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This tune goes out to all striped sweaters everywhere! 🎶 If you're keen on SpongeBob and love sweaters, then that is sure to make your day! Subscribe for More:The Yellow Album (sometimes called SpongeBob SquarePants: The Yellow Album) is the 3rd soundtrack for the animated tv collection SpongeBob SquarePants, launched on November 15, 2005 by Nick Records. It is really a selection of songs from the collection that cover quite a lot of genres, including one Christmas themed song. Some songs, including "You're Old," are extended to fit a full tune.Artist: Spongebob SquarepantsSong:Striped SweaterAll Rights Are to the Original Owners I do not own anything!What's the name of the spongebob episode when he sings striped sweater? Source(s): 39 spongebob episode sings striped sweater: https://shortly.im/q5ayM Zero 1Spongebob (striped sweater song) Saved via Daisy O. 204. Funny Cute The Funny Hilarious Funny Spongebob Memes Funny Memes Spongebob Sayings Spongebob Ugly Spongebob Funny Pictures Funny Pics.

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Spongebob singing about striped sweater trackThe " Sweater Song " is a music sung through SpongeBob in the episode " As Seen on TV." He sings it as leisure for the shoppers, as he thinks he is too well-known to be a fry prepare dinner. Lyrically, the song is set Incidental 37A 's inexperienced sweater with darkish green stripes.SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series. Created by means of former marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg, it is broadcasted on Nickelodeon, an American cable community.Since its debut on May 1, 1999, the sequence has aired over two hundred episodes and is these days in its 12th season, which premiered on November 11, 2018.The series follows the adventures of the identify1-16 of 475 effects for "spongebob sweaters" Price and different details may range in keeping with size and colour. Nike Men Kyrie X Spongebob Pineapple House Hoodie Sweater in Black Large. $195.00 $ 195. 00. FREE Shipping. SpongeBob SquarePants Squidward I Hate Everyone Hoodie. 4.7 out of five stars 75.

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Striped Sweater - Spongebob Sheet music unfastened obtain inLyrics to 'Striped Sweater' via SpongeBob SquarePants. Talking: I like to name this little quantity 'Striped Sweater' Singing: The absolute best time to put on a striped sweater is all the time One with a collar Turtle neckThe easiest time to wear a Striped Sweater is at all times, one with a collar turtleneck, that's the type! 'Cause when you find yourself wearing that one special sweater... Mr. Krabs: Spongebob, get again to work!(Unreviewed) Sweater Song is a passionate R&B track a couple of striped sweater a fish in the Krusty Krab is wearing. In the episode "As Seen on TV," Spongebob thinks that he changed into a celeb as a result of...For example, Kenny explained the starting place of the "Striped Sweater" track in Season 3's "As Seen on TV" episode. "I believe in some [scripts] it simply says, 'Singing continues,' so you cross, 'The best possible time to put on a striped sweater is at all times.

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Airdate: March 8, 2002See more... List of episode transcripts This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "As Seen on TV" from Season 3, which aired on March 8, 2002. [Mr. Doodles is sniffing some coral.] Mr. Krabs: C'mon, Mr. Doodles. [pulls Mr. Doodles away, choking him briefly] We have not were given all day. We've were given to get all the way down to me favorite restaurant. Mine. Where we're taking pictures our first ever Krusty Krab industrial. After this commercial airs, we're going to be swarming with consumers. I can already really feel myself sweatin' cash. [Mr. Doodles barks.] Mr. Krabs: No, I got Squidward organizing the whole thing. He's... ya know... artsy. [sees something he does no longer like] What the...? This seems dear. Out of my way. Coming thru. Move it or lose it. Squidward! Squidward: [descending] What? Mr. Krabs: What in Neptune's name is going on? Squidward: We're making the industrial, Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs: What you might be doing is throwing away me cash! I told you to hire, handiest, what is admittedly important. Squidward: This is all essential. Mr. Krabs: Well what is all this unnecessary junk? [the junk is shown] Squidward: That's the unnecessary junk for scene, uhh, 28. Mr. Krabs: Oh, well, then how do you provide an explanation for that? [Pointing to two Krusty Krabs] A 2d Krusty Krab? Squidward: Mr. Krabs, everyone wishes an understudy. [showing Mr. Krabs' double] Mr. Krabs: Well, you got me there. But why do we want him? [Pointing to a clown] Squidward: This process gets very disturbing, Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs: All proper, get misplaced, all of ya. [everybody leaves angrily] You're fired. Go on. Scram. Get out of right here, you moochers. That's proper, keep moving. [stops the clown from leaving] Except you. You keep. [Clown smiles and a horn honks] Squidward: Well, this is simply great. Now we've got got no crew to make the economic. Mr. Krabs: What are you talking about, Squidward? We were given the most cost effective staff on this planet. You, me, and SpongeBob. Speaking of which, the place is the little barnacle? SpongeBob: [sticks his nostril from underground] I'm down here, sir. Mr. Krabs: What are you doing, lad? SpongeBob: Squidward mentioned I may help by way of burying myself! Mr. Krabs: Quit fooling and are available on out. [pulls SpongeBob out] I want you to be within the industrial. SpongeBob: [gasps] Me? In the Krusty Krab business? Me! [we see a background of him smiling] Squidward: But, but, but, however, however, however, however... Mr. Krabs: [SpongeBob continues to be smiling] Don't throw your buts at me, Mr. Squidward. We got a timetable to stay. This factor airs tonight. SpongeBob & Squidward: Tonight?! Mr. Krabs: Yup, I got a sweet deal at the prime-time slot. Narrator: 3:28 am SpongeBob: It's nearly on, Gary. Gary: [yawns] SpongeBob: Yeah, I were given butterflies, too. This is essentially the most exciting factor to happen within the history of history. [TV displays wild west display. Then presentations KK industrial] SpongeBob: Look, Gary! It's on! [commercial starts] Pearl: Oh, Jen. I've got an actual problem. Squidward: [Jen] What's your downside, Amy? Pearl: [Amy] I've got all this money and I don't know what to do with it and I'm hungry. [Mr. Krabs is laughing off-set] Pearl: [Amy] Who's there? Squidward: [Jen] Where's that coming from? [Purple smoke seems] Amy and Jen: Yippee, it's Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs: That's proper, Amy. I heard all about your little problem and I'm here to help. Follow... me! Amy and Jen: Where are we? Mr. Krabs: Why, we are at none other than the Krusty Krab. Amy: Did you assert Krusty Krab? Mr. Krabs: That's right, Krusty Krab. Home of the world well-known Krabby Patty! Jen: What's a Krabby Patty? [Mr. Krabs' jaw drops] Mr. Krabs: Why, it's only essentially the most mouthwatering appetizing food in the seven seas. SpongeBob: There I'm, Gary! There I'm! Mr. Krabs: We get started with a recent patty, grilled and juicy. Add some crisp undersea veggies and cheese. Topped off with secret sauce and a few buns. Voila! A Krabby Patty. Amy: I need a Krabby Patty. Jen: Me, too. Mr. Krabs: How do you like them Krabby Patties, women? [laughs] Amy & Jen: [thumbs up. Mr. Krabs still laughing] SpongeBob: Look, Gary, there I'm once more. Look! Mr. Krabs: Two more glad customers. So why do not you come back on in, and feature your self a Krabby Patty these days. All: ♪ The Krusty Krab: Come Spend Your Money Here! ♪ [industrial ends] SpongeBob: That used to be the best 60 seconds of my existence! Well, time for mattress. [The subsequent morning, the rooster crows. SpongeBob wakes up and the alarm goes off] Time to go do my favourite factor at my favorite place. [buzzing] Old Man Jenkins: Hey, you! SpongeBob: Top of the morning, oldster. Old Man Jenkins: Hey! I noticed you on TV remaining night. [Then a flashback shows that Old Man Jenkins was in reality staring at a bran flakes industrial and saw the yellow field] Announcer: New, Bran Flakes. Bold, new taste. Bran Flakes. SpongeBob: You did? Old Man Jenkins: Yeah. You were on a industrial. SpongeBob: You're proper! Wow, he identified me. Old Man Jenkins: Yup. See ya later, Bran Flakes. What a pleasing cereal field. SpongeBob: [chatting with self] "Weren't you that guy on TV?" Yes! I'm that guy. [laughs] How roughly you to note. Weren't you that man on the tv final evening? Yes, that was me. I... [runs into Peterson] SpongeBob: Oh, please excuse me, sir. Peterson: Oh, that is moderately all proper, uhh, SpongeBob. SpongeBob: Wow. I'm getting known all over the place. Why, subsequent factor you'll know, people are going to start out doing things like keeping doors open for... [gasps] Why, sir, I'm flattered. Peterson: Really? I do not scent anything else. SpongeBob: [laughs] You're to your method. Fred: Excuse me, sir, can I am getting a serviette? SpongeBob: Why, in fact, good sir. And subsequent time, be happy to means me. It maximum be so degrading to invite around the room. And who am I making this unhealthy boy out to? Fred: To my tail fin. I'll get it myself. SpongeBob: F-I-N. There we are, darling. Hmph. Looks like shyness were given the most productive of him. Squidward: There you're, SpongeBob. I need you to... SpongeBob: No problem, Squidward. I were given one already made out. Enjoy. Squidward: [conserving a napkin reading, "To my tailfin; Love, SpongeBob] To my tailfin? [tests to look if he has one] SpongeBob: Yes, I am that guy on TV. Tyler: Hey, look! SpongeBob: Please, excellent other folks, no photos at work. Tyler: Here's the ketchup. SpongeBob: Well, maybe just one. [poses] Another one? Okay. Limbo. And now, the, uh, oh, I got it. Mr. Krabs: There you are, SpongeBob. SpongeBob: Yes, pilot. Mr. Krabs: I need you to... [will get hit with mop] ...Ow! [finger breaks] Alright, boy. Get in there and scrub the head and forestall appearing so predictable. SpongeBob: I'm so misunderstood. Alas, excellent folks, even the brightest of stars develop weary, and I am no exception. But I will shine once more after a quick wreck in my quarters. Stay gorgeous. [we lower to Dale and Lou in the restroom] Dale: Hey, have been you in a position to catch Glenn the Pinkfish on Flounderman final night? Lou: No. How was he? Dale: Well, I knew that this man's appearing used to be just right, but his singing was extra special. I'm telling you, Vendor, if that guy used to be to chop a solo report, he'd be a success. [each shut bathroom doors] SpongeBob: [pupils change into stars] Solo file! [In Mr. Krabs' place of work] Mr. Krabs: So, if I fire him and make his successor do two times the work, and... [knock on door] ...eh, come in. [in walks SpongeBob and poses like a fashion] Oh, it's simply you, SpongeBob. Those heads better be stunning. SpongeBob: They are, Mr. Krabs, and so is mine. And now I gotta lay something on ya, Krabs Baby. Mr. Krabs: The only thing you higher lay is some patties on the grill, Fry Boy. SpongeBob: Nah, I can't take that gig, Krabber. That phase in my occupation is over. I'm an entertainer now. Mr. Krabs: What in blazes are you talking about? SpongeBob: Come on, Krabs. Let's suppose out of doors the box for a 2nd. Commercials are old-hat. The other people need tune. If I could trade destiny I'd, Krabsy. And I'm an entertainer deep down. A other people's individual. We're on the same page right here, are not we? Mr. Krabs: Boy, those Krabby fumes should've gotten to your head. Borrow Squidward's gas masks and get proper back to paintings. SpongeBob: [snaps fingers twice] I knew you'd understand. Well, thank you for the beginning. I'm out of here. [SpongeBob snaps his arms out of doors his office] Mr. Krabs: Oooooh... I've never felt one of these unusual aggregate of pity... and indigestion. Bill: There he is! Hey! We've been looking forward to you. Nazz: Where have you been? [SpongeBob makes an O-shaped mouth wiggling] Bill: How lengthy are you going to stay us standing right here? Squidward: Well, SpongeBob? Are you simply going to stand there like a half-wit, mouth agape? Or are you going to fill those peoples' orders? SpongeBob: Pipe down, Squidward. This crowd appears indignant. They're not going to attend any further. I believe I better give them what they want, and speedy. Squidward: I feel so, too, or Krabs will hearth either one of us. [smiling] On 2nd idea, stay 'em ready. SpongeBob: No can do, Squidward. These folks demand entertainment. Squidward: Enter-what? [SpongeBob grabs microphone] SpongeBob: How you doing, other folks? All: Hungry! SpongeBob: That's no downside, ladies and germs. 'Cause SpongeBob is right here to fulfill. [turns down light's dimness] Squidward: Hey! Bill: [to his pal] Eating here used to be your idea. SpongeBob: I'd like to call this little number "Striped Sweater." ♪ The perfect time to put on a striped sweater is all the time. One with a collar, turtleneck, that is the kind [screeching] 'Cause if you find yourself dressed in... ♪[light turns again on; all yelling] Bill: We're ravenous! SpongeBob: ♪ That one... special... sweater... ♪ [yelling continues] Squidward, this crowd is insatiable. Squidward: Then why do not you again within the kitchen, and snatch some patties, and give them what they [screams] CAME HERE FOR?! SpongeBob: Juggling! Thanks, Squiddy. [crowd booing] Nancy: Is this some more or less shaggy dog story? SpongeBob: They want juggling and jokes on the identical time? Tough crowd. [SpongeBob is now juggling patties] Bill: Oh, now what's he doing? SpongeBob: Uhh, what do you name a vampire whose automotive breaks down 3 miles from a blood financial institution? A cab! Bill: We're losing our appetites! SpongeBob: Uh, k. There's a nun, an astronaut, and a hairdryer. All: We need patties! SpongeBob: Well, probably the most I will be able to juggle is three, however the display must move on. Whoa! [SpongeBob slips and patties turn within the air] All: Boo! SpongeBob: No! [speaking in his head] My profession is over. All those years clawing my approach up. All the folks I've stepped on, wasted. [patties land at the grill] Bill: Hey! Finally! Nancy: That's what we have now been looking forward to. [dotted traces shape from his eyes to point to patty] SpongeBob: They appear to like it after I put this patty on the grill. I may be able to save this act, yet. Roll with it, SpongeBob. Roll with it. There's extra where that came from, folks. [SpongeBob puts a whole ton of patties at the grill] All: Yay! SpongeBob: You like that? Bill: It's what we wanted all along. SpongeBob: [pondering] It seems to be running. But how do I observe it up? Buns! [speaking] It's a stretch, however we now have all got to push the envelope, sometime. Okay, people. How do you favor this? [Flips patties inside of buns] All: Yeah! SpongeBob: I'm breaking new floor. Time to get edgy. Customers: We need onions! Cheese! Yeah! SpongeBob: Ready for the grand finale? [splatting] All: Whoopee! Krabby Patties! Mr. Krabs: Well, SpongeBob, looks like you could have after all discovered your calling. SpongeBob: I'll say. I'm so satisfied I gave up fry cooking for this.

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