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NIB Vintage No. 12 Crayola drawing Crayons Binney Smith Company New York colours. $12.60. $2.ninety nine transport. or Best Offer. Vintage Crayola Crayons Eight pack Binney & Smith; SEE PICTURES; NOS Great Condition. $5.60. Zero bids. $7.97 shipping. Ending Apr Four at 7:15PM PDT 5d 1h. or Best Offer.Crayola crayons are vital artwork provide on your tiny Van Gogh. These easy ingenious tools have the impressive ability to unharness countless hours of self-expression and imaginative play. Best but, Crayola crayons were confirmed to remaining 35% longer than competition', meaning you get essentially the most bang in your dollar with our long-lasting packs!Crayon Art by way of kristina nelson. Crayon artwork is not only for kids anymore! Kristina Nelson is a crayon artist from Duluth, Minnesota who creates fantastic artwork fully from crayons. Can you imagine that the drawing underneath was created with crayons?!Portraits In Crayon are hand colored Crayola Crayons portraits created on 100% cotton museum rag board. Using my traditional crayon artwork style procedure, the picture evenly defined with an erasable pencil and completed via skillfully making use of more than one layers of colour of Crayola Crayons to complete.Crayola LLC, previously "Binney & Smith Company", is an American manufacturing corporate, that specialize in art provides.It is known for its brand Crayola and absolute best known for its crayons.The corporate is based in Forks Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.Since 1984, it's been a completely owned subsidiary of Hallmark Cards.. Originally an commercial pigment supply corporate, Crayola soon shifted its

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Shop for crayola crayon drawing on-line at Target. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and extra.Feb 3, 2021 - Explore TERRIE KYGAR's board "Crayon Art Quilts Using Crayola Crayons", adopted by means of 109 folks on Pinterest. See extra ideas about crayon artwork, artwork quilts, quilts.Shop for crayola crayon artwork on-line at Target. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and extra.An collection of crayon containers produced via Binney & Smith between 1903 and 1920 Since the introduction of Crayola drawing crayons via Binney & Smith in 1903, greater than 2 hundred unique colors were produced in all kinds of assortments. The desk underneath represents all of the colours found in common Crayola assortments from 1903 to the present.

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Crayon Art by Kristina Nelson: Colorful Drawings Created

Dec 26, 2013 - Explore Maurica Pett's board "Crayon Drawings", followed by 109 people on Pinterest. See more concepts about crayon drawings, crayon, drawings.We imagine within the energy of creativity!. Our crayons had been rolling off the meeting line since 1903.10 Tips for Creating Fine Art with Crayons. If you wish to have to take a look at your hand at working with crayons to create reasonable drawings, here are 10 guidelines: 1. Use Crayola. These are the best and feature the most efficient color saturation. 2. Use a paper that can grip the color evenly. I love Stonehenge or illustration board. 3. Have a excellent hand held sharpener handy.In this video I display you how I draw a Macaw with Crayola Crayon! If you prefer what you notice and wish to practice me and my artwork, be sure you give this videoA field of sixty four classic colors from Crayola. Rich colourful colors for coloring and drawing. Box includes a integrated crayon sharpener. Compare products, learn buyer evaluations, and get unfastened delivery.

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List of Crayola crayon colors

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An assortment of crayon packing containers produced by way of Binney & Smith between 1903 and 1920

Since the creation of Crayola drawing crayons by means of Binney & Smith in 1903, greater than 200 distinctive colours were produced in a wide variety of assortments. The table below represents all of the colors present in regular Crayola assortments from 1903 to the current.[a] Since the advent of fluorescent crayons within the 1970s, the usual colors have been complemented by means of a variety of forte crayon assortments, represented in next tables.

Standard colors

For the colors organized via time period, see History of Crayola crayons. Color Name Hexadecimal in their web page depiction[b] Years in manufacturing[2] Notes 16-Box 24-Box 64-Box   Red #ED0A3F[1] 1903–provide yes sure sure   Maroon #C32148[1] 1949–provide Known as "Dark Red", 1949–1958.[2] no no no   Scarlet #FD0E35[1] 1998–provide Known as "Torch Red", 1998.[2] no sure sure   Brick Red #C62D42[1] 1958–present no no sure   English Vermilion #CC474B[1] 1958–present 1903–1935 Also spelled "Vermillion."[2]   Madder Lake #CC3336[1] 1958–present 1903–1935   Permanent Geranium Lake #E12C2C[1] 1958–present 1903–circa 1910   Maximum Red 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Chestnut #B94E48[1] 1903–provide Known as "Indian Red" prior to 1999.[2] no no yes   Orange-Red #FF5349[1] 1958–1990   Sunset Orange #FE4C40[1] 1997–provide no no no   Bittersweet #FE6F5E[1] 1958–provide no no sure   Dark Venetian Red 1903–circa 1910 "Venetian Red, Dark" on labels.[2]   Venetian Red 1903–1944   Light Venetian Red 1903–circa 1910 "Venetian Red, Light" on labels.[2]   Vivid Tangerine #FF9980[1] 1990–present no no no   Middle Red 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Burnt Orange #FF7034[1] 1958–present no no yes   Red-Orange #FF681F[1] 1930–provide sure yes sure   Orange #FF8833[1] 1903–present yes sure sure   Macaroni and Cheese #FFB97B[1] 1993–present Also found as "Macaroni & Cheese" and "Macaroni-n-Cheese".[2] no no sure   Middle Yellow Red 1926–1944, 1949–1958 Part of the Munsell line, 1926–1944. Same color as "Medium Orange" (1949–1958).[2]   Mango Tango #E77200[1] 2003–provide no no no   Yellow-Orange #FFAE42[1] 1930–present yes sure sure   Maximum Yellow Red 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Banana Mania #FBE7B2[1] 1998–present no no no   Maize 1903–1990 Known as "Gold Ochre", 1903–1958. "Golden Ochre" on some labels.[2]   Orange-Yellow #F8D568[1] 1958–1990   Goldenrod #FCD667[1] 1903–provide Known as "Medium Chrome Yellow" (1903–?) and "Medium Yellow" (1903–1958).[2] no no yes   Dandelion #FED85D[1] 1990–2017[2][3][4] no * sure * yes   Yellow #FBE870[1] 1903–present yes yes sure   Green-Yellow #F1E788[1] 1958–provide no yes yes   Middle Yellow 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Olive Green #B5B35C[1] 1903–provide no no sure   Spring Green #ECEBBD[1] 1958–present no no yes   Maximum Yellow 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Canary #FFFF99[1] 1998–present no no no   Lemon Yellow 1903–1990 Also referred to as "Light Chrome Yellow" (on labels "Chrome Yellow, Light") or "Light Yellow", 1903–1958. On labels "Chrome Yellow, Light."[2]   Maximum Green Yellow 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Middle Green Yellow 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Inchworm #AFE313[1] 2003–provide no no no   Light Chrome Green 1903–1935 "Chrome Green, Light" on labels. Same color as "Light Green" (1903–1935).[2]   Yellow-Green #C5E17A[1] 1930–provide yes sure yes   Maximum Green 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Asparagus #7BA05B[1] 1993–provide no no yes   Granny Smith Apple #9DE093[1] 1993–provide no no sure   Fern #63B76C[1] 1998–present no no no   Middle Green 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Green #01A638[1] 1903–provide sure sure yes   Medium Chrome Green 1903–1939 "Chrome Green, Medium" on labels. Produced 1903–1939. Same colour as "Medium Green" (1903–1939).[2]   Forest Green #5FA777[1] 1949–provide Known as "Dark Green", 1949–1958.[2] no no sure   Sea Green #93DFB8[1] 1949–provide Known as "Light Green", 1949–1958.[2] no no sure   Shamrock #33CC99[1] 1993–provide no no no   Mountain Meadow #1AB385[1] 1998–present no no no   Jungle Green #29AB87[1] 1990–provide no no no   Caribbean Green #00CC99[1] 1997–present no no no   Tropical Rain Forest #00755E[1] 1993–present no no no   Middle Blue Green 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Pine Green #01786F[1] 1903–1949, 1958–provide Known as "Dark Chrome Green" ("Chrome Green, Dark" on labels) or "Dark Green", 1903–1949.[2] no no no   Maximum Blue Green 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Robin's Egg Blue #00CCCC[1] 1993–provide no no yes   Teal Blue #008080[1] 1990–2003   Light Blue #8FD8D8[1] 1958   Aquamarine 1949–provide Known as "Light Turquoise Blue", 1949–1958.[2] no no no   Turquoise Blue #6CDAE7[1] 1935–present Available best in bulk, 1935–1949.[2] no no sure   Outer Space #2D383A[1] 1998–provide no no no   Sky Blue #76D7EA[1] 1958–provide no no sure   Middle Blue 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Blue-Green #0095B7[1] 1949–present Known as "Middle Blue-Green", 1949–1958.[2] sure sure sure   Pacific Blue #009DC4[1] 1993–provide no no yes   Cerulean #02A4D3[1] 1990–present no sure sure   Maximum Blue 1926–1958 Part of the Munsell line, 1926–1944. Also known as "Blue-Green", 1930–1958.[2]   Blue (I) 1903–1958 Known as "Celestial Blue", 1935–1949, and "Azure Blue", 1949–1958.[2]   Cerulean Blue 1949–1958   Cornflower #93CCEA[1] 1958–present no no yes   Green-Blue 1958–1990   Midnight Blue #003366[1] 1903–present Known as "Prussian Blue", 1903–1958.[2] no no no   Navy Blue #0066CC[1] 1958–provide no no no   Denim #1560BD[1] 1993–provide no no no   Blue (III) #0066FF[1] 1949–provide yes yes sure   Cadet Blue #A9B2C3[1] 1958–provide no no sure   Periwinkle #C3CDE6[1] 1958–provide no no yes   Blue (II) 1935–1958 Known as "Medium Blue", 1949–1958.[2]   Bluetiful #3C69E7[1] 2017–present[5] no yes * yes *   Wild Blue Yonder #7A89B8[1] 2003–provide no no no   Indigo #4F69C6[1] 1999–provide no yes sure   Manatee #8D90A1[1] 1998–provide no no no   Cobalt Blue 1903–1958   Celestial Blue 1903–circa 1910   Blue Bell #9999CC[1] 1998–provide no no no   Maximum Blue Purple 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Violet-Blue 1903–circa 1910 Known as Blue-Violet, 1930–1958.[2]   Blue-Violet #6456B7[1] 1949–present Known as "Violet" 1949–1958.[2] sure sure yes   Ultramarine Blue 1903–1944   Middle Blue Purple 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Purple Heart #652DC1[1] 1998–provide no no no   Royal Purple #6B3FA0[1] 1990–provide no no no   Violet (II) #8359A3[1] 1930–1949, 1958–provide On labels "Violet (Purple)".[2] sure sure yes   Medium Violet 1949–1958   Wisteria #C9A0DC[1] 1993–provide no no sure   Lavender (I) 1949–1958   Vivid Violet #803790[1] 1997–provide no no no   Maximum Purple 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Purple Mountains' Majesty #D6AEDD[1] 1993–provide Also found as "Purple Mountain Majesty" and "Purple Mountain's Majesty."[2] no no sure   Fuchsia #C154C1[1] 1990–provide no no no   Pink Flamingo #FC74FD[1] 1997–provide no no no   Violet (I) 1903–1930 Also referred to as "Purple" (1903–circa 1914).[2]   Brilliant Rose 1949–1958   Orchid #E29CD2[1] 1949–present Known as "Medium Red-Violet", 1949–1958.[2] no no yes   Plum #8E3179[1] 1958–provide no no sure   Medium Rose 1949–1958   Thistle #D8BFD8[1] 1949–1999 Known as "Light Magenta", 1949–1958.[2]   Mulberry 1958–2003   Red-Violet #BB3385[1] 1930–present yes yes sure   Middle Purple 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Maximum Red Purple 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Jazzberry Jam #A50B5E[1] 2003–present no no no   Eggplant #614051[1] 1998–provide no no no   Magenta #F653A6[1] 1903–provide Same color as "Permanent Magenta" (1903–?).[2] no no yes   Cerise #DA3287[1] 1993–provide no no no   Wild Strawberry #FF3399[1] 1990–provide no no yes   Lavender (II) #FBAED2[1] 1958–provide no no sure   Cotton Candy #FFB7D5[1] 1998–present no no no   Carnation Pink #FFA6C9[1] 1903–provide Known as "Rose Pink" (1903–1958) and "Pink" (1903–1917).[2] yes yes sure   Violet-Red #F7468A[1] 1958–present no sure yes   Razzmatazz #E30B5C[1] 1993–present no no no   Piggy Pink #FDD7E4[1] 1998–present Originally called "Pig Pink." no no no   Carmine 1935–1958 Known as "Carmine Red", 1949–1958.[2]   Blush #DB5079[1] 1998–present Known as "Cranberry", 1998–2005.[2] no no no   Tickle Me Pink #FC80A5[1] 1993–provide no no sure   Mauvelous #F091A9[1] 1993–present no no yes   Salmon #FF91A4[1] 1949–present no no yes   Middle Red Purple 1926–1944 Part of the Munsell line.[2]   Mahogany #CA3435[1] 1949–provide no no sure   Melon #FEBAAD[1] 1958–present no no sure   Pink Sherbert #F7A38E[1] 1998–provide Known as "Brink Pink", 1998–2005.[2] no no no   Burnt Sienna #E97451[1] 1903–provide no no yes   Brown #AF593E[1] 1935–present yes sure sure   Sepia #9E5B40[1] 1935–1944, 1958–present Available handiest in bulk, 1935–1939.[2] no no yes   Fuzzy Wuzzy #87421F[1] 1998–present Known as "Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown", 1998–2005.[2] no no no   Beaver #926F5B[1] 1998–present no no no   Tumbleweed #DEA681[1] 1993–provide no no sure   Raw Sienna #D27D46[1] 1958–present no no sure   Van Dyke Brown 1903–1935 Same colour as "Brown" (1903–1935).[2]   Tan 1958–present no no sure   Desert Sand #EDC9AF[1] 1998–present no no no   Peach #FFCBA4[1] 1903–provide Known as "Flesh Tint" (1903–1949), "Flesh" (1949–1956, 1958–1962), and "Pink Beige" (1956–1958).[2] no no yes   Burnt Umber 1903–1944   Apricot #FDD5B1[1] 1958–provide no sure yes   Almond #EED9C4[1] 1998–present no no no   Raw Umber 1903–1990   Shadow #837050[1] 1998–provide no no no   Raw Sienna (I) 1903–circa 1910   Timberwolf #D9D6CF[1] 1993–provide no no yes   Gold (I) 1903–1944 Metallic; swatch represents nominal hue only. Available most effective in bulk after 1915.[2]   Gold (II) #E6BE8A[1] 1953–provide Metallic; swatch represents nominal hue most effective. Available most effective in bulk, 1953–1956.[2] no no sure   Silver #C9C0BB[1] 1903–present Metallic; swatch represents nominal hue most effective. Available handiest in bulk, 1915–1944.[2] no no sure   Copper #DA8A67[1] 1903–1915, 1958–present Metallic; swatch represents nominal hue best.[2] no no no   Antique Brass #C88A65[1] 1998–provide Metallic; swatch represents nominal hue handiest.[2] no no no   Black #000000[1] 1903–present yes yes sure   Charcoal Gray 1903–1910   Gray #8B8680[1] 1926–present As "Middle Grey", part of the Munsell line, 1926–1944. Spelled "Grey" on labels, but "Gray" on boxes. Also known as "Neutral Grey", 1930–1956.[2] no yes sure   Blue-Gray #C8C8CD[1] 1958–1990   White #FFFFFF[1] 1903–provide sure yes sure

Specialty crayons

Along with the regular packs of crayons, there were many forte sets, including Silver Swirls,[6] Gem Tones,[7] Pearl Brite Crayons,[8] Metallic FX Crayons,[9] Magic Scent Crayons,[10] Silly Scents,[11] and more.

Fluorescent crayons

In 1972, Binney & Smith introduced eight Crayola fluorescent crayons, designed to fluoresce under black light. The following year, they have been added to the 72-count box, which had up to now contained two of the eight most-used colours, instead of the duplicate crayons. These crayons remained secure till 1990, when all eight have been renamed, and eight more had been added, for a total of Sixteen fluorescent crayons. One of the new colours, Hot Magenta, shared a name with one of the crucial authentic colors, now Razzle Dazzle Rose. For some reason, two of the original 8 fluorescent crayons have the similar color as two of the more recent crayons. In 1992, the fluorescent colors had been added to the new No. Ninety six box, becoming a part of the standard lineup. When four new crayons had been added to the No. 96 assortment in 2003, four present colors have been discontinued, together with two of the fluorescents. Also beginning in 1993, packs of fluorescent crayons were often categorised "neon" or "neons".[2]

Color Name Hexadecimal Notes   Radical Red #FF355E[1] Introduced in 1990.   Wild Watermelon #FD5B78[1] Same color as "Ultra Red" (1972–1990).   Outrageous Orange #FF6037[1] Same color as "Ultra Orange" (1972–1990).   Atomic Tangerine #FF9966[1] Same color as "Ultra Yellow" (1972–1990).   Neon Carrot #FF9933[1] Introduced in 1990.   Sunglow #FFCC33[1] Introduced in 1990.   Laser Lemon #FFFF66[1] Same colour as "Chartreuse" (1972–1990).   Unmellow Yellow #FFFF66[1][c] Introduced in 1990.   Electric Lime #CCFF00[1] Introduced in 1990.   Screamin' Green #66FF66[1] Same color as "Ultra Green" (1972–1990).   Magic Mint #AAF0D1 Produced 1990–2003.   Blizzard Blue #50BFE6 Same color as "Ultra Blue" (1972–1990). Retired in 2003.   Shocking Pink #FF6EFF[1] Same color as "Ultra Pink" (1972–1990).   Razzle Dazzle Rose #EE34D2 Same color as "Hot Magenta" (1972–1990).   Hot Magenta #FF00CC[1][d] Introduced in 1990.   Purple Pizzazz #FF00CC[1][e] Introduced in 1990. Fabric Crayons

In 1976, Crayola launched a pack of 8 Fabric Crayons.[2] Each crayon used to be named after a typical colour. In 1980, "Light Blue" was once discontinued and replaced with Black. The colors' hexadecimal values are lately unknown. The names of the colors are indexed underneath:

black blue burnt sienna inexperienced light blue magenta orange violet yellow Metallic Crayons (Canada)

In 1987, Crayola launched a pack of 16 Metallic Crayons in Canada.[2] Four of the colours are named after four of the standard colours. Also, one of the most colors is called sooner than a Metallic FX colour. The colours' hexadecimal values are recently unknown. The names of the colours are listed under:

Aged Copper Aztec Gold Bluetonium Brass Bronze Cadmium Red Cast Iron Cobalt Blue Copper Gold Kryptonite Rust Silver Steel Blue Tarnished Gold TitaniumSilver Swirls Sixteen of the 24 Silver Swirls colors

In 1990, Crayola launched Silver Swirls, a pack of 24 silvery colours. The colors' hexadecimal values are approximated beneath.[12]

Aztec Gold Burnished Brown Cerulean Frost Cinnamon Satin #C39953 #A17A74 #6D9BC3 #CD607E Copper Penny Cosmic Cobalt Glossy Grape Granite Gray #AD6F69 #2E2D88 #AB92B3 #676767 Green Sheen Lilac Luster Misty Moss Mystic Maroon #6EAEA1 #AE98AA #BBB477 #AD4379 Pearly Purple Pewter Blue Polished Pine Quick Silver #B768A2 #8BA8B7 #5DA493 #A6A6A6 Rose Dust Rusty Red Shadow Blue Shiny Shamrock #9E5E6F #DA2C43 #778BA5 #5FA778 Steel Teal Sugar Plum Twilight Lavender Wintergreen Dream #5F8A8B #914E75 #8A496B #56887D Multicultural Crayons

In 1992, Crayola launched a suite of eight Multicultural Crayons which "come in an assortment of skin hues that give a child a realistic palette for coloring their world."[13] The eight colours used got here from their standard checklist of colours (none of those colors are exclusive to this set), and the set used to be, for the most section, neatly gained, though there has also been some grievance.[14]

Color Name Hexadecimal Notes   Apricot #FDD5B1[1] Produced 1958–provide.[2]  Black #000000[1] Produced 1903–present.[2]  Burnt Sienna #E97451[1] Produced 1903–present.[2]  Mahogany #CA3435[1] Produced 1949–present.[2]  Peach #FFCBA4[1] Produced 1903–present. Known as "Flesh Tint" (1903–1949), "Flesh" (1949–1956, 1958–1962), and "Pink Beige" (1956–1958).[2]  Sepia #9E5B40[1] Produced 1935–1944, 1958–provide. Available only in bulk, 1935–1949.[2]  Tan Produced 1958–provide.[2]  White #FFFFFF[1] Produced 1903–present.[2]Magic Scent Crayons 16 of the 30 Crayola Magic Scent Crayons (showing Leather Jacket, Dirt, Fresh Air, Eucalyptus, Baby Powder, Shampoo, Rose, Daffodil, Smoke, Lumber, Cedar Chest, Lilac, New Car, Tulip, Soap, and Pine)

In 1994, Crayola produced a 16-pack of crayons that launched fragrances when used. In 1995, Crayola changed one of the crucial scents because of proceedings gained from folks that one of the crucial crayons smelled excellent sufficient to devour, like the Cherry, Chocolate, and Blueberry scented crayons.[15] Crayons with meals scents were retired in choose of non-food scents. The 30 crayons all consisted of normal Crayola colours.[2]

Baby Powder (White) Banana (Dandelion) Blueberry (Blue (II)) Bubble Gum (Tickle Me Pink) #FFFFFF #FED85D #4570E6 #FC80A5 Cedar Chest (Mahogany) Cherry (Maroon) Chocolate (Brown) Coconut (White) #CA3435 #C32148 #AF593E #FFFFFF Daffodil (Yellow) Dirt (Sepia) Eucalyptus (Jungle Green) Fresh Air (Sky Blue) #FBE870 #9E5B40 #29AB87 #76D7EA Grape (Violet) Jelly Bean (Orange) Leather Jacket (Black) Lemon (Yellow) #8359A3 #FF8833 #000000 #FBE870 Licorice (Black) Lilac (Wisteria) Lime (Yellow Green) Lumber (Apricot) #000000 #C9A0DC #C5E17A #FDD5B1 New Car (Blue (III)) Orange Peach Pine (Pine Green) #0066FF #FF8833 #FFCBA4 #01786F Rose (Red) Shampoo (Carnation Pink) Smoke (Gray) Soap (Periwinkle) #ED0A3F #FFA6C9 #8B8680 #C3CDE6   Strawberry (Wild Strawberry) Tulip (Orange)     #FF3399 #FF8833   Gem Tones All 16 Crayola Gem Tones crayon colors

In 1994, Crayola launched Gem Tones, a pack of 16 crayons modeled after treasured stones. The colors' hexadecimal values are approximated under:

Amethyst Citrine Emerald Jade #64609A #933709 #14A989 #469A84 Jasper Lapis Lazuli Malachite Moonstone #D05340 #436CB9 #469496 #3AA8C1 Onyx Peridot Pink Pearl Rose Quartz #353839 #ABAD48 #B07080 #BD559C Ruby Sapphire Smokey Topaz Tiger's Eye #AA4069 #2D5DA1 #832A0D #B56917 Glow in the Dark Crayons

In 1994, Crayola launched Glow in the Dark Crayons, a pack of eight crayons. However, it didn't contain any colour names in North America. Only 4 of the colours have been available within the U.K.

Crayola Changeables All six Crayola Changeables crayons with colour changer

The Crayola Changeables crayons had been presented in 1995. The chart[16] comprises the color changer, an off-white crayon that goes on transparent and initiates the color changes in the different crayons from the "From color" to the "To color".

Fromcolor Tocolor Blue Magenta #C0E7F1 #EB58DD Green Violet #91E351 #963D7F Orange Black #FF8071 #000000 Pink Yellow #FF8ABA #FFF7CC Red Blue #F4405D #131391 Yellow Green #FDFD07 #4F7948 Color changer #FFE9D1 Color 'n Smell Crayons

Following previous issues with scented crayons in 1994 and 1995, Binney & Smith launched a new line, known as "Magic Scent" crayons in 1997. None of the crayons had been named after or given the scent of foods. The 16 crayons all consisted of regular Crayola colors.[2]

Baby's Powder (White) Baseball Mitt (Burnt Sienna) Bubble Bath (Tickle Me Pink) Earthworm (Brick Red) #FFFFFF #E97451 #FC80A5 #C62D42 Flower Shop (Wisteria) Fresh Air (Sky Blue) Grandma's Perfume (Orange) Koala Tree (Jungle Green) #C9A0DC #76D7EA #FF8833 #29AB87 New Sneakers (Black) Pet Shop (Brown) Pine Tree (Pine Green) Saw Dust (Peach) #000000 #AF593E #01786F #FFCBA4 Sharpening Pencils (Goldenrod) Smell the Roses (Red) Sunny Day (Yellow) Wash the Dog (Dandelion) #FCD667 #ED0A3F #FBE870 #FED85D Star Brite Crayons

In 1997, Crayola launched a 16-pack of Star Brite Crayons. However, it didn't contain any colour names. The hex triplets under are representative of the colours produced by the named crayons.

Color Hex Code #F898C8 #E91E63 #D62518 #AD0000 #FA7A00 #CDDC39 #00D8A0 #1BA77B #004C71 #1AADE0 #0069BD #333399 #56418C #212321 #E63300 #DE6900 Color Mix-Up Crayons

In 1997, Crayola launched a 16-pack of Color Mix-Up Crayons, each of which contains a solid colour with flecks of two other colors in it. Colors in the chart under are approximated.[17] The hex RGB values are within the order of the predominant colour after which the flecks. Colors for crayons rather then Mixed Veggies and Star Spangled Banner come from data at the crayon wrapper.

Crayon title Crayon title Crayon identify Crayon identify Prime Other1 Other2 Prime Other1 Other2 Prime Other1 Other2 Prime Other1 Other2 Baby's Blanket Blazing Bonfire Cool and Crazy Lemon Lime Zing #FF8ABA #1F75FE #1CAC78 #FCE883 #FF7538 #EE204D #FFFFFF #7851A9 #0D98BA #FCE883 #1CAC78 #1F75FE Magenta Mix-Up Mixed Veggies Off-Road Peaches 'n Cream #FCB4D5 #1F75FE #C8385A #B6B650 #BD0B4C #F2DD87 #DEAA88 #2B6CC4 #C8385A #FFFFFF #FFCFAB #FCE883 Rainforest Shrimp Cocktail Southwest Star Spangled Banner #6DAE81 #5D76CB #7851A9 #FFFFFF #FF7538 #C8385A #FFFFFF #FF7538 #5D76CB #F8EFE6 #1F75FE #EE204D Stonewashed Surf's Up Twister Warm and Fuzzy #80DAEB #2B6CC4 #C8385A #FFFFFF #1CA9C9 #FCE883 #FFFFFF #1CAC78 #FF7538 #FF8ABA #FF7538 #1F75FE Pearl Brite Crayons Crayola Pearl Brite Crayons, Color Mix-Up, and Crayons with Glitter

In 1997, Crayola launched a 16-pack of Pearl Brite Crayons:[18] These were designed to offer cushy pearlescent colours. These had a brand new wrapper design, black with a white oval Crayola brand and white textual content.

Aqua Pearl Black Coral Pearl Caribbean Green Pearl Cultured Pearl #5FBED7 #54626F #6ADA8E #F5F5F5 Key Lime Pearl Mandarin Pearl Midnight Pearl Mystic Pearl #E8F48C #F37A48 #702670 #D65282 Ocean Blue Pearl Ocean Green Pearl Orchid Pearl Rose Pearl #4F42B5 #48BF91 #7B4259 #F03865 Salmon Pearl Sunny Pearl Sunset Pearl Turquoise Pearl #F1444A #F2F27A #F1CC79 #3BBCD0 Crayons with Glitter

In 1997, Crayola released Crayons with Glitter as part of a Special Effects crayons bundle. Starting as overdue as 1999, their crayon names don't seem at the crayon wrappers. In the beneath record, the background represents crayon colour, and the highlighted "square of glitter" around text represents glitter color.[19]

Crayon title Crayon name Primary Other Primary Other  Black With Glitzy Gold Glitter   Blue With Shimmering Silver Glitter  #000000 #E7C697 #1F75FE #CDC5C2  Blue Green with Glitzy Gold Glitter   Carnation Pink With Lavender Glitter  #0D98BA #E7C697 #FFAACC #FCB4D5  Green With Twinkling Turquoise Glitter   Maroon With Glitzy Gold Glitter  #1CAC78 #77DDE7 #C8385A #E7C697  Orange With Twinkling Turquoise Glitter   Orchid With Twinkling Turquoise Glitter  #FF7538 #77DDE7 #E6A8D7 #77DDE7  Red With Shimmering Silver Glitter   Red Violet With Glitzy Gold Glitter  #EE204D #CDC5C2 #C0448F #E7C697  Royal Purple With Ruby Red Glitter   Sky Blue With Glitzy Gold Glitter  #7851A9 #EE204D #80DAEB #E7C697  White With Confetti Glitter   White With Glitzy Gold Glitter  #FFFFFF Various #FFFFFF #E7C697  Yellow With Rainbow Glitter   Yellow Green With Silver Glitter  #FCE883 Various #C5E384 #CDC5C2

In 2019, Crayola launched an updated version of Crayons with Glitter in a 24-count pack featuring new names:

 black gold   blue blazes   lavender burst   shredded cheddar   golden dust   aqua fizz   gritty inexperienced   maroon mist   confetti sunset   campfire flicker   orchid explosion   purple conflict   night sky   crimson slaw   tropical bathe   poppin' pink   fire in the sky   flamingo flame   chocolate sprinkles   diamond dazzle   gray glam   sun bathe   wild wasabi   silver sparks  Construction Paper Crayons

In 1998, Crayola Introduced Construction Paper Crayons, The area of expertise line remained one of the most longest working distinctiveness strains they ever put out.[20] The hex triplets below are consultant of the colours produced through the named crayons.

Color Hex Code #FFA3B1 #F3715A #F37B70 #FFAD59 #FFE599 #F8FC98 #B4FFB4 #12E3DB #00BCD4 #03A9F4 #4848FF #6A35CE #AA55AA #7F7FBF #795548 #FFFFFF Metallic FX Crayons All 16 Crayola Metallic FX crayon colors

In 2001, Crayola produced Metallic FX Crayons, a suite of Sixteen metallic crayons whose names had been chosen through a competition open to citizens of the U.S. and Canada.[21] The hex triplets under are representative of the colours produced by way of the named crayons.[22] In 2019, an up to date model was released below its unique title of Metallic Crayons, adding eight extra metal colors for a total of 24. The unique 16 colors are integrated within the special 152-count Ultimate Crayon Collection pack along A hundred and twenty same old and 16 Crayons with Glitter. Four of the colors are included in the regular 96-count crayon field.

Metallic FX crayons Color Name Hex Code Pack Added Notes   Alloy Orange #C46210   B'dazzled Blue #2E5894   Big Dip O' Ruby #9C2542 96   Bittersweet Shimmer #BF4F51   Blast Off Bronze #A57164   Cyber Grape #58427C 96   Deep Space Sparkle #4A646C   Gold Fusion #85754E   Illuminating Emerald #319177   Metallic Seaweed #0A7E8C   Robot Canary #9C7C38 Known as "Metallic Sunburst" (2001–2019).   Razzmic Berry #8D4E85   Sheen Green #8FD400 96   Shimmering Blush #D98695   Sonic Silver #757575   Steel Blue #0081AB 96   Cheese Grater #C89F56 Introduced in 2019.   Iron Indigo #184FA1   Magnetic Magenta #BF3981   Cobalt Cool #028AAE   Acid Wash Jeans #5CB2C5   Petrified Forest #005B39   Rose Gold #C88CA4   Gold Medal #C5BC42 Gel FX Crayons

In 2001, Crayola produced Gel FX Crayons. However, it didn't include any color names. Four of the colours are randomly included in the 96-count crayon box alongside four Metallic FX colours and don't seem to be incorporated in the 152-count Ultimate Crayon Collection set. The hex triplets beneath are consultant of the colors produced by the named crayons.

15 of the 16 Crayola Gel FX Crayons Color Hex Code Pack Added #FF3399 96 #FF6699 #F26D7D #F58345 #FFBF7F #F5FF7D 96 #99FF99 #12E3DB #00B6BD 96 #0081FF 96 #7092BE #3F48CC #7853A8 #A349A4 #8F5873 #FFFFFF Pearl Crayons

In 2019, a 24-count field of Pearl Crayons was once launched alongside the updated variations of the Metallic Crayons, Neon Crayons, and Crayons with Glitter.[23]

Color Name Hex Antique Gray #9F9F9F Apple Orchard #BF3F3F Berry Parfait #A43482 Black Pearl #3A3A3A Bubble Gum #DF9ACA Butternut Squash #E74F00 Caribbean Sea #67CD95 Cloudy Sky #548CD0 Hot Cocoa #8F482F Iridescent Indigo #3C32CD Lavender Silk #6B4D82 Leafy Canopy #94DDCB Liquid Gold #FFD966 Mango Purée #FF6137 Moonlit Pond #4F2CD0 Ocean Foam #62C9D3 Orange Peel #FF8021 Pesto #5F7B4A Pink Luster #FFB2E7 Red Satin #9F3434 Sea Glass #C4EA7F Shooting Star #FFFF65 Snow Drift #F3F3F3 Sunset Shimmer #F79015 Neon Crayons

In 2019, a brand new 24 rely of Neon Crayons was released. It includes 8 usual colours, 8 pearl versions of the same colours, and the similar eight colours with silver glitter.

Sky Blue Screamin' Green Sunglow Wild Watermelon Purple Pizzazz Laser Lemon Atomic Tangerine Shocking Pink Pearl Sky Blue Pearl Screamin' Green Pearl Sunglow Pearl Wild Watermelon Pearl Purple Pizzazz Pearl Laser Lemon Pearl Atomic Tangerine Pearl Shocking Pink  Glitter Sky Blue   Glitter Screamin' Green   Glitter Sunglow   Glitter Wild Watermelon   Glitter Purple Pizzazz   Glitter Laser Lemon   Glitter Atomic Tangerine   Glitter Shocking Pink  Colors of the World Crayons

On May 21, 2020, the Colors of the World Crayons have been announced.[24][25] They were launched in 32 and 24-count bins in July 2020.[26][27]

Color Name Hex Boxes Black Hair #262626 32 Blonde Hair #FFF3CC 32 Blue Eyes #81B0E4 32 Brown Eyes #70493D 32 Brown Hair #A27242 32 Deep Almond #986A5A 24 Deep Golden #8D5B28 24 Deep Rose #B86F69 24 Deepest Almond #513529 24 Extra Deep Almond #6E5046 24 Extra Deep Golden #5F452E 24 Extra Deep Rose #6C4D4B 24 Extra Light Almond #EEE6CF 24 Green Eyes #3F752B 32 Hazel Eyes #E2AC76 32 Light Almond #E6B9B3 24 Light Golden #EDDBC7 24 Light Medium Almond #E0B5A4 24 Light Medium Golden #F0C9A2 24 Light Medium Rose #F4AFB2 24 Light Rose #FAC7C3 24 Medium Almond #D19C7D 24 Medium Deep Almond #AC8065 24 Medium Deep Golden #A16B4F 24 Medium Deep Rose #EE8E99 24 Medium Golden #DEA26C 24 Red Hair #EE704A 32 Very Deep Almond #88605E 24 Very Deep Rose #8F6C68 24 Very Light Almond #E6D2D3 24 Very Light Golden #F0DFCF 24 Very Light Rose #F7E1E3 24 Confetti Crayons

Crayola launched the 24-count Confetti Crayons in July 2020.[2] This is a revival of the Color Mix-Up Crayons from 1997. Initially a Walmart-exclusive item along the 32-count Colors of the World Crayons, Confetti Crayons had been formally released in September 2020.

at the circus birthday kid snowstorm blast campfire jamboree carnival corn clambake cupcake sprinkles flamingo competition fourth of july garden soiree lime-a-palooza magenta fiesta mermaid pageant meteor shower new year's eve party fish pool birthday celebration rain drops rose parade spring break summertime sundown luau tweed jubilee wintry weather galaSilly Scents Crayons All 16 Crayola Silly Scents Crayons

The Silly Scents Crayons are produced by way of Crayola in a 16-pack. The Sixteen crayons all consisted of standard Crayola colors.[2]

Color Scent Name Color Name Hex Code   Alien Armpit Yellow Green #C5E17A   Big Foot Feet Tan #D99A6C   Booger Buster Spring Green #ECEBBD   Dingy Dungeon Maroon #C32148   Gargoyle Gas Dandelion #FED85D   Giant's Club Chestnut #B94E48   Magic Potion Red #ED0A3F   Mummy's Tomb Gray #8B8680   Ogre Odor Red Orange #FF681F   Pixie Powder Blue Violet #6456B7   Princess Perfume Tickle Me Pink #FC80A5   Sasquatch Socks Violet Red #F7468A   Sea Serpent Robin's Egg Blue #00CCCC   Smashed Pumpkin Orange #FF8833   Sunburnt Cyclops Mango Tango #E77200   Winter Wizard Sky Blue #76D7EA Heads 'n Tails Crayons All 16 Crayola Heads 'n Tails crayon colours

The 8 Heads 'n Tails Crayons are double-sided and encased in plastic tubes that serve as similar to the ones on Crayola Twistables. Each crayon has two sunglasses of colour, for a complete of 16 colours, which might be approximated by the background colors and hex RGB values underneath.[28]

Sizzling Red Red Salsa Tart Orange Orange Soda #FF3855 #FD3A4A #FB4D46 #FA5B3D Bright Yellow Yellow Sunshine Slimy Green Green Lizard #FFAA1D #FFF700 #299617 #A7F432 Denim Blue Blue Jeans Plump Purple Purple Plum #2243B6 #5DADEC #5946B2 #9C51B6 Sweet Brown Brown Sugar Eerie Black Black Shadows #A83731 #AF6E4D #1B1B1B #BFAFB2 Color Alive

In 2015, Crayola launched the Color Alive crayons. Special crayons come with:

Banana Banana Creepy Crawly Fire Breath Frostbite Ice Blast Pixie Dust Show Stopper Superpower


24-pack Mini Twistables

In 2004, Crayola launched a suite of 24 Mini Twistables crayons. They are nearly part the size of enormous twistable crayons. The colours' hexadecimal values are proven below. The colours are from the usual listing of crayon colours.

Color Name Hex Code   Apricot #FDD9B5   Black #000000   Blue #1F75FE   Blue Green #0D98BA   Blue Violet #7366BD   Brown #B4674D   Carnation Pink #FFAACC   Cerulean #1DACD6   Dandelion #FDDB6D   Gray #95918C   Green #1CAC78   Green Yellow #F0E891   Indigo #5D76CB   Orange #FF7538   Red #EE204D   Red Orange #FF5349   Red Violet #C0448F   Scarlet #FC2847   Violet (Purple) #926EAE   Violet Red #F75394   White #FFFFFF   Yellow #FCE883   Yellow Green #C5E384   Yellow Orange #FFAE42 Fun Effects Mini Twistables

In 2004, Crayola released a 24 pack of Fun Effects Mini Twistables crayons. It comprises 8 eXtreme colors, eight metallic colors, and 8 rainbow colors.

True to Life Crayons All eight Crayola True to Life crayon colors

In 2007, Crayola launched a suite of eight True to Life Crayons. Each crayon is extra-long and contained inside a plastic casing similar to that of Crayola Twistables crayons. In the desk, the background approximates the principle color and the textual content is in the two supporting colors. The approximate RGB hex values for every are given as smartly.

Crayon identify Crayon identify Primary Other1 Other2 Primary Other1 Other2 Amazon Forest Caribbean Current #92F646 #FDFE03 #CBFB07 #5D8DDF #DACED2 #30D6A4 Florida Sunrise Grand Canyon #FFB329 #FFD82C #FFCC6B #6D3834 #B36058 #000000 Maui Sunset Milky Way #8E599F #EC872B #FA79B9 #070707 #8D479D #6E7FE7 Sahara Desert Yosemite Campfire #F5CBBD #B06E54 #D0C6C6 #ED4C44 #EF8E30 #A95E34 Extreme Twistables All eight Crayola Extreme Twistables crayon colours

In 2009, Crayola released 8 crayons in lengthy twistable barrels. Although the names of those crayons were new, all but one of the colours have been borrowed from Crayola's fluorescent crayons. Atomic Tangerine turned into "Sizzling Sunset", Blizzard Blue become "Absolute Zero", Hot Magenta was "Winter Sky", Laser Lemon became "Lemon Glacier", Razzle Dazzle Rose became "Fiery Rose", Screamin' Green turned into "Spring Frost", Vivid Violet became "Frostbite", and Wild Watermelon become "Heat Wave". Frostbite was the only color now not originally part of the fluorescent line.[29]

Fiery Rose Sizzling Sunset Heat Wave Lemon Glacier #EE34D2 #FF9966 #FD5B78 #FFFF66 Spring Frost Absolute Zero Winter Sky Frostbite #66FF66 #0048BA #FF007C #E936A7 The 100,000,000,000th Crayon

In 1996, Crayola celebrated their 100,000,000,000 crayon by means of publishing a Crayon called Blue Ribbon. This crayon was once most effective revealed in the 96 crayon pack. They didn't are available in every pack, it used to be a limited version praise.[30]

Color Crayon Name Lifetime Hexadecimal code Blue Ribbon 1996 #0B10A2

See additionally

History of Crayola crayons Timeline of Crayola Lists of colours


^ Due to a number of elements, the values given should simplest be considered approximations. The obvious color of any crayon is dependent upon the thickness with which the wax is laid down, the colour and brightness of the skin being coloured, and different considerations, such because the age and high quality of individual crayons. In addition, crayons are produced the usage of pigments, which can be most often described using subtractive colors, with the principle colors of crimson, yellow, and blue; but electronic presentations produce colours the use of the additive means, combining the main colours of crimson, inexperienced, and blue. ^ Unless differently indicated, the hex colors had been found in the supply code of the Crayola site.[1] ^ Crayola's digital swatch has the similar worth as those of Laser Lemon. ^ Crayola's virtual swatch has the similar values as those of Purple Pizzazz. ^ Crayola's digital swatch has the similar values as the ones of Hot Magenta (1990–provide).


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