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X Men Apocalypse Discussion Post By Recyclebin Meme Center. Empire Magazine Covers For X Men Apocalypse Meme Guy. 25 Best Memes About X Men Apocalypse Sweet Dreams X. Triggered By Samsidney Meme Center. Movie Review X Men Apocalypse Mxdwn Movies.In the Eighties the X-Men should defeat an historical omnipotent mutant, En Sabah Nur, who intends to thrive thru bringing destruction to the world. Apocalypse, the primary and maximum powerful mutant from Marvel's X-Men universe, accumulated the powers of many different mutants, changing into immortal and...forty five X men Memes ranked so as of popularity and relevancy. At MemesMonkey.com in finding thousands of memes categorised into hundreds of categories. X, Men: Apocalypse Trailer (2015)!, Meme the News.X-Men: Apocalypse is ready in 1983 so it only is smart that the younger characters pass to peer Return of the Jedi. Upon leaving the theatre, Jean Grey says that "the 3rd The most recent access into the main movies in the franchise, 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse contained a few questionable ingenious choices.It could be a funny scene, film quote, animation, meme or a mashup of a couple of resources. #x men apocalypse. Top. Views rely.

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x men apocalypse | Tumblr. Find this Pin and more on Marvel and DC by means of Aki. Your Favorite X-Men?.Follow @Evil.Daily2 For More .C2 @xmengeek_Turn On Post Notifications Tag Your Friends Share our posts in Groups_ .Follow My Backup Account @Marvel_Dc.Daily.Find the most recent x men apocalypse meme. The best possible memes from Instagram, Facebook, Vine, and Twitter about x men apocalypse.X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Sinopse: Desde o início da civilização, ele era adorado como um deus. Apocalipse (Oscar Isaac), o primeiro e mais poderoso mutante do universo X-Men da Marvel, acumulou os poderes de muitos outros mutantes, tornando-se imortal e invencível.X Men Apocalypse Memes. Updated daily, for extra funny memes test our homepage. Notifications. X Men Apocalypse Memes - 2083 results. Difference Between Men And Women. featured 8 years in the past.

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X-Men - X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer - Nov 2015. Like us on Facebook! Since the crack of dawn of civilization, he was once worshipped as a god. Apocalypse, the first and maximum tough mutant from Marvel's X-Men universe, accrued the powers of many different mutants, changing into immortal and invincible.See more ideas about x men, apocalypse, x-men apocalypse. A new X-Men: Apocalypse TV spot has been launched along side an Angel "power piece" featurette, specializing in Ben Hardy's winged mutant!X-Men Apocalypse is set to release May twenty seventh, 2016. And thus far it is not taking a look to nice. This is coming from any individual who grew up loving X-Men comics and cartoons. Hey I even tried to love the former motion pictures, however besides X-Men First Class, I have never been inspired to mention the least.Desde los albores de l. a. civilización, fue adorado como un dios. Apocalypse, el primer y más poderoso mutante del universo X-Men de Marvel, acumuló los poderes de muchos otros mutantes, convirtiéndose...Create meme "Mutants Hicks (Mutants Hicks, x men apocalypse , x-men Apocalypse pictures)".

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This article is in regards to the character. You is also looking for film of the similar name.

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Real Name

En Sabah Nur


The First OneApocalypseElohimShenRaKrishnaYahwehThe World's First Mutant




9983 (revised timeline)

Date of Birth

8000 B.C.

Date of Death

1983 (revised timeline)

Affiliation Status

Unknown (original timeline)Deceased (revised timeline)

Portrayed via "Elohim, Shen, Ra - I've been called many names over many lifetimes. I am born of death. I was there to spark and fan the flame of man's awakening, to spin the wheel of civilization. And when the forest would grow rank and needed clearing for new growth, I was there to set it ablaze." ―Apocalypse to Magneto[src]

Apocalypse (born En Sabah Nur) used to be an immensely tough and historic mutant. He used to be believed to be the very first mutant and the progenitor of all mutant-kind, having survived for several millennia.


Early Life

Apocalypse, known to others through his beginning name "En Sabah Nur", was once born in 8000 B.C. (claiming to were worshiped by several historic civilizations over his many lives, being referred to as Elohim, Shen, and Ra, among different names), and is the firstborn of the mutant race, as he laws the world in Akkaba of prehistoric Egypt.

According to Moira, anywhere Apocalypse used to be, he always had four number one followers that he would bestow powers to, and wherever he dominated, it will eventually end in a cataclysm or an apocalypse of a few type. Throughout his reign, it is implied he helped civilizations grow and after they become too populated, he would wreck them to clear the way in which for a new civilization.

Constructing a Pyramid A tender Apocalypse is first noticed.

In prehistoric Egypt, a tender En Sabah Nur is noticed in the usage of his powers to build a pyramid while a limiteless crowd of other people bow prior to him, chanting his name whilst his Horsemen look on.

Becoming Entombed Apocalypse starts shifting his awareness.

While acting a transferal of his essence into a brand new mutant's frame, one with prompt healing, his worshipers betray him and set forth the destruction of his pyramid. The Four Horsemen ensure Apocalypse nonetheless survives the ordeal even because the monument is collapsed, killing the fans while preserving En Sabah Nur entombed for millennia.

Original Timeline Remaining Entombed

In the original timeline, Apocalypse's resting place was once never found out and thus remained entombed.

Revised Timeline Awakening "Weapons... superpowers... The weak have taken the Earth. For this, I was betrayed. False gods, idols... no more. I have returned." ―Apocalypse[src]

Following the 1973 incidents that revealed mutantkind to the wider global, a group of Egyptians began the Cult of En Sabah Nur (or Ashir En Sabah Nur, in step with Moira MacTaggert) and came upon the place his resting position lied in Cairo. As Moira investigated them in 1983, she saw En Sabah Nur awaken on the ruins, killing the cultists.

Bringing Together the Four Horsemen "What do you want?""I want you... to feel the full reach of your powers. You've only had a taste of your true strength. Unlike others who seek control you, I want to set you free.""I know the kind of mutants you're looking for. And I know where to find them." ―Psylocke and Apocalypse[src]

En Sabah Nur comes to a decision to discover the fashionable day global, and while roaming Cairo, he sees street thief Ororo Munroe use her climate keep an eye on powers to scouse borrow food. The shopkeepers pass to threaten Ororo, sooner than being interrupted by the intervention of Apocalypse. After miscommunication because of En Sabah Nur speaking outdated dialects, he sooner or later kills the men chasing Ororo through the use of sand to punch through the aspects of their necks and literally melting the ultimate right into a wall.

Ororo takes En Sabah Nur to her area. Once he sees a television, touching it allows Apocalypse's powers to connect with all proclaims on this planet, making him be informed modern languages and how mankind evolved the former millennia. Believing that with out his presence, humanity has grown weaker, he decides to ruin it in order to rebuild society from his point of view. He enhances Ororo's powers to turn her into the first of the brand new Horsemen.

Apocalypse and Storm then move to Berlin searching for Caliban, a mutant dealer who knows the positioning of different Homo awesome. Caliban refuses to concede knowledge without getting paid and attracts a gun on En Sabah Nur, who proceeds to make use of his powers to collapse it. Caliban's enforcer Psylocke then extends a sword and her psi-katana upon Apocalypse to give protection to her boss. Impressed, En Sabah Nur is going directly to improve Psylocke and turn her right into a Horseman, and she replies by means of taking her to a formidable mutant. Angel, a former cage fighter who went into inebriated melancholy after injuring his wings fighting Nightcrawler, becomes the 3rd Horseman as Apocalypse replaces his wings with steel ones, renaming him "Archangel", "my Angel of Death".

Apocalypse vows to smash and rebuild the entire international.

After recruiting the trio, Apocalypse arrives in conjunction with them to a steel plant manufacturing facility in Poland, where Erik Lehnsherr, often referred to as "Magneto", needs to kill his former co-workers for inflicting the loss of life of his wife and daughter. Apocalypse kills the workers by way of fusing them to the bottom, and teleports with Magneto to Auschwitz Concentration Camp, the place Erik had noticed his powers awaken forty years prior. After some encouragement from En Sabah Nur, who tells Erik that Earth's magnetic field and floor metals will also be exploited by means of Magneto's powers, Erik proceeds to break the ruins, in any case giving him some closure, and promptly consents to enroll in forces with the ancient mutant (who further enhances Erik's already immense mutant powers), becoming his fourth and final Horseman of the Apocalypse, Apocalypse proclaiming that "everything they've built will fall".

Discovering Charles Xavier "This message is for one reason alone: to tell the strongest among you...""Those with the greatest power, this earth will be yours!""Those with the greatest power... protect those without. That's my message to the world." ―Charles Xavier and Apocalypse[src]

As Apocalypse gathers his Four Horsemen and provides them special armor, Erik is contacted telepathically by way of Charles Xavier thru Cerebro. En Sabah Nur notices the communication and uses his powers to take over Xavier's mind, and through extension Cerebro. Apocalypse forces military world wide to launch Earth's entire nuclear arsenal into space so it cannot be used in opposition to him. After Havok destroys Cerebro along with his powers, Apocalypse and the horsemen teleport to the X-Mansion to kidnap Xavier. Havok's strive at attacking Apocalypse ends hitting a generator and causes a massive explosion that destroys the mansion, with everybody inside of aside from for Havok most effective surviving due to Quicksilver's intervention.

Apocalypse destroys virtually all the town of Cairo, killing hundreds.

Xavier is brought by way of En Sabah Nur to Cairo and compelled to broadcast a threatening message to the entire human race on the behalf of Apocalypse. Without En Sabah Nur realizing, Xavier also revealed his location in a hidden telepathic message to his pupil Jean Grey. En Sabah Nur destroyed maximum of Cairo to rebuild his pyramid, and ordered Magneto to stand outside it the use of his powers to keep an eye on Earth's magnetic poles, causing standard destruction around the planet and mass casualties. Meanwhile, throughout the pyramid En Sabah Nur would switch his awareness to Xavier's body, as the telepath's powers would permit him to "be everywhere, be everyone".

Battle of Cairo Apocalypse strangles Mystique.

The X-Men arrive during the process, and Nightcrawler interrupts the transferal by way of teleporting Xavier out of the pyramid, much to Apocalypse's frustration, but now not sooner than Professor X loses his hair. As Apocalypse steps out of doors the pyramid, he witnesses Angel's death, calling him pointless, sooner than being repeatedly punched within the face by Quicksilver, who uses his tremendous velocity to not be noticed; alternatively, En Sabah Nur is unhurt and soon adapts, trapping probably the most speedster's feet to the bottom, sooner than breaking Peter's arm and leg. As Psylocke comes closer, he requests for her to execute Peter. Instead she strikes En Sabah Nur at the neck, and seeing it is not his Horseman, he proceeds to attack and strangle the mutant, revealed as a disguised Mystique.

Apocalypse battles all of the X-Men at the same time.

He orders Xavier to reveal his location, and the telepath is going directly to assault Apocalypse at the Astral Plane. Although Xavier is able to overpower him to start with, enough in order that Apocalypse releases his grip on Mystique, En Sabah Nur temporarily positive factors controls and unearths Xavier's hideout. However, his try at getting there is interrupted by means of Magneto, who, seeing the mistakes of his tactics and refusing to let his former pals die, switches sides

All is Revealed

While the X-Men fight Apocalypse, Jean ventures into the astral aircraft and learns from Xavier that Apocalypse is physically weakened after centuries in the same body. Jean and Magneto sign up for forces and dismantle Apocalypse's armor, with Jean tapping into the Phoenix Force.

Once the Phoenix Force was once unleashed, En Sabah Nur screamed in immense pain as his frail true form is uncovered, Magneto pierces him with a tremendous torrent of high-speed steel projectiles, Cyclops fires his laser beam. Realizing he is outmatched, and in immense ache, En Sabah Nur attempts to teleport away; on the other hand, Storm, stunned via her chief's harsh phrases in opposition to Angel following his loss of life and his brutality against Mystique and Quicksilver, also switches aspects and uses lightning to prevent him from leaving. As a demise En Sabah Nur seems to be up at the Phoenix Force, he declares that "all is revealed" to Jean Grey. He then in any case accepts his dying as his fate, and then Phoenix incinerates him into dust, in spite of everything finishing the risk for just right.


"You can fire your arrows from the Tower of Babel... BUT YOU CAN NEVER STRIKE GOD!" ―Apocalypse[src]

En Sabah Nur, or regularly referred to as "Apocalypse", used to be an immensely tough mutant as well as the world's first mutant. Because of his "godly" standing on the planet, he had developed a God-complex, having been worshiped as a deity over time in more than a few puts. En Sabah Nur was born with a large number of superhuman talents, so much so that he publicizes himself as no longer just a god, however a "savior" of varieties, supposed to ascertain a new world within the wake of the previous one.

He is a ruthless and manipulative mutant, as observed when he uses his manipulative streak to recruit mutant fans. Apocalypse is terribly callous, shown when he appears to be like down at a deceased Angel and handiest says that Angel was once pointless. While he's enormously tough, he's also proven to be sociopathic, having no maintain the consequences of his actions, and exposes one's weakness on a psychological degree for his own personal achieve. Apocalypse even has no qualms about killing different mutants who would dare defy him. He takes his violent tendencies to an extreme degree as proven by way of when he tried to strangle a defenseless Mystique to demise and carried on violently beating Charles within the Astral Plane even after he have been defeated simply to prove a point (even appearing to be enjoying it to some extent).

Apocalypse is proven to be rather delusional, as he truthfully believes that his movements are what is easiest for mutantkind and humanity as a whole, and for the sake of making a better world after destroying the current one. He additionally referred to the sector leaders as false gods, at the similar time ignoring the truth that his fans betrayed him after figuring out that he is now not a real god as he led them to assume. 

Apocalypse is a natural megalomaniac. He proved to be relentless about reaching his targets to take over the sector and to revive the mutants as rulers of that global as they had right through his time. He immensely cherished the fawning of his people as they noticed him as kind of a god, resulting in believing himself a god. He believed so much that no different mutant may fit his power that he walked straight as much as Jean Grey, unaware of her nearly unlimited would possibly and was once in a state of concern and disbelief upon seeing her energy and understanding that he is not essentially the most robust mutant. 

Powers and Abilities

Powers Force Field Generation: Apocalypse may generate an extremely durable, yellow-hued power defend round himself, able to resist the blended attacks of Storm's lightning, Cyclops' optical blasts, and Magneto's tremendous torrent of high-speed metal projectiles. However, it didn't protect him from Phoenix's power for lengthy. Apocalypse teleports to every other location Teleportation: Apocalypse is able to teleport over super distances at will, generating an immense sphere of violet mild round himself and others or a hazy, violet portal he and others can walk via. He may just go back and forth from Africa to Berlin and then Poland and New York to Cairo within seconds. Knowledge Absorption: Apocalypse was able to be informed huge amounts of knowledge inhumanly briefly. After awakening from his lengthy slumber, he extracted data from the media community, gaining an figuring out of the fashionable international, and learning to talk fluently in English, all in a question of seconds. When using this ability, it reputedly reasons the network gadget to behave haywire, because the television began randomly appearing quite a lot of channels. Apocalypse manipulating topic from a wall Matter Manipulation: Apocalypse was in a position to transmute topic into the rest he sought after at a molecular level, as he gave new, metal wings for Archangel and a brand new helmet for Magneto. Apocalypse may just liquefy rock surfaces and switch portions of it gelatinous and rubber-like, enabling him to trap his foes. Apocalypse used this talent when he created a flow of molecules and used them as blades to bring to a halt the heads of his sufferers. He is also shown to have created the Pyramids of Egypt within seconds with those powers. Power Bestowal: Apocalypse could bestow others with great powers and abilities, or even enhance their natural mutant powers, as he would periodically do with each and every new era of his Four Horsemen. These new powers can be retained completely. Power Augmentation: Apocalypse had the ability to support the powers of mutants so that they may be able to succeed in excessive degree mastery and control instantaneously, even achieve a degree of energy that is in most cases past their limits on my own. He made Psylocke in a position to producing extra powerful and flexible power projections, granting Angel bio-metallic wings (way more ambitious than his earlier, natural ones), expanding Storm's heightened electrokinesis and granting her an early onset of flight (additionally turning her hair white within the procedure), and enhanced Magneto's magnetic vary and scale of keep an eye on nice sufficient to manipulating Earth's magnetic poles to devastating effects. Apocalypse additionally amplified Professor X's telepathy, making Charles able to ship a telepathic message from Apocalypse to all of the other people of Earth in their individual native languages with out assistance from Cerebro. These new energy ranges are completely retained even after Apocalypse's loss of life. Telekinesis: Apocalypse has formidable telekinetic talents, which border on subject manipulation. He is able to pull dust-like debris from topic that he can change into various objects; he can also disintegrate gadgets into mentioned particles. Apocalypse can levitate items of immense measurement to release at his opponents. Apocalypse additionally often utilized this to fuse his warring parties inside of partitions or in the ground. At the most important scale, he used to be shown destroying much of Cairo in a "sandstorm" and re-assembling a lot of the fabric into his own personal pyramid. Mental Manipulation: His abilities allowed him to possess the mind of Charles Xavier, a mutant with advanced telepathic abilities, after sensing the telepath communicating with Magneto via Cerebro. Through manipulating Charles, he used Cerebro to make bigger the variability of his own talents temporarily to own several army officers to make them eliminate the worldwide nuclear arsenal. Charles claims to have never left energy adore it prior to. When controlling an individual, their eyes grew to become totally black. Mental Shield: Apocalypse was ready to defend other folks's minds and his personal from Charles ' telepathic talents. Adaptive Superhuman Reflexes: Apocalypse is able to beef up his reflexes to nice superhuman ranges, as he did all the way through his transient battle with the supersonically fast Quicksilver, to peer during the latter's movements and react to them. This ability however, took a matter of seconds to activate. Regenerative Healing Factor: After moving his consciousness right into a mutant with complex therapeutic powers, Apocalypse acquired prompt recuperative powers to fix wounds and regenerate misplaced anatomy. This type of therapeutic significantly surpassed even that of Wolverine. When Mystique (disguised as Psylocke) slashed his throat, Apocalypse recovered in an instant and was once unfazed through the damage. Even with his armor ripped off, Apocalypse was still therapeutic from the disintegration caused via the Phoenix. Immortality: Apocalypse's therapeutic powers stay him from growing older past his prime and allow him to be ceaselessly young, enabling him to remain dormant for over 5,000 years. Superhuman Strength: Apocalypse has immense power, making him probably the most physically dominant mutants, ready to easily beat an immobilized Quicksilver to the bottom (breaking his leg with a unmarried kick) and simply strangle and lift Mystique above his head with a single hand. Superhuman Durability: Apocalypse is extremely sturdy, able to withstand a number of supersonic moves from Quicksilver and withstand for a brief duration blasts from Phoenix. Ultimately, it took a mixed assault from the the entire X-Men, including Magneto and Storm, to in any case ruin him. Essence Transference: Apocalypse is able to switch his body from one host to some other, leaving behind one when it has elderly or when he needs to achieve any other ability. This process permits him to live indefinitely. He is ready stay all the abilities he has received as much as that time and gain whatever powers are in the frame he is taking over and make them a brand new and permanent a part of his arsenal. The person whose body he is overtaking often undergoes bodily transformation comparable to gaining Apocalypse's skin colour and, in relation to Charles Xavier, shedding their hair. The individual does now not wish to consent for the transference to happen. Power Absorption: Every time Apocalypse's essence entered a brand new host frame, he not most effective keeps all of his previous talents, but in addition completely positive factors the abilities of his host, thereby continually increasing on his arsenal of abilities. Because he transfers his personal being into one fairly than soaking up their precise genetic material, it now not simplest permits him to overshadow his host and mutate its shape into his likeness (proportionate to the host's physical age), it additionally permits him to increase his lifestyles and thereby cheat demise.  Abilities Genius-Level Intellect: Apocalypse is terribly intelligent, because of him having achieve 1000's of years of life and enjoy, as well as him with the ability to take in vast amounts of data at inhuman rates. Master Tactician: Apocalypse is an excellent strategist, tactician, and leader, having successfully taken advantage of Cerebro, temporarily ridding Earth of its nuclear weapons, and leading his four Horsemen of Apocalypse against the X-Men, and he would have possibly in the long run been victorious against them, had Magneto and Storm no longer rapidly became towards him, and with Jean Grey impulsively tapping into the Phoenix Force, all on the ultimate moment. Master Manipulator: Apocalypse, having been a charismatic leader in precedent days, is knowledgeable at bending others to his will through each his persuasive phrases choices of serious energy, with him significantly swaying Storm, Psylocke, Angel, and Magneto to his purpose, making them his four Horsemen of Apocalypse. Multilingualism: Apocalypse is fluent in his local Ancient Egyptian, in addition to English (after soaking up the information of it from the fashionable world).


Apocalypse's Armor: Apocalypse's mighty armor complements his physical talents to immense, superhuman levels whilst dressed in it. However, without his armor, his frame is almost as susceptible as any human being's, in spite of his speeded up therapeutic abilities. Essence Transference Ritual: Apocalypse is able to transfer his awareness and soul into other bodies thru an historic Egyptian altar inside an enchanted historical pyramid. The ritual calls for the glow of sunlight as an influence supply. A golden liquid would then circulate in the course of the symbols and then succeed in each Apocalypse and his new body, draining the soul (in the type of sapphire-blue, gaseous power) into the new body. The ritual additionally induces a bio-metamorphic procedure into the following host, remodeling it right into a more youthful model of Apocalypse.


Original Timeline Friends Revised Timeline Friends Enemies


In the comics, Apocalypse made himself stronger than he first of all used to be when he merged with the complicated generation of an flying saucers, whilst within the film, a similar procedure is shown.[1] "All is revealed" used to be Apocalypse's ultimate phrases prior to his death. Fittingly enough, "Apocalypse" (ἀποκάλυψις) is a Greek word meaning "revelation", "an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling".[2] In each X-Men: Apocalypse and Ultimate X-Men #93, Apocalypse is defeated through Jean Grey using the power of the Phoenix Force. Actor Oscar Isaac, who portrays Apocalypse in the movie, described his character as: "He is the creative/destructive force of Earth when things goes awry for him, or those things do not seem that they are moving forward evolution to him. So, Apocalypse destroys those civilizations".[3] En Sabah Nur is never known as "Apocalypse" in X-Men: Apocalypse. Aspects of the Shadow King were tailored for Apocalypse's character in X-Men: Apocalypse. Much like the Shadow King, Apocalypse may possess host bodies, used to be based in Cairo, met Storm when she used to be a street orphan and had her paintings for him, as well as scuffling with Xavier on the Astral Plane. Both the Shadow King and Apocalypse additionally impressed Xavier to form the X-Men in the comics and movies respectively.[4]


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