Special supply! I pooped! Daddy’s flip This one stinks! I’ve slept for 12 hours, how about you! Supersized! Drawing a bull’s eye Suggested prizes:

Since we like having presents match the theme of the contest, you could need to give away a set of colorful markers. The gift will also be wrapped in white paper with loops and swirls coloured through the markers.

My ideas:

Your guests will love taking part in the diaper writing sport. It shall be entertaining to peer what slogans their fellow party-goers can come up with. A hostess might wish to be offering ideas for the less ingenious guests or ones having a mental block. But easiest of all, the mother will relive the shower each and every time she uses such a personalised creations!

Baby Block Game

Good spellers are rewarded with this simple recreation.

Playing the sport:

Give every workforce picket baby blocks. They will have to spell as many phrases from them as they are able to inside of a 2-minute time period. The staff that comes up with essentially the most phrases wins.

Teams are allowed to play this recreation Scrabble-style, the place phrases can start or end with letters of other phrases.


Divide your guests into groups of two or 3 (relying on what number of are in attendance.) Supply each team with 8 wooden baby blocks. Give the groups 2 minutes to create phrases from their blocks.


Have the teams create baby names from the blocks. The mother-to-be then chooses her favourite name.

Suggested prizes:

Give each and every successful workforce member a scratch-off lottery ticket. Maybe they’ll proceed their winning streak!

My ideas:

After enjoying the game, give the baby blocks to the mother-to-be.

PictionBaby Game

Played like Pictionary, the ‘baby sketches’ shower recreation has guests doodling and guessing

Sharpen your pencils. You’re about to play PictionBaby – a recreation inspired by way of the Pictionary board sport.

Playing the game:

Guests are put into groups of two. An index card with a baby-related phrase is passed around to at least one member of every workforce. This group member sketches whilst the other guesses the baby time period. All groups get started on the same time. The first team to wager the time period correctly wins that round.


Just write down baby or pregnancy-related phrases on separate index cards. These cards might be passed from staff to crew to suggest which baby term must be drawn.


Looking for different writing games? Check these out:

Word scrambles game Birthday playing cards for the future activity Memory tray sport Suggested prizes:

Award the winning visitor with a gorgeous pen set.

My thoughts:

This recreation is highest for older visitors.

Baby Gift Bingo

Gifts are steadily instances very predictable. Put your guests to the check with this spin on bingo.

Playing the game:

As the mother-to-be will get waiting to open the items, hand out clean bingo playing cards to guests. Have them fill within the squares with items they believe the mum would possibly receive as items (like receiving blankets, onesies or pacifiers.) As the honoree opens her gifts, guests mark off separately the pieces they’ve listed on their bingo cards.


Prepare blank bingo playing cards out of paper. We counsel a Four x Four grid.


Traditional bingo is always enjoyable. You can make your individual or in finding ready-made cards at celebration supply retail outlets.

Suggested prizes:

Award your profitable guest with a snack present basket. Fill a basket with artisan bread, cheese and crackers.

My thoughts:

Check out the common bingo prior to you play.

Dress Up Baby Game

Baby type gets a twist when visitors get dressed up a baby while taking part in this shower recreation.

Teams are armed with more than a few supplies to accomplish one project: designing baby garments!

Playing the game:

Divide the guests into teams. Give every crew material and provides to create unique baby clothes and accessories to dress up a baby doll.

Game preparation:

Gather a number of life-sized baby dolls, one for each and every workforce of designers. Equip every staff with material scraps, beads, equipment, clothier supplies, and scissors.

Give each staff a doll and designate 20 minutes for groups to dress the baby up of their baby models. Once all teams finish dressing their babies, the mother-to-be selects one doll as her favourite.

Suggested prizes:

Award every workforce with a fashion magazine like Glamor or In Style.

My ideas:

The more outlandish the fashion designer supplies, the more creative your guests shall be when dressing up their babies.

Provide teams with;

The better the provides, the extra fun you are going to have!

Baby Shower Games For Couples

Pass The Frozen Toy

Passing an object among friends hasn't ever been this shocking!

Winning this baby recreation will burr-ly be value it – and that’s why it’s the sort of fun shower game!

Playing the game:

Connect two frozen baby toys through a 4-foot piece of string. The toys are handed from guest to guest below their clothes!

Arrange visitors in a circle. The first visitor begins passing the frozen toys underneath her shirt. Once the toys have passed during the first visitor’s shirt, the toys are handed alongside to the second visitor the place she’ll do the similar.


Find two small, flat baby toys and kick back them in a deep freeze. Plastic keys or teething rings make highest toys. Connect the frozen toys together via a work of yarn or string about Four feet long.


You can also play this sport as a relay, the place two teams race to finish the frozen baby toy passing.

Suggested prizes:

Award all visitors or your successful crew with an ice cream treat!

My thoughts:

This sport thought is ideal for more youthful guests or couples. The sensible guests will cross closing in this game!

Crazy Diaper Changing Game

Changing diapers is simple unless you convert them with those crazy rules!

This sport is historically performed when every visitor adjustments a baby doll’s diaper. I've a new take on this vintage contest.

Playing the game:

Pair up the guests into groups of two. The left hand of one guest should paintings with the fitting hand of some other to modify diapers. The first two-person crew to complete the diaper converting wins!

Have each and every visitor put one hand at the back of their back (or tie their palms together) and time them as they change baby’s diaper.


You’ll want similar-sized baby dolls and diapers for as many groups which are enjoying.


Depending at the crowd, you'll be able to additionally play this sport with an ‘grownup’ baby – a keen guest or dad-to-be!

Suggested prizes:

Your profitable guests have simply mastered placing on undergarments. So award them with a present certificate to Victoria’s Secret.

My thoughts:

The ‘loopy diaper converting game’ is perfect for couples. Each couple can compete as a crew.

Teddy Bear Kiss

Best played with shut pals, the ‘teddy undergo kiss’ shower shifts gears from lovable to mad!

Playing the sport:

A teddy bear is passed round a circle, as each and every visitor has to kiss it. Easy sufficient, right? After this spherical is completed, announce to guests that they now should kiss the mother-to-be in the similar spot they kissed the teddy bear!


You’ll want a teddy bear and fun-loving visitors to play the recreation.


If the father-to-be is at the social gathering, he could do the kissing as guests recall the place they kissed the teddy bear.

Suggested prizes:

Great kisses call for fresh breath. Award each and every player with a pack mints, gum or Altoids.

My thoughts:

This recreation is highest performed with shut pals or couples. After all, does the mother-to-be desire a kiss on the lips from her outdated Aunt Millie?

Baby Shower Games For Men

Breastfeeding Challenge

Breastfeeding isn’t simply for the women anymore, a minimum of not with this hilarious recreation!

This sport is performed very similar to the ‘baby’s mouth bulls-eye game’ – excluding for men compete while dressed in nursing bras!

Playing the game:

2-4 males are recruited to play this recreation. Each person may have a helper. With the aid of the helper, each and every guy places on a nursing bra and fills each cup with a Zip-lock bag filled with water. Once all males have their cups ‘ready for racing’, the helpers poke holes in the water luggage as the men try to hit ‘baby mouth’ targets underneath. The first user to fill his jar wins!


Follow the directions from the baby’s mouth bulls-eye sport to make the ‘baby mouth’ objectives. You’ll additionally desire a nursing bra for each player; water crammed Zip-lock baggies and small pins. Fill every Ziplock baggie with two cups of water. Secure each bag with fastening cord to get a plump bag which won't leak water.


If nursing bras don't seem to be to be had, to find previous brassieres from a thrift store. Cut holes in the cups, and you’re ready to start out feeding small children!

Suggested prizes:

Give your winner a tube of breastfeeding ointment! Of path, they are able to leave it for the mom-to-be at the finish of the shower.

My ideas:

Do you've pictures of guys taking part in this crazy shower recreation? We’d love a user-submitted photo to display on this page. Just when your guys assume the end to humiliation is close to – inform them they’re about to be immortalized on Maggwire!

Outdoor Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Croquet

Being a excellent shot in croquet will have its privileges when this outdoor sport will get a makeover.

This isn’t the version of croquet your grandparents used to play!

Playing the game:

A croquet path is ready up within the backyard and conventional croquet rules observe. But being the primary to their your ball during the wicket (the wire hoop) will have particular privileges. This competitor can request another competitor perform a baby or pregnancy motion! So if Mary is the first to hit her ball through the wicket, she will request Suzie to as though she’s going through hard work! Players will love this twist, and the sport will get unusually competitive.


A hostess want only carry a croquet set and sufficient backyard to arrange a croquet direction.


A small prize may also be given to each and every participant if they are the first to hit a ball throughout the wicket. Tape the identify of the prize to each and every wicket.

Suggested prizes:

Ball-shaped candles will look just a little like croquet balls, making them an ideal prize for this sport.

My ideas:

Please notice that the sport is not recommended by the United States Croquet Association!

Baby Diaper Lawn Bowling

This crazy shower game is a take on two favourite lawn sports – garden bowling and bocce ball.

Lawn sports purists beware – this loopy take on a favourite past time might be a shower favorite.

Playing the sport:

Guests are each and every given a couple of disposable baby diapers. Using tape, each guest creates a ball from each of their two diapers. Each of the 2 ‘diaper balls’ is marked with the guest’s name.

The hostess throws a goal (a small ball) onto the garden. Each guest then throws their diaper balls as on the subject of the target as conceivable. The guest who’s diaper ball is closest to the objective gets the purpose. The hostess will set how many issues it's going to take to win.


The hostess need only download two diapers in keeping with visitor, tape and a small goal for the sport. I recommend a clear transport tape for securing the diaper right into a ball and the usage of a tennis ball as a target.


Mark a line in your lawn. Have visitors attempt to throw their diaper as with regards to the line as imaginable without going over.

Suggested prizes:

Since this game is highest played outdoor, give an outdoor refreshment as a prize. Nestea or Kool-Aid would be best.

My ideas:

If we had been throwing an out of doors baby shower, we’d have our guests play the baby diaper lawn bowling recreation.

Interactive Baby Shower Games

Two Truths And A Lie Game

Here’s something you’ll know for positive – this has grow to be a conventional ice breaking process.

Was your aunt Norma Jean once wrong for Jane Fonda? You’ll soon find out!

Playing the game:

This easy sport requires each guest to come up with three statements about herself; two true statements and one false. Guests reveal their feedback one at a time. The different guests must decide which of the 3 statements is fake. The visitor who accurately guesses the false statements wins!


Instruct visitors to come up with three statements about themselves. The extra fantastic the feedback, the easier. For instance:

I’ve swum with sharks I’ve gained ten speeding tickets previously year. I was an eighth-grade spelling champion.

Just wait and spot what crazy things you’ll know about other guests!


Have everybody make a choice two fibs and one reality.

Suggested prizes:

Give your winning visitor a Magic 8 ball!

My thoughts:

If visitors are tied at the end of the game, have the honoree be the tie breaker. Have a bet off with two pregnant mommy facts and one fib!

Baby Pictures Game

All your visitors have brought their baby picture, and now it’s time to wager who is who. Could that tiny baby be your narrow cousin Mary? There might be a variety of surprises when your visitors play the baby pictures game.

Playing the game:

The hostess features a request for baby footage in every invitation. As guests arrive on the shower, all baby footage are anonymously dropped into a large envelope.

This recreation can be carried out in several ways. This generally is a timed game the place all visitors are given five mins to wager the baby photo identities. Or the pics may also be on display and attendees guess the characters all the way through the development. This presents an ideal ice breaker for visitors!

Game preparation:

When writing the invitations, you’ll want to request each and every visitor carry their baby picture.

Suggested prizes:

Since this recreation options baby photos, give a picture body to the guest who as it should be guesses the most baby pics. You will want one piece of paper and a pencil according to guest, and a large envelope for visitors to deposit their baby photos.

My ideas:

This is a low-prep sport that is nonetheless enjoyable and entertaining. Remind your visitors to bring their photos once they return house!

Hilarious Baby Shower Games

Baby’s Mouth Bullseye Game

The guest with the most productive purpose will win the recreation. Will you hit the baby’s mouth bulls-eye?

The children are getting cranky. It’s time for a feeding!

Instructions: 2-6 visitors stand above ‘baby face’ goals. Each baby face has an open mouth creating a goal. Give each guest a baby bottle stuffed with water and 30 seconds to ‘feed the baby!’ The visitor who fills probably the most water into the mouth wins! Preparation:

This shower recreation requires a little more prep than maximum. You’ll need to in finding 2-6 baby food jars, the same quantity of baby bottles, poster board, markers, and scissors.

Sketch a baby face for each and every baby food jar – funny faces are preferred. Create each and every face with a hollow in the mouth just extensive sufficient to poke through the upper rim of a baby food jar. Place the plastic drop cloths across the taking part in space if taking part in indoors.


Try the waterless model of this recreation. Have guests drop jelly beans (or different small items) into the baby’s mouth. Give each visitor the same quantity of beans.

Suggested prizes:

Purchase a store brand reward from any Target retailer. Their entire line of retailer brand products each sport a target logo!

My ideas:

Are you internet hosting a coed baby shower? If so, take a look at the hilarious breastfeeding challenge for men sport! Is your crowd loopy sufficient for this contest?

Pin The Diaper On The Baby

If your visitor of honor is a superb game that loves a excellent chortle, believe enjoying this gag recreation at your shower.

Instructions: The sport is set up as “Pin the Diaper Pin at the Baby” (just like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”). You can continue to play a few rounds historically, but when the mother-to-be takes her turn (or any other fun-loving visitor), a marvel is in store. She gets sprayed with a dash of cold water! Preparation:

Prepare a game of “Pin the Diaper Pin on the Baby,” using tagboard and markers. Have paper diaper pins (or real in case you want) waiting with double stick tape on one aspect. Blindfold guests, and have a twig bottle filled with chilly water to hand. When the mother-to-be takes her turn, spin her round, have her walk straight and then spray her!

Suggested prizes:

This gag game calls for a gag present: check out your native Spencers Gifts or every other occasion store.


Have the father-to-be seem and spray the honoree!

My thoughts:

Games don’t must be frilly and cutesy. Have a good chortle with this humorous game.

Dress Dad Up Like A Baby

When the dad-to-be joins the ‘baby get dressed up’ shower sport, the entire visitor checklist will be laughing.

Instructions: Guests take turns performing crucial baby-related tasks; my twist is this: the father-to-be acts as the baby!

Take a digital picture of the expectant father immediately. If he doesn’t wish to be burped a sixth time, point out it is advisable ship his ‘baby image’ to his friends.


Just get dressed daddy up like a baby. You can use pieces like a bonnet, pacifier and baby blanket to begin.


A guest can dress up like a baby if the daddy can’t make it.

Suggested prizes:

Mini baby lotion or oil is a smart prize for the taking part shower guests. These mild products are a treat for any person’s pores and skin.

My ideas:

If the daddy-to-be joins in on the enjoyable, there gained’t be a dry eye in the home. Heavy laughing is assured!

‘How Many Licks’ Game

It’s a race to see which guest can devour a lollipop the fastest with this fun sport.

This game isn’t for dum dum, although your visitors might be licking them!

Instructions: We’ve all questioned what number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, but have any folks tried? It will put your guests to the test, studying who can get there fastest!

Give each and every guest a Tootsie Pop, a Dum Dum pop or any other lollipop. Have them start licking on the identical time and see who can get to complete their lolly the fastest. Remember, no biting!


A hostess want only get a lollipop for every guest.


Color the bottom of 1 Glamor and stick all lolly’s into the styrofoam. The visitor pulling the lolly with coloured bottom could be a winner.

Suggested prizes:

Candy and lollipops are the easiest prizes. Boutique candy retail outlets will raise a large multi-colored popsicle, making the ultimate prize.

My thoughts:

This sport may have everyone giggling. Getting to the center is more difficult than you assume! It will evoke guests’ early life reminiscences.

Pop A Balloon Game

Cover your ears and get ready to snicker. Your visitors will have a banging just right time with the ‘pop a balloon’ game.

These balloons are tricky to pop or even tougher to behave out!

Instructions: Give each and every guest a balloon, containing a small slip of paper within. Each guest should pop her balloon and act out the motion written at the small slip of paper within.

The highest section about this recreation? Helium crammed balloons are tricky to pop! Fill your balloon with helium and make your visitors paintings exhausting.


Write action phrases on small slips of paper. Try pregnancy-related actions like;

Delivering a baby Conceiving a baby Feeling the baby kick Changing a diaper

Place every slip of paper in a balloon and inflate with helium.


Will you have got an outdoor occasion? Hide your slips of paper in water balloons.

Suggested prizes:

Inside one balloon, put a slip studying winner. Give this successful guest a present certificate for espresso or another treat.

My thoughts:

Helium balloons are difficult to pop. Under-inflated helium balloons are even tougher to pop! Are you the type of playful hostess that would play such a trick to your guests?

Easy Baby Shower Games

Nursery Rhyme Charades

An superb baby shower is marked by way of enjoyable, laughter, and ingenuity. That’s why we love ‘nursery rhyme charades’ shower sport!

Imaginations can run wild when enjoying this recreation!

Instructions: The ‘nursery rhyme charades’ sport has each and every guest performing out a favorite nursery rhyme for the others to guess. Game preparation:

Find a e book of nursery rhyme books for charade ideas. Write nursery rhyme names on slips of paper for every guest to behave out.

Suggested prizes:

Hand a prize out to each visitor. After all, all of them participated, and everybody is declared a winner! An appropriate award could be dressmaker goodies or a bag of candy.

My thoughts:

Most any nursery rhyme will lend itself to simple and enjoyable play acting. This shower game is easiest for Jack and Jill and Dr. Seuss issues.

Memory Tray Game

The final memory check goes baby shower genre.

Instructions: Guests get one minute to have a look at a tray full of baby-themed pieces. After the minute is up, every guest will have to write down as many things as she recollects. The visitor who writes down the correct pieces wins. Preparation:

Prepare a tray full of baby-related pieces.

Baby meals Rattle Diaper pins Baby powder Baby fingernail clipper Q-Tips Cotton balls Small stuffed animal Baby shoes Bonnet Any other baby-related items you can think of

Give each guest a pencil and paper to write down as many items as she will take into account.


Have a selected visitor empty the contents of her handbag, and proceed with the unique regulations.

Suggested prizes:

Stick with the theme and give your winning guest a jar of combined nuts.

My thoughts:

Consider giving the mother-to-be the contents of the tray.

Character Guessing Game

The visitors change into a youngsters’s e-book persona as part of your shower. And that’s the place the fun starts.

The recreation can have visitors wondering if they are Bambi, Pinocchio or Mickey Mouse!

Instructions: Write the names of cool animated film characters, youngsters’s e-book characters or well-known individuals on note playing cards and connect to the again of each and every visitor. Guests ask others yes/no inquiries to try to which persona they might be. The first visitor to wager their id is the winner! Preparation:

The shower hostess writes the names of children’s characters or famous folks on observe playing cards. One card is connected to the again of every guest. The hostess will need to hide the mirrors for this recreation!


For a baby shower spin on this recreation, write down names of well-known mothers. Angelina Jolie, Goldie Hawn, and Hillary Clinton would make tremendous chances.

Suggested prizes:

Give the successful visitor a couple of film tickets.

My ideas:

This sport is definitely suited to the ‘a celebrity is born’ theme or any shower theme with children’s e-book characters.

Popular Baby Shower Games

Baby Song Musical Chairs

Which visitors will discover a seat when the track stops taking part in?

Instructions: Traditional musical chairs are performed, apart from the usage of baby-inspired music. Preparation:

Arrange chairs in a circle, having one not up to some guests/gamers are expected. Guests walk across the chairs to baby-themed music, and once the tune stops, the only visitor with out a chair is eradicated. This process is going on till one guest remains


Use tune from mother-to-be’s favorite band, or her favourite music.

Suggested prizes:

Choose the prize of your choice and wrap the prize in a ‘musical be aware’ themed wrapping paper.

My thoughts:

Looking for every other high-energy game? Try pregnant belly races.

Penny Ice Breaker Game

Guests get to understand each and every other with this fun ice-breaker turned job!

This ‘inexpensive’ task creates a wealth of great introductions.

Instructions: Before the shower, the hostess finds pairs two pennies minted in the similar year. Each guest arrives, they are given one penny from the pair of pennies. Once the shower starts, the mother-to-be pulls out the opposite penny from the penny pair. The consumer preserving the penny of the same yr introduces herself. The visitor can point out how she knows the mother-to-be or tell one thing attention-grabbing or juicy about your visitor of honor! Preparation:

You’ll want some pennies as you have visitors attending the shower. For instance, in case you’re anticipating ten guests, you'll have 20 pennies (2 units of pennies with matching years: two 1999’s, two 2003’s, etc.)


This authentic sport may also be performed with coins of any financial price. If you’re playing with larger amounts, consider giving the mother-to-be a little bit allowance!

My ideas:

Considering accompanying this money-themed shower process into your money tree theme.

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Different Baby Shower Games

Baby Sculpture Contest

Your guests know the newborn baby would be the most beautiful on the earth. So why now not let them create paintings comparable to the big arrival. The guests will be given lumps of PlayDough and requested to make masterpieces for a baby sculpture contest!

Get ready for the reason that inventive juices are about to waft! Each attendee will be given an equal size lump of PlayDough or modeling clay at first of the sport. Guests are requested to create a sculpture which will best resemble the upcoming new child.


The hostess distributes an equivalent measurement lump of PlayDough or modeling clay to each player. The guests then start a 2 – 4-minute sculpture consultation to create their masterpiece. Having just 2 minutes ensures some creations will seem like anything else but a baby – the fodder for many laughs. Longer modeling sessions will allow better creations. Once the time has expired, the hostess will provide every sculpture to the crowd. The creation is getting the most clapping, whooping and hollering might be judged the winner!

The hostess can ham it up during the judging a part of the competition. Sculptors can also be asked what inspired them when creating their piece. Sculptors will also be requested which of the baby options resemble the father and which resemble the mum. The art work having a look the least like a baby will typically be essentially the most entertaining. The hostess needn't be timid and can jokingly word the sculpture seems like a pet, goat, or a parakeet.

Game preparation:

It’s easy to set up. You’ll need an equal size lump of PlayDough for each of your visitors. The 6-pack selection packs are ideal. Having multiple colours of dough will enliven the sculptures during the judging part of the competition. If PlayDough isn’t your thing, one would possibly consider using Crayola modeling clay. This additionally comes in numerous colours. Your guests will respect having a humid fabric or rainy naps to wash their hands after their sculpture session.

Suggested prizes:

You would possibly wish to consider a gag reward for this sport. Obtain an outdated sculpture or lawn decoration from a yard sale or a thrift store. The uglier, the better. Your winning artist will no doubt respect every other sculptor’s work.

My thoughts:

Your guests will desperately wish to create a ravishing sculpture in honor of the baby. Even the most efficient intentions can be foiled by means of that pesky lump of PlayDough. Everyone will take into account the game where that they had to enter their masterpieces within the baby sculpture contest!

Decorate Your Flip Flops

Creating a pair of turn flops is an job that creates an enduring camaraderie with all your attendees.

Everyone loves an excellent pair of flip flops! This activity has your visitors create a couple like no different. Each visitor decorates a pair in their flops as a shower activity. These completed sandals will bond friends and family each time they're worn. This process is central to the turn flop baby shower theme.

Instructions: Give each guest a couple of flip flop slippers of their dimension. Guests accumulate round a big table and embellish their sandals with beads, glitter, and puffy paint. Activity preparation:

Purchase quality flip-flops for each of your celebration visitors. Buy beads, glitter, puffy paint (fluorescent and steel) and silk blooms to stick to the sandals. Have a few sizzling glue guns readily available to assist your guests.

Suggested prizes:

You can reward the author of the most efficient pair of flip flops. A seaside bag would make a perfect prize.

My ideas:

Resist the temptation to buy many colors of flip flops. Having just one base colour will will let you specialize with a group of coordinated colours highest suited for you sandal!

Baby Journal

This sport will make great recollections. It’s an task that creates a unique memory for the infant baby. Each visitor writes their best possible wishes and thoughts to the baby in a baby journal.

Instructions: We’ve all noticed pictures of ourselves when we had been newborns. Perhaps we had been being held by way of an extended handed grandparent or our favorite aunt when she had a humorous hairdo. Connecting to those bygone days is superb. It is helping create a connection from the baby shower to a later time within the child’s life. Each guest is requested to jot down a unique message in a baby magazine. The guest can write the be aware at any degree throughout the social gathering. Near the end of the get together, the book is given to the expectant mom for her to read out loud to the other visitors. Game preparation:

The hostess will want a journal and a fine-tipped pen for this activity. Take great care in choosing a magazine, for this book is certain to be a loved memento. Great looking journals may also be picked up at paper shops, get together shops, or larger bookstores.

The hostess would possibly want to appoint one person to take an image of each guest as they're writing within the magazine. Once evolved, those pictures can adhere to the magazine. You will need to exchange putting an image at the most sensible of a web page after which at the bottom of a page. Putting the entire photos at the identical page will motive the journal to be a lot disproportionately thicker in that location. Before guests signing the e book, it is very important go in and mark on every page the place the picture is to adhere.

Suggested prizes:

No prizes practice to this recreation, but it’s always a great time for refreshments!

My thoughts:

Imagine the joy the baby may have when they learn these messages at a later date in their lifestyles. Your visitors are about to create a cherished souvenir when you create a baby journal.

Baby Shower Scrapbook Activity

Guests create scrapbook pages for the expectant mom.

About the process:

Sometime throughout the shower, guests collect round, and each and every creates a personalized page for a scrapbook. Each person’s web page is according to the guest’s courting with the mum. Guests would possibly include particular advice, poems or wishful thoughts on their page.

Game preparation:

Give every guest a blank scrapbook web page. Provide coloured pencils, markers, and appliques so visitors can personalize their pages. The pages are assembled right into a scrapbook and introduced to the mother-to-be.


Have a disposable camera at the shower for visitors to take footage. The footage can later be added to the scrapbook.

My thoughts:

A hostess need take into account the good fortune of the ‘baby shower scrapbook’ task resides within the look of the finished scrapbook. Make positive all your design components match. Allowing some visitors to make use of neon colored markers while others do chalk sketchings may create one thing not-so-appealing.

Baby Toy Hunt

Can it's conceivable guests will play a game with out even knowing it? That’s what occurs when you play the baby toy looking game.

Guests may understand a rubber duck seeming a bit of out of place. Mention the poorly hidden duck and also you’re a winner!

Instructions: Place a toy or any other object someplace conspicuously in your celebration grounds. The first guest to say the oddly placed toy wins a prize!

You’ll be surprised. Many of your guests may have heard of the recreation and can understand the hidden toy will cause them to a winner!


Pick up a toy or item inside the theme of your shower. Find a conspicuous place to put your toy. The place should be one where any person would have had to take a look at to place the toy knowingly. A few of our favourite places are in a plant, on most sensible of a curtain rod or the blade of a ceiling fan.


The selection to this game is to tell guests a toy has been hidden and have them hunt for it. You’ll wish to be extra creative when finding your hiding spot!

Suggested prizes:

For most showers, the hidden toy may well be your praise. A basket of goodies may well be hidden for those throwing a present basket shower theme.

My ideas:

The honoree and hostess will experience this game more than any person else. It’ll be plenty of fun to look who notices the toy and who says something about it.

Baby Shower Cakewalk

Take a stroll to win a delicious cake. See who tastes victory while you play the cakewalk game.

The cakewalk isn’t or church bazaars or festivals anymore. Bring the joys in your shower!

Instructions: Guests stroll in a circle to the sound of a baby lullaby or kids’s music. Around the circle are numbered playing cards for every visitor. The song stops, and every visitor stands through a numbered card. The honoree draws a host from a hat. The visitor standing by means of the corresponding quantity wins a cake! Preparation:

You’ll need an index card for every visitor provide for the cakewalk. Write other numbers for every index card and position the cards to your circle (on chairs or a wall). Write corresponding numbers on slips of paper. And of course, you’ll want a cake for this process!


Ornately enhance cupcakes and have many winners! Provide small boxes to give protection to those little treasures.

Suggested prizes:

The cake is the prize for this recreation. You can frost the cake within the theme of the get together.

My thoughts:

Does great-grandmother Harriet wish to give a contribution to the party making plans? Let her bake the cake for the cakewalk!

Unwrap The Gift Game

Guests will love unwrapping this gift over and over and over again!

Wow! How many layers of reward wrap are in this prize?

Instructions: The host wraps a prize in a small field. This box is then lined with multiple layers of reward wrap and positioned in a larger box, and so on. The recreation is performed by means of one visitor unwrapping the outermost layer. The reward is handed to the following visitor for them to discover a layer, and so forth till the reward is in the end printed. The visitor opening the actual prize is the winner! Preparation:

Start via wrapping the gift in a small box. Keep wrapping this field with layers of gift wrap, infrequently putting the prize in a bigger box. Keep wrapping! How many layers is determined by how many guests are expected.

Suggested prizes:

A small merchandise similar to a present card would make a super prize.

My thoughts:

This sport is a brilliant fit for a wonder baby shower.

Baby Shower Guest Game

Mix and mingle your strategy to victory when taking part in this icebreaking shower recreation.

Part icebreaker, phase sport. All enjoyable!

Instructions: List icebreaking questions about a sheet of paper. Distribute the lists to visitors as they arrive. Guests engage with others to fill out the sheet. The one completing probably the most questions wins this shower game! Or award a prize to any guest completing their checklist. Preparation:

Make a list of personal attributes which guests may percentage. Examples include:

Has the similar shoe dimension as me Was born in the same decade as me Has traveled out of the country Likes wine Speaks any other language

Allow Five to 10 minutes for the visitors to mingle, chat and fill out their lists.

Suggested prizes:

Since many guests will likely complete their checklist, award small prizes comparable to person bags of coffee beans.

My ideas:

There’s a hidden purpose at the back of this recreation. The object of this activity is to have guests in finding out interesting issues about other guests.

Guess That Diaper Smell

Put your olfactory senses to the check with this entertaining game.

The mom-to-be will quickly learn what baby’s diaper smells like. Make enjoyable out of the placement with this amusing sport.

Instructions: Baby diapers containing other scented components are passed around, as visitors attempt to bet what each smell is. Or put a scented diaper on many baby dolls, so visitors bury their nostril in a baby’s bottom! Preparation:

Gather a desired number of diapers (we recommend 6 or more) and the same number of scents. Great scents include:

Vanilla extract Root beer Apple cider vinegar Windex or another glass cleaner Your favourite perfume

Put a drop or two of the scented liquid on every diaper. Allow to dry.


You can also play this sport the usage of perfume strips. Dab scents on those strips and make allowance time to dry.

Suggested prizes:

Since this game is all about the sense of odor, award the profitable visitor with a scented candle, lotion or incense.

My ideas:

Are you throwing a baby diaper themed shower? You’ve discovered the perfect sport!

Pass The Baby Bottle

Passing a baby bottle gets difficult. Your visitors will love this fun shower game.

Instructions: The object of this game is to pass a baby bottle round a circle without using palms. Guests must hang the bottle under their chins as they move it. If the bottle is dropped in passing, that visitor is out. Last one status wins. Preparation:

Simply get a plastic baby bottle.


Is passing the baby bottle from chin to chin slightly much for your crowd? Another possibility is to pass the baby bottle between the knees. At a couples baby shower, have couples be a workforce, and they move from side to side ten times.

Suggested prizes:

Award the profitable guest with a small basket of clean culmination; apples, oranges, pears, and grapefruit.

My thoughts:

When guests get an actual close-up view in their friends, humorous issues may happen. Laughs assured!

Baby Bottle Ring Toss

Easily played by way of young and old, the vintage ‘ring toss sport’ is completed up baby shower style.

Instructions: Ring toss is a sport everyone has loved a while in their early life. Ringtoss substitutes baby bottles for glass bottles and bottle lids for rings. Young and previous can take part in the baby bottle ring toss game. Preparation:

Gather a number of baby bottles. Remove nipples and covers. Place the lidless bottles in a grid (we advise using 4 rows of four) in a small container (like a plastic tub.) Have visitors stand a few ft from the container and try to throw lids onto the bottles.


A moderately easier choice is to throw baby bottle lids into a container without bottles in it. Guests should stand much farther away from the container than within the first example.

Suggested prizes:

Present the mummy with the baby bottles. Award the winner of the game with a pair of hoop earrings or bracelets or another ring-shaped prize!

My ideas:

It gets your visitors up, transferring and interacting. Add some music, serve some fruity drinks, and this sport can be a success.

Crazy Baby Advice Game

Mom-to-be and father-to-be need advice about childcare. You can put an unusual twist on some traditional recommendation.

Instructions: Distribute be aware playing cards to each guest. Guests write down a commonplace question new folks would possibly have. Examples include “how do I burp a baby” or “what must I feed the baby?”

The playing cards are flipped, so the blank aspect is dealing with up. Guests then change playing cards. Once cards are exchanged, guests write the solution to the preliminary query on the blank aspect of the new card. Guest read the query and solution on their respective playing cards.

Plenty of ‘attention-grabbing’ advice can be created. One card might ask “how do you breastfeed?” and the same card will resolution “when the diaper is stuffed with pee.”


Just collect be aware playing cards and pencils. Give guests some examples of questions and answers.


Have the mother-to-be learn all questions and solutions.

Suggested prizes:

The question and resolution theme for the recreation will yield humorous and very faulty baby care recommendation. To counteract the cases, award guests with inspirational books or poetry.

My ideas:

The mother-to-be will run for the door when she “learns” this recommendation that goes against the entirety she idea she knew about young children!

Hot Baby Game

Don’t be stuck retaining the tot when the time’s up.

Instructions: Everyone will love this twist on a sizzling potato. Shower visitors move a doll round in a circle. Hot baby! Game preparation:

This sport is especially just right if the mummy is anticipating multiples. Gather as many dolls as the mummy is steadily. Have guests make a circle and pass the baby around.

Accompany the passing of the baby with track. Have any person control the tune. When the music stops, the visitors with the baby are out. The closing user status is the winner.

Suggested prizes:

If you want to stay with the potato theme, award your winning guest with a frozen box of potato skins. Odd, but helpful!

My thoughts:

Getting visitors up and lively will make it extra enjoyable for everyone.

Jellybean Guessing Game

Are there 104 beans in the jar? Or are there 452 beans? Friends and family take their perfect guesses when taking part in the jelly bean guessing recreation.

Instructions: Fill a jar with jelly beans (or other small candy) and prominently show at your shower. Each guest guesses how many beans are within the jar. Everyone writes their opinions on a slip of paper and place in an envelope.

Near the end of the shower, learn the guesses one after the other. Whoever has the nearest wager goes home with the jar of jelly beans!


A hostess will wish to purchase jelly beans, a pitcher jar, slips of paper and a pencil. Before the shower, it is important to count the jelly beans and position within the jar. Remember to have the general tally with you on the shower.


Cover the jar of jelly beans in wrapping paper and feature your guests use the jar’s weight to bet some beans. The estimates will develop into a lot more numerous!

Suggested prizes:

The jar of jelly beans is the prize.

My thoughts:

This vintage sport proves to be a really perfect ice breaker. Your visitors will ask each and every different what number of beans they guessed.

Jar Guessing Game

This vintage jar guessing sport takes on a twist.

Instructions: Fill a large glass jar with useful baby provides for the mummy to make use of when the baby arrives. Have guests guess what number of total provides are within the jar. The person who guesses the closest with out going over wins! Game preparation:

Fill a big glass jar with any aggregate of the next items:

Diaper pins Q-tips Pacifiers Bibs Mini baby oils, lotions, wash and shampoo Mini books Teething rings Other small useful items Suggested prizes:

Present the jar filled with baby pieces to the mother. Award the winning visitor with a fantastic field of candies. (Maybe she’ll share!)

My ideas:

Will your visitors be coming and going? Play this game at our drop in a baby shower or sip and notice theme.


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